Yes. I heartily recommend the entire book. Glad to see …

Comment on 10 Lessons in Life from Louis XIV by Libertas.

Yes. I heartily recommend the entire book. Glad to see someone else who saw the same things I did.

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No External Tragedy Can Ruin a Great Character
I wonder if that makes California’s wildfires and drought punishment for social justice warriors then.

Interesting how they conveniently drop their atheism for this as well.

Cosmic Evolution: The Coming of the Dark
Aristarchus actually figured it out in classical times and it was obvious to learned observers before him that the Sun was much larger than the Earth. Coming to the heliocentric model finally after so long is a strange case in the history of scholarship, but by no means unique.

SEO Step by Step: Review
Good Looking Loser makes six figures selling it and other stuff, so I’m sure he’s combined the two.

SEO Step by Step: Review
Yes you will, but it could change by then. You never know with Google.

Tracing the Plutocratic Insurgency
Thank you. I recommend Quintus’ stuff on this also.