Seven Critical Lessons Learned from The Battle of the Meetups

As Roosh cancelled his ROK tribal meetups (temporarily) following the unprecedented media artillery bombardment, several lessons can be learned, both personally for us as men and in the wider political and cultural war in which we find ourselves engaged.

I surely would have preferred to write something else for today, but what happened this past week swept everything before it. The notice is up, hammered to the forum door, and citizens that don’t read it and heed these lessons risk their own peril.

Lesson 1: The Media is the Ministry of Propaganda. Journalism is Dead:

With few exceptions, almost all large and mid-sized media outlets are frauds. The media has gone from having a by-and-large leftist bias to producing outright fiction.

That obviously needed to be bolded for emphasis. I have never seen media raging toward one man as I have with Roosh this week. Osama bin Laden? Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? George W. Bush? Bernie Madoff? Martin Shkreli? None have heralded such seething hatred as I’ve seen happen with Roosh this week. The only individual that even comes close is Donald Trump, but Trump has such exposure – and power – that he is able to diffuse it each time and make the media look like the hacks they are, which ironically enough, they seem to appreciate. Roosh does not have those luxuries (though he has done his best in the Trump-style, see below).

While this is somewhat understandable given that Roosh was tarred with “rape” – a deep-seated tribal thing, the media frenzy erupted over an outright falsehood. Whether it was through a stand alone complex or cartel collusion (or both), outright lies were spread through the media and its SJW lapdogs worldwide, namely that:

  1. Roosh wants to “legalize rape” based on an infamous satire article designed to mock feminists.
  2. That Roosh was holding “pro-rape rallies” all around the world.

Roosh was simply coordinating private meetings of like-minded men, which would obviously take on characters of their own, and the satire piece would have been unlikely to come up at any of them.

None of this mattered to the media. Inept SJW “journalists” either simply read the headline, took the article seriously, and began a circle jerk, or colluded to maliciously lie. Either way, the media was peddling a work of fiction. Donald Trump often mocks the media for not showing the large crowds he gets at his rallies, only turning away from him when there’s a protester, but this is selective reporting, not outright fiction. What happened to Roosh goes far deeper, yet, it was not the first time.

Remember the Clock Boy hoax last September? Remember when the media said GamerGate was an “organized harassment group?” Remember “1 in 5” and the “wage gap?” Remember “A Rape on Campus?” Remember when the media said that Donald Trump wanted to have a Muslim registry? Remember the complete silence of the media in Germany and Sweden over “migrant” crimes? Remember a few days ago when it was revealed the media is not allowed to speak negatively about “migrants” and in fact is a true propaganda arm in favor of the government?

From the major news outlets to ESPN, from gossip rags to everything in-between, Roosh, and the private individuals that would show up to these events, were vilified as “rape supporters” in libelous fashion by the media, and it will be held accountable.

The only mass outlets with considerable audiences that I have seen get it right was Reason, the Rebel Media, and Breitbart. Hence, those outlets will now get my patronage. The others that got it right were independent guys like Mike Cernovich. Everyone else was an outright liar.

You cannot trust the media. If it is coming from a large outlet (aside from the three mentioned above), it is usually selective reporting at best, outright fiction at worst. Be picky about where you get your information from.

While our side is the one that supports genuine freedom of speech and assembly, I’m beginning to think that in order to preserve those very things, the media must be severely regulated. As I brainstorm a philosophical doctrine for our political aims, this may be a component. The media likes to pretend it supports free speech, but it is committing fraud against the people, and frothing them up in a way that now severely threatens free speech, and it must be stopped.

Roosh V yellow journalism
This is what the media would have you believe about men, as seen the past week.

Lesson 2: “Allies” Are Often Uncertain:

As I’ve said often regarding coalitions, they are unstable, which is why SJW’s often attack their own. Yet, those on the “right” have formed a coalition in ways that were made all too clear this weak, which saddened me.

The frothing at the mouth came from supposedly right wing outlets, like Drudge Report, just as much as it came from the left’s, which shows that most supposedly rightist “journalists” are either as inept or as corrupt as their leftist counterparts. In what could have been an excellent opportunity to rally and make a spirited counteroffensive by showing just how irrational the leftists were, as had been the case in GamerGate, most on the right, and in right wing media outlets, instead bought into the SJW frame.

What the right wing media largely proved is that we each have our own filters through which we interpret events to suit our worldview, rather than strictly look for the truth. It’s therefore imperative for us all to create a buffer to that worldview on matters that require more serious examination. This is something that should be known to readers here, but the right wing media’s reaction to the affair provides a good case study.

Whereas the left considered Roosh a “pro-rape” advocate antithetical to feminism and women’s equality, some of the right wing media considered “legalizing rape” the latest move in the degenerate, socially destructive nature of Cultural Marxist “progressivism.” Notice however, that despite their opposition to the left, they bought into the left’s lie, and interpreted it through their own filters in their own way. The lie however, still persists.

