See word-thinking. …

Comment on Here’s The Real Danger Behind Trump’s Syria Strike by Libertas.

See word-thinking.

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Charlottesville Fallout
See the posts on Akhenaten and “Why Are Leftists Getting Violent?”

This stuff is thousands of years old. I saw it coming in 2015.

10 Lessons in Life from Louis XIV
Yes. I heartily recommend the entire book. Glad to see someone else who saw the same things I did.

The Marines of Autumn: Review
Always been that way, always will be. The true test of any war is if these experiences can be justified by the population.

National Glory, National Peril: The Story of Roman Globalization
Sallust basically said as such. That’s why from time to time, when fundamentals change, constitutional reform is needed.

How to Increase Your Productivity as a Writer
My emails are one thing I’m looking to improve, TBH, but thank you.

The Red War details will come. I’m trying to get the logistics in order.