Even though I skimmed the article again in an attempt …

Comment on The Rhineland Invasion of 1936: How Appeasement Ruined the Chance to Crush Hitler by Son of Efreet.

Even though I skimmed the article again in an attempt to refresh my memory, I can’t recall at this time. It would have most likely been something from the current culture wars.

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The Rhineland Invasion of 1936: How Appeasement Ruined the Chance to Crush Hitler
Did anything happening at the current time inspire this post? A few things came to mind for me while I was reading.

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2018: A Dark and Golden Age
I’m guessing it will be a fairly SJW-ish year yet again. So far, almost a couple weeks in, we have most of the usual BS. Ex: Golden Globes social justice spewathon.

I’m also guessing that there will be a little more fight back this year. James Damore suing GULAG, for example.

I also fear that some nutjob will commit a massive act of violence (Charlottesville x 10) that will “justify” a further crackdown on free speech, but that’s a concern in any year.

Happy belated new year.

Office Space: A Fantastic Movie
I always call them “drones”: the people who want the weather forecast to be sunny every day during the summer even though they work indoors while everything outside crisps and burns in the drought.

Both of my parents were trapped in that system for many years.

How Should A Young Man Be Educated?
I like all of the ideas presented in the post. I have thought for some time that a higher emphasis should be put on teaching financial literacy. A large number of people lack even a basic understanding of markets and investing, which if started early in life and done properly, can take away much of the worry about supporting oneself in retirement.
As far as boys are concerned, there is an obligation for adults who are either creators or in charge of all-boys institutions to stand firm in the face of the constant attacks on male-only “spaces” from the usual groups, as opposed to supplicating them as is often the case in THE CURRENT YEAR(s).

What the Harvey Weinstein Scandal Tells us About Character and Culture
It’s the hypocrisy that really gets me. It’s such a despicable human trait.

Libertas, if you are reading this comment, should the caption for the photo really read “John Weinstein”? I know there is more than one Weinstein, but don’t care enough to double check the face. Pretty inbred family if that’s the case 😉

How the NFL Mass Hysteria Bubble Insidiously Benefits the Plutocratic Class
I saw one person (female of course) protesting in support of the players on a YouTube vid with a few other people holding obnoxious signs by her side. She must have mentioned “white supremacy” a dozen times in her crappy little speech.

Oh whitey… When will you ever stop being behind everything that’s “bad” in the entire history of the planet?