I’ve followed you blog off and on for a few …

Comment on 5 Ways to Live a Better Life by Stopping Your Reliance on Willpower by Fight Failure.

I’ve followed you blog off and on for a few years now. Bought Stumped and am planning on reviewing it for my blog. Anyway, we seem to both come from the persuasion “Energy Momentum Focus” side of things mostly because of how Trump changed the game. FOCUS has been a particular obsession of mine.

In fact, I just completed the last book on FOCUS I had in the stack:
Deep Work
There have been many others:
Eat That Frog!
The War of Art
The ONE Thing: In Depth Review
Plus all the Trump stuff:
Trump 101
Never Give Up
Think BIG and KICK ASS: Review

Anyway, when it comes to giving advice on getting shit done here’s what I know.
1. No Distractions
2. No multitasking
3. Clear set routines that you do not deviate from.
4. Defining clearly what is most important to get done and starting
immediately on the most important, most difficult task. Then move to
2nd, third, 4th.
Start on your most important task as soon in the day as possible.
5. Eliminate chaos, not just distractions, from surroundings.
6. Give full attention and maximum effort.
7. Break a task into subtasks. Creates a series of small wins that flood
your brain with dopamine and testosterone leading to the Winner Effect
8. Focus on one thing until it is completed totally, do not start-stop.
9. Decide what you are NOT going to do. That unimportant shit work.
Maybe even ask boss about transferring these tasks to someone else
because you want to focus on what makes your boss the most money (Be a
productivity machine first, build your value)
10. 9 hours of sleep no excuses.
11. Why are you on the pay-roll? Use this to determine your first task.
12. Makes sure to plan out your tasks and what is most important to get done first.
13. Eat good carbs- bananas- to replenish willpower. Also B VITAMINS
every few hours if you are going 120%. Will kill cortisol. Make sure you
have good diet and sleep and exercise to kill cytokines and
inflammation. Good diet info here: https://fightfailure.wordpress.com/2017/10/07/terrific-total-health-advice-from-dr-rhonda-patrick-phd/
14. Give yourself permission to say no to unimportant tasks and requests from others.
15. Make doing your most important tasks as straightforward as possible. Eliminate bottlenecks!
16. Do not let ppl make their problems your problems
17. Know as much about what you are doing as you can. Audiobooks in car!
18. Cut out as much useless stress as you can. This includes the art and music you intake.
19. Work right at the edge of your ability.
20. What you focus on and what you ignore defines the quality of your life

Could keep ranting but that’s most of it.

IMO, it all comes down to maintenance of momentum. Once you get started
and that dopamine is flowing DO NOT get distracted, aim to reach flow
state, and get everything done so fast and so well you get more
satisfaction out of work then taking it easy!!!

Hope that helps. Will link you to the review of Stumped whenever it goes up.