That grandmother is Macron’s beard. …

Comment on Lessons in Persuasion from France and Why I don’t think Marine Le Pen Can Win by zphyer6.

That grandmother is Macron’s beard.

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Was the “Women’s March” Against Trump Persuasive?
I live in the middle of downtown Minneapolis and was leaving my apartment Saturday afternoon ending up right in the middle of our own Women’s March. I didn’t even know what it was at first since I hardly watch the news. The first thing I thought was why are there so many losers and fat chicks wandering around. Not a good look.

The Winners & Losers of 2016
Nice summary of the years scoreboard. Interested in your next post about Hollywood’s and the Entertainment Industries waning power and what the New Right can do to fill the vacuum.

Trump Being Trump: General Election Style (Week 27)
I’ve been following this excellent series since the beginning. It seems Trump is on the upswing again at just the right moment. We’ll find out tomorrow of course. MAGA brothers!