Good Looking Loser is the product of that time Vinny …

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Good Looking Loser is the product of that time Vinny Pringo made love to a Kratom plant and got it pregnant.

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SEO Step by Step: Review
Just what the doctor ordered… until I got to the end and began craving Kratom

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Charlottesville Fallout
Have you read the history of how the “Jewish” people ridded themselves from British Mandated Palestine? The bombing of the King David Hotel? The hanging of two British Officer’s and subsequent mutilation of their bodies?

Israel is basically a nation founded upon Jewish terrorism and by terrorist groups.

Storytelling Gone Wrong: Why WCW Failed
Excellent analysis. There’s one minor difference which until now I never realized was a big contributing factor as to why I preferred WWF over WCW.

The camera work, lighting and colours.

WWF had much more intense camera work with close zooms, live action motion and creative angles. Looking at a typical WCW set it would always be dull, grey and drab, with that same wide angle camera shot.

The immersion that great camera work entails was lacking severely at WCW. The colours were all dark and gray and drab. It looked like a budget basement wrestling ring on tv.

Banjo-Kazooie: How a Great Game Was Made
This game was like taking Donkey Kong Country for N64 and injecting it with meth, speed and crack.

Charlottesville Fallout
There’s a holy war. This is an attempt to usurp the British-Roman Catholic rule over the Realm by the “Jewish” aggressors. And then you have the Muzzy horde invading on the Eastern front of Europe. Winner takes all…. Whose placing bets?