It’s worth a watch. …

Comment on Versailles Season 2: Review by Libertas.

It’s worth a watch.

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Office Space: A Fantastic Movie
Yes. Me and a few RVF regulars from my neck of the woods said that an updated version with the “social justice” bullshit of the 2010s would be another cult classic.

Office Space: A Fantastic Movie
Most people are, because they aren’t taught to look beyond it.

How Should A Young Man Be Educated?
That’s why the crusading orders serve as a good inspirational model. Look at what just happened to the Boy Scouts recently.

How Should A Young Man Be Educated?
A good series of thoughts. Verbal Judo actually has a psychological blueprint to overcome the resistance of students that could be of import here.

5 Ways to Live a Better Life by Stopping Your Reliance on Willpower
Pussy isn’t available all the times you might get the craving though, no matter how good you are. Having a temporary stopgap is best. Video games are a danger too, but you can deescalate that faster than porn in my opinion.

Thanks. Sharing links always helps with the recognition part. =]