Want to Stop Being Timid With Women? Know This

A friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a couple of months called me out of the blue last night, wanting to go out and “approach 50 girls.” For various reasons, I wasn’t much in the mood to go approach that night, especially in a nightclub, but I decided to indulge him because I hadn’t seen him for a while and I valued his company. We met up near me on the Upper East Side, 86th street, which is a shopping area.

I took a while to get there, partly because this came out of the blue and partly because I was watching GLORIOUS LEADER crush his opponents in South Carolina.

When I was on the way, he went into the nearby H&M and got a couple of phone numbers. My friend was indeed quite hungry that night, making approaches I wouldn’t normally make. I suppose you can call him the mass approacher to my more selective “sniper” tactics, but the importance of both is laid out in the single most important mindset you must have to attract and succeed with the higher quality women that you want:

Your greed must overcome your fear.

Succeed with women mind hack stop being timid

My friend was very greedy last night. We passed by a Starbucks where we saw a girl through the window sitting alone with headphones on. He went in there, balls to the wall, dominated the space with charismatic body language, and got her positive attention. I watched outside, amused.

My friend was greedy. His greed overcame his fear all throughout that night. He approached that girl, he approached girls on the street at night, he even approached girls getting out of their car. None of these proved successful (even the one in Starbucks who he entertained so well had a boyfriend), but he showed you what happens in this game when your greed overcomes your fear.

Your greed allows you to make the approach and dominate the conversation and the space. Your greed allows you to make ballsy moves, to escalate, and ultimately, to close the deal without doubts or hesitation…because you’re greedy!

Greed removes doubts. Greed pushes you to act.

Fear creates doubts. Fear makes you hesitate, which creates more fear.

The first rule of “creating greed” or instilling a mindset of greed is, do not overthink. This allows your inner judge to take over. When you see something you want, go for it. In this case, there isn’t that much careful analysis that needs to be done, unlike investing money somewhere (the dynamics of greed and fear are also much-discussed in financial markets). This is a bit hard for me to follow at times, but it’s something I’m working on cultivating to the fullest.

This is where something that, to my knowledge, no one has talked about but me comes in. This is something I call the “greed threshold.” This is how much it takes you to get that really greedy feeling about a girl, the feeling that YOU MUST HAVE HER, that feeling where your dick is pulling you towards a girl almost all on its own. That is the feeling that will allow you to dominate to the fullest extent. You’ll move in, make your moves, and straight up not give a damn because your primal instincts are overcoming your logical objections.

This is the mindset to have. When you have it, cultivate it. Think of your dick and the girl and nothing else.

But this is not something you can just “turn on.” As it stems from attraction itself, it’s there or it’s not. For some men, that kind of overwhelming greed threshold might be low in regards to the girl. For me, it’s a bit high, which can stem my overall approach number, but make me very effective with the women I want the most, in all stages of the sexual dance.

Bugs Lola spank masculinity greed

Perhaps it’s this that’s the difference between mass approachers and more selective guys, this inner motivation stemming from overwhelming, lustful greed.

While this overwhelming greed cannot be created, it can be harnessed, amplified, and fostered. I mentioned a few in ways of doing this in my big approach anxiety program, but I’ll repeat here for convenience. Here’s how:

  1. Limit masturbation to no more than once per week, especially if you’re in your 20’s. After a couple of days, you will get very horny, and thus, greedy.
  2. Limit or entirely eliminate pornography intake. This will get you greedy to see real girls.
  3. When you see a girl you like, emphasize the sensual over the intellectual. Look at her breasts. Imagine grabbing them. Look at that ass. Imagine spanking it. Imagine her lips on your dick. Take in everything you like about her and move forward.
  4. If you feel any doubts in the moment, use some of the breathing exercises from Gorilla Mindset.
  5. When you move past the initial phase and you get her on a date, dominate the space. Think of her in bed and act accordingly. Think of dominating her in bed and giving her the mind-blowing orgasm she really wants but will never tell you directly. Begin the escalation (in the socially appropriate context) right away. Your sexual thoughts should also bleed over into innuendo (one example included me remarking that a date of mine, who was admiring a building with a roof that could be construed as being phallic-shaped, as being evidence of what she was really thinking). You might find that this attitude also allows you to easily pass the tests girls throw out, as you’ll be in touch with your natural, masculine instincts.

Most guys suck with women because most guys are timid. They don’t take risks. They don’t try to dominate. They think too much and give in to their fear, rather than their greed. Do the opposite. Cultivate your greed and give into it to the fullest extent possible. Stumped will show you how.

Greed is good.

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