Pussy isn’t available all the times you might get the …

Comment on 5 Ways to Live a Better Life by Stopping Your Reliance on Willpower by Libertas.

Pussy isn’t available all the times you might get the craving though, no matter how good you are. Having a temporary stopgap is best. Video games are a danger too, but you can deescalate that faster than porn in my opinion.

Thanks. Sharing links always helps with the recognition part. =]

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2018: A Dark and Golden Age
First time commenter?

I’m not familiar with it, so you’ll have to tell me more. DACA is getting all the attention now, so with infrastructure we’ll see what happens down the line. Trump’s State of the Union should give us some clues.

2018: A Dark and Golden Age
Yes. The question is, will the good news coming this year wipe away this insanity, since it’s of the sort we’d expect in a distressed time?

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Thank you.

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It’s worth a watch.

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Yes. Me and a few RVF regulars from my neck of the woods said that an updated version with the “social justice” bullshit of the 2010s would be another cult classic.