Of Roosh, Rape, & Stand Alone Complexes

As the world increasingly goes insane before our eyes, the infamous “pickup artist” Roosh V organized a sensible response. As we see public order slowly but surely fall apart to serve the leftist narrative, where certain people are given free reign to do whatever they want because of their “victim” status, Roosh thought it expedient to organize local meetups to not only “get off the internet,” but to give normal men a support network in the increasingly likely event that shit hits the fan. Coming off the heels of his successful world tour last summer, despite heated opposition toward its end in Canada, this organization seemed the next logical step to take, as well as a security precaution of sorts.

For a few weeks after the meetups in over 100 cities spread through over 40 countries were announced, nothing much was mentioned. That all changed a few days ago.

Some media outlet in Australia got a sniff of the event, quickly linked it back to Roosh’s infamous “How to Stop Rape” article, and had at it. Presto, Roosh was organizing a mass “rape advocacy” movement worldwide! The typical media circle jerk, where “journalists” cited other “journalists” quickly began, and before you knew it, Roosh, and the outrage, was trending worldwide, not just in Canada this time. So far, I’ve seen articles originating out of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands harping and flailing about this. Australia and Canada (surprise, surprise) seem to be leading the pack, with elected officials making the best use of taxpayer’s time demanding that these meets be suppressed because, like, it’s the Current Year.

SJW current year Roosh

The Stand Alone Complex:

One of my favorite shows is Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The show gets its name from the phenomena of the “stand alone complex” – copies working toward a purpose of sorts without an original. In the stand alone complex, there is no original actor or action, but the copies engage in behavioral cues inspired by the actor in their minds, and given crowd behavior, more follow.

In this first season of the series, Motoko Kusanagi and the rest of Public Security Section 9 are drawn in to the mysteries of the Laughing Man case, ending up revealing a powerful cabal in the government that withheld a lifesaving vaccine from the marketplace. The crux of the matter though was that, despite all the fans and copycat behaviors, there was in actuality no original Laughing Man, and the entire case and cult-like persona of the Laughing Man were simply memes arising out of a spontaneous act that caught fire and inspired unrelated copycats. This was eventually co-opted by the cabal for its own interests.

I really have to laugh at conspiracy theorists that believe everything is engineered by some almost otherworldly (or according to some, truly otherworldly) “Illuminati” cabal. A recent example is a suggestion I heard that the Arab Spring was engineered. While certainly co-opted later by the globalist cabal, the original event falls perfectly within the stand alone complex model, and is indicative of crowd psychology and copycat behavior, with or without an original something to copy. Many financial panics, you may have guessed by now, also follow the stand alone complex model of significant historical events (see Manias, Panics, & Crashes).

I think I may just trademark that to my blog, inspired by Scott Adams’ “Master Persuader” filter.

If we look at what is happening with Roosh and his “tribal meetups,” it is a textbook example of a stand alone complex.

Roosh laughing man
Roosh just thought he’d laugh at some deaf mutes.

Roosh V, Rape, and the Stand Alone Complex Filter:

So let’s apply our Stand Alone Complex Filter to Roosh and his tribal meetups on the 6th. It can also just as easily be applied to his stint in Canada last summer, where we saw much the same thing.

The key gripe of the “social justice warriors” is that “Roosh promotes rape” and “Roosh wants to make rape legal.”

The proof of this, to them, is once more, his infamous “How to Stop Rape” article, where he supposedly advocated to “make rape legal on private property.” Indeed, the words he wrote there say just that.

But, the key point, the point that SJW’s, who are usually socially inept, miss, is that the article was a satirical essay (inspired by Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal) meant to ridicule the notion that’s cropped up in feminism that women shouldn’t ever be held responsible for their own safety, and that telling women to not get shitfaced as a way to prevent rape is “victim blaming.” Humorously, feminists engaged in these very same tactics after the Cologne attacks on New Years Eve, lending credibility to Roosh’s critique, and proving that feminism only rather selectively cares about “rape”.

But, given that SJW’s are socially inept, they created something out of the article that was never there. They believed that Roosh was actually seriously advocating that “rape be legalized.” Spreading through the social media outrage train and the “journalistic” circle jerk, all of the copies engaged in a similar behavior – attempting to prevent Roosh, or anyone else, from holding their get-together and attempting to silence their speech and freedom of association.

See what happened?

Satire “make rape legal” article>make rape legal>”journalistic” circle jerk of copies>copies intensify the outrage train>cowardly politicians and bureaucrats also become copies>unrelated individuals work toward this end – silence speech, end freedom of association, because it’s the Current Year.

All of these seemingly unrelated copies acted toward this end when there was, in fact, never an original “make rape legal” article or “rape advocacy” meet in the first place. Nowhere on Return of Kings has anyone ever advocated to “make rape legal.”

Copies without an original. Completely unrelated individuals seemingly working toward the same end. The Stand Alone Complex Filter of significant events holds when examining this saga. What is particularly alarming, but not surprising, is just how easily people can fall into a stand alone complex today based on reflexive, instinctual outrage, when five minutes of independent research from these “journalists” (or anyone else) would have refuted their original bias. But, having written Year Zero last  year, I know how the game is played by now.

The Copycat Will Dance
The Copycat Will Dance, much to the chagrin of others.


Some of these headlines are indeed downright libelous (while Roosh is a public figure, most of the people going to these meetups are not), and there may be a temptation to feel insulted, but I know that SJW’s are miserable people projecting their own failures and their need for recognition so there is no need.

Don’t get mad. Adapt. Engineer a stand alone complex for your own purposes. Donald Trump will show you how.

We’re going to keep marching, and we’re going to take our civilization back.

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