Absolutely horrible. I hate that we can be forced to …

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Absolutely horrible. I hate that we can be forced to do this sort of stuff by the state at the stroke of a pen.

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Charlottesville Fallout
No argument with anything in this post. I’ve been fighting with my family over this subject and only after days of hard work was I able to get the worst of them to condemn violence from either side. They have been headf–ked by the media so hard that they actually think it’s acceptable to ignore leftist violence.
What are your thoughts, if any, on the possibility of this statue obsession and the erasal of all history involving anyone connected with the time of slavery evolving into an attack on the constitution itself?

Why Does President Trump Tweet?
Someone on YouTube (I wish I could remember who so that I could give credit) suggested that if CNN had any sense of humor they would have imposed their logo over the face of Steve Austin from a different match, in which he “stunned” Trump.


Cosmic Evolution: The Coming of the Dark
I’ve been fascinated with cosmology my entire life. When I was coming to terms with what the future might hold, I reminded myself, as you allude to in your conclusion, that there is still so much to discover that our impression of how the universe will evolve could completely change over the coming centuries.

Why Are Leftists Getting Violent?
I agree completely about the universities needing powerful reform or face defunding.
As for declaring antifa a terrorist organization, I don’t believe they will do it unless something truly horrible happens that can be solidly tied to their organization. When it comes to any sort of terrorist groups, the government is always the last to act, unless it’s a distant and largely irrelevant (to us) foreign terrorist organization. Then they are all over it đŸ˜‰

The “Trump-Russia Connection:” Anatomy of a Perfect Influence Campaign
“…needed an explanation for why many of them had been told ‘NO’ for the first time in their long, spoiled lives…”

Sadly, this is a huge part of it.