Always been that way, always will be. The true test …

Comment on The Marines of Autumn: Review by Libertas.

Always been that way, always will be. The true test of any war is if these experiences can be justified by the population.

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See the posts on Akhenaten and “Why Are Leftists Getting Violent?”

This stuff is thousands of years old. I saw it coming in 2015.

10 Lessons in Life from Louis XIV
Yes. I heartily recommend the entire book. Glad to see someone else who saw the same things I did.

National Glory, National Peril: The Story of Roman Globalization
Sallust basically said as such. That’s why from time to time, when fundamentals change, constitutional reform is needed.

How to Increase Your Productivity as a Writer
My emails are one thing I’m looking to improve, TBH, but thank you.

The Red War details will come. I’m trying to get the logistics in order.

Why Does President Trump Tweet?
That was actually from the aftermath of the same match.

And you’re right. But Scott Adams has suggested that leftists lack the humor gene (which is why all their memes suck), so this shouldn’t be surprising.