Truthfully, I was far more disappointed with this than I was with the attack itself. Attacks such as we saw are expected from leftist media and SJW’s, but their supposed opponents on the right buying into their frame is the essence of cuckservatism, and the problem goes far deeper than I had originally thought.

Ideological Filters

Which brings me to…

Lesson 3: The Alt-Right is (Nearly) Lost:

Perhaps I’m being too harsh with that headline, but it’s a problem that’s growing, and cannot be ignored. Though most of them are keyboard warriors and likely shills for the SPLC, the race-fundamentalist 1488 crowd has made inroads into alt-right circles, commanding a greater voice than they did a year ago.

The “alt-right” was always a big tent. The commonality between people in that tent was…

A) They rejected modern politically correct culture, asserting that its extreme egalitarian assumptions ran contrary to observable reality. Human beings aren’t regarded just as interchangeable widgets in some global economic machine.

B) They were dissatisfied with mainstream rightist politics, which have totally failed to halt the advance of Cultural Marxist-inspired leftists who based themselves on said unreality, eventually coming to call it “cuckservatism.”

But those who define themselves solely by the enemy they fight usually lose out in the end. It’s a reason why so many revolutions have been such failures. As old school liberals begin to seriously examine the limits of their political philosophy and come to terms with the fact that those people they call the “regressive left” need to be purged, it would behoove the right to do the same.

Whether the 1488 crowd is real or not (and I maintain that most of them are not), it represents a dangerous direction for the dissident right. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, hardcore racialism won’t win. It hasn’t ever won and it never will. The only way it possibly can is by implementing a Year Zero regime equally terrible to the Marxists we’re trying to annihilate. This is the reason for the shilling – to destabilize the real danger that the dissident right poses.

The dissident right have and always will be nationalists. France has a right to remain French. Germany has a right to remain German, and so on. We can argue the finer points about what this all means with demographics, race, and immigration elsewhere, but conducting policy strictly on ancestry is the best way to go full retard, not only because you’re alienating allies, but because you can’t organize a society that way, because at some point quite near, it won’t make any sense. If our desire is to overthrow and replace the chaos of the Marxist left and reimpose order, this is a guaranteed failure.

The 1488 crowd would purge people like Roosh (because his father is Persian), Mike Cernovich (because his wife is Persian and he is therefore a “race mixer”), and Vox Day (who is Native American and Mexican), even though all three of these men have done far more damage to the left and its delusions on their own in the past few years than hardcore white nationalists have done in over half a century.

The 1488s are the SJW’s of the right. Like them, they don’t care about objectivity or reality, only the identity and race of the person involved. If what the media did against Roosh had been done against a man of “pure” (or at least close to it) European ancestry, the 1488s would have been rabid in that man’s defense, but when the same happens to Roosh, they support the SJW’s that want them all wiped out anyway because “he’s a kebab that wants to rape the white wimminz,” thus not only buying into the feminist “rape culture” narrative that attempts to emasculate men and particularly the white men that they profess to champion, but it white knights for white women, buying into the feminist worship of that creature and makes them less attractive to those women at the same time.

They’re also convinced that somehow, “game” (defined broadly as behavioral improvements to make yourself more attractive to women) is a “Jewish conspiracy.” Very convenient to take away an avenue of improvement from an already emasculated white male population and give them less of an incentive to get better with the same women the 1488s worship so much, and indirectly prevent reproduction, isn’t it?

Then there’s also the fact that they take a victim view of the world, just like SJW’s. With the former, it’s “da whyte man keepin’ me down” or “da patriarchy keepin’ me down.” With them it’s “da NWO keepin’ me down” or “da jooz keepin’ me down.”

This inspires a paranoid, neurotic, self-important worldview and prevents the imposition of the will. Instead of actually fighting the left and globalism, you’re just bitching about a nebulous entity and not taking responsibility for your own predicament, personal, political, or cultural.

In other words, all of this is conducive to the SJW chaotic viewpoint of the world, not the ordered nationalist, masculine one. It’s perfect for any shill to disrupt a threat.

I can’t prove a conspiracy of this sort of course, but we can prove results.

I could go on far longer than this, but I’ll stop here for the sake of scope. The point is, the past week proved that the 1488s are indeed the SJW’s of rightist politics and should be purged from the wider alt-right. They shouldn’t be attacked if they aren’t attacking others, but they should not be given a voice. Ramzpaul’s videos are a stark warning. In the space of a month, the comment section has become utterly nonsensical, automatically discrediting everything he’s saying from the point of view of a wider audience.

Purity is fine in an ivory tower, but it’s bad marketing, and it doesn’t win battles. Ironically, Hitler’s own career on the eastern front of World War II attests to this.

Otaku right 1488
Aurini has suggested calling them the “otaku right.”

