John as in paying for a hooker. …

Comment on What the Harvey Weinstein Scandal Tells us About Character and Culture by Libertas.

John as in paying for a hooker.

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How Should A Young Man Be Educated?
That’s why the crusading orders serve as a good inspirational model. Look at what just happened to the Boy Scouts recently.

How Should A Young Man Be Educated?
A good series of thoughts. Verbal Judo actually has a psychological blueprint to overcome the resistance of students that could be of import here.

5 Ways to Live a Better Life by Stopping Your Reliance on Willpower
Pussy isn’t available all the times you might get the craving though, no matter how good you are. Having a temporary stopgap is best. Video games are a danger too, but you can deescalate that faster than porn in my opinion.

Thanks. Sharing links always helps with the recognition part. =]

The Rhineland Invasion of 1936: How Appeasement Ruined the Chance to Crush Hitler
Not particularly. It’s one I’ve been planning. What were you thinking of?

How the NFL Mass Hysteria Bubble Insidiously Benefits the Plutocratic Class
It’s also dependent on mega TV deals for most of its revenue, and TV stations have a certain perspective.