It’s something which I’ll have to plan for in the …

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It’s something which I’ll have to plan for in the future. Candidate number 1 is also a teacher like myself, but I don’t think I could put my future children into the current school system. At the same time I don’t want my progeny to be like the frail idiots I’ve known whom have been homeschooled.

I think public school for a number of years (supplemented by my and partners home teachings), perhaps until age 10. At which point they get a home taught highly disciplined classical education with daily physical education or local sports clubs, and RP modern teachings. I’ll acquire for them a trade apprenticeship at age 16 from one of my contacts, followed by an internship at one of my contacts top of the line, world class engineering firms, followed by university for a guaranteed job (if they so choose).

I mean, the thing I would want the most for them is to have the opportunities which I never could.

And if they decide that they’ve had enough of the old man’s teachings, then they can spend a week in my hometown (the AIDS capital of the country) with grandad, guarantee you they’ll be begging to come home, haha!

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Excellent article, the only thing I have to add is that video games to replace porn- you’re just trading the lesser of two evils, Only thing that can replace porn is pussy, and if you’re doing all of the above you’re gonna turn into a naturally interesting guy who is attractive to women.

While I started my first business I went into ‘monk mode’ to get everything done, used a friend’s offices for any meetings, worked from a coffee shop. Eventually I just had pussy on my mind 24/7 and my work suffered for it until I spent a two weeks making up for lost time.

I couldn’t get the business to where I wanted it in my time frame, and had to wait a year until I had the opportunity to set it up again.

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