Yet, her name still remains. Who wins such glory before …

Comment on Joan of Arc and the Siege of Orleans: A Most Decisive Tipping Point by Libertas.

Yet, her name still remains. Who wins such glory before they turn 20?

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National Glory, National Peril: The Story of Roman Globalization
Sallust basically said as such. That’s why from time to time, when fundamentals change, constitutional reform is needed.

How to Increase Your Productivity as a Writer
My emails are one thing I’m looking to improve, TBH, but thank you.

The Red War details will come. I’m trying to get the logistics in order.

Why Does President Trump Tweet?
That was actually from the aftermath of the same match.

And you’re right. But Scott Adams has suggested that leftists lack the humor gene (which is why all their memes suck), so this shouldn’t be surprising.

Cosmic Evolution: The Coming of the Dark
I’m sure it will. Our descendants are probably going to laugh at us the way we laugh at the notion that the Sun orbits the Earth.

In the Future, Earth Will Be Like Venus, But Worse
Part of me thinks that certain elite circles don’t want it either because colonization would eventually lessen their power. This situation is the bedrock of my upcoming epic story, The Red War.