Then of course at the end they lit her up …

Comment on Joan of Arc and the Siege of Orleans: A Most Decisive Tipping Point by Son of Efreet.

Then of course at the end they lit her up like a Christmas tree. After all that she did, she never even saw her 20th birthday.

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No External Tragedy Can Ruin a Great Character
Oh, you didn’t hear? The hurricane was God’s punishment to Trump supporters.
Stupidity aside, good pep talk.

SEO Step by Step: Review
In a couple years’ time I am probably going to have to learn much of this, and more. Thanks for the reminder.

Charlottesville Fallout
Although there certainly are some nasty, socially destructive individual Jews out there, as a whole the Jewish conspiracy theories don’t hold much water with me. I’ll agree with you regarding the Muslim hordes though. Wherever the numbers get high enough, demands for changing laws, special treatment, and integrating Islam and the state start to come to the forefront.

Charlottesville Fallout
No argument with anything in this post. I’ve been fighting with my family over this subject and only after days of hard work was I able to get the worst of them to condemn violence from either side. They have been headf–ked by the media so hard that they actually think it’s acceptable to ignore leftist violence.
What are your thoughts, if any, on the possibility of this statue obsession and the erasal of all history involving anyone connected with the time of slavery evolving into an attack on the constitution itself?

The Marines of Autumn: Review
Absolutely horrible. I hate that we can be forced to do this sort of stuff by the state at the stroke of a pen.