Lesson 4: We Must Remain A Secret Society for the Foreseeable Future:

Secret societies such as the Freemasons were successful in numerous ways. They met in an age where the orthodoxy was being challenged as never before, but still dominated, so they had to do so in secret. They created rituals and ranks in the form of degrees, both to forge communal bonds and to see who was trustworthy. If one couldn’t help but blab about various rituals in the Masonic order, how could they be trusted with more sensitive information? To fight the three enemies of Freemasonry – ignorance, tyranny, and fanaticism, it was necessary to remain secretive.

And it worked. The Freemasons were instrumental in winning the American Revolution. George Washington himself was a Freemason.

The older chivalric crusading orders like the Templars and Hospitallers also had their own ranks, doctrines of belief, and rituals. For their time, they were extremely successful.

The biggest problem was attempting to organize the meetups publicly through Return of Kings. We were careless of the fact that the orthodoxy that groups like the Freemasons opposed has returned. We live indeed in an age of ignorance, tyranny, and fanaticism. No one could have anticipated the sheer amount of lies that would percolate, but it was nevertheless not surprising.

So for the time being, we’ll need to act like the Freemasons, the Templars, and the Hospitallers – forming secret societies for organization, acting in a way akin to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I joked when I wrote the prelude to Year Zero that we were essentially an Illuminati organization that everyone made up conspiracy theories for, but in truth, we needed to meet in secrecy because of the orthodoxy. Those words were proven to be prescient.

This is where heretics have excelled in the past, as seen in the “Battle of Montreal” last year, and in times gone by. It’s suited to us.

Freemasonry secret society Roosh
Freemasonic initiation.

Lesson 5: If You Are a Normal Man (Especially if White), You Are Hated:

One of Vox Day’s rules about SJW’s is that they always project.

We saw this all week. “Social justice” warriors were out in force, doing everything they could to stop private meetups from happening. They lambasted Roosh and more ominously, private individuals, as weirdos and “rapists.”

Yet, one of the “protesters” in NYC that wanted to “stop rape,” who got arrested in the process (there is a funny story behind this) well…look at him:

NYC Roosh protest

This person, and those like him, dare to proclaim themselves our betters?

We live in a culture that celebrates weakness and losers. These losers then project their loser-dom onto their betters and attempt to stop them. It is very telling indeed that many of the people opposing us are outright communists, leftist anarchists, and antifa faggots who don’t contribute anything to the world except repeating cliches and vandalizing property. They are essentially a white version of third-world violence. Know that simply by not being a loser, by wanting something more and seeking to capture your best self, you will be hated. Don’t let it affect your morale.

Lesson 6: People Are Incredibly Stupid:

I’ve always had misanthropic tendencies when it came to viewing human beings in groups, but this week was something else. The ease with which people took the infamous “How to Stop Rape” article literally, the ease with which the “journalists” circle-jerked each other, and the ease with which the mob on the internet believed the “journalists,” was an exercise of collective human stupidity on a scale that I have never seen.

I have long opposed universal suffrage, as it is akin to giving a mob of idiots weapons (a vote is after all, when you get down to its essence, a command on the use of force), and this week only further proved the point.

In more everyday dealings though, this is something you will need to come to terms with. If you write something that’s satirically criticizing a sacred tenet of political correctness, you will need to put a disclaimer, because the public is so dumbed down that it will either read just the headline or take everything literally. You will need to take into account that all of your intentions in major enterprises must be clearly and literally explained, lest people either  stupidly or deliberately misinterpret you, or outright lie about you to a public that is too dumb to see otherwise.

People are stupid, especially in crowds, and this is the age of the mob. You must be literal and blunt. Symbolism and the ability to read between the lines are dead. Don’t censor yourself, but you must not allow yourself to be maliciously misinterpreted, an all too easy thing to be in the age of outrage.

Roosh and the age of outrage
Don’t let this be you.

Lesson 7: Law 18 Applies:

While Donald Trump has been a good living proof of it, this week has proven the validity of the 18th of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power for all to see:

The world is dangerous and enemies are everywhere – everyone has to protect themselves. A fortress seems the safest. But isolation exposes you to more dangers than it protects you from – it cuts you off from valuable information, it makes you conspicuous and an easy target. Better to circulate among people, find allies, mingle. You are shielded from your enemies by the crowd.

The natural instinct is to hide from such an attack, but once he felt confident that his family was safe, Roosh went on the attack and took center-stage, shifting the attention to himself with a press conference that would have made Donald Trump proud:

Roosh did as well as he could here, calling out the liars and the hysteria they created, not apologizing, and taking responsibility for his own work so that he wouldn’t portray himself as a victim – the favorite moves of weak SJW’s. He even mentioned that he expected the lies to persist.

But he didn’t hide, and he forced at least some to take notice, allowing him to redefine terms and not let terms be defined by other parties.

This is what you must do. If you find yourself under attack, especially by the media, as Vox Day says, remain calm, know what’s about to happen, then prepare a counteroffensive to retake the narrative.

It’s the only way.

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