The Masculine Epic Patreon is Now Live!

When the year began, I announced I would be creating a Patreon page with exclusive, premium content. Well, now it’s here!

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It’s thanks to you that I’ve been successful enough to do this, so I want to express my gratitude before anything else. Thanks for your support all these years!

Before reading on, note that there’s a bonus if you’re one of the first 25 Patrons. You’ll get the tier 3 benefit of a shoutout that’s beneficial for your SEO or other things you want to promote, regardless of what level you originally sign up as.

Now, here’s what else you’ll get for signing up.

Tier 1 ($2)

At this tier, you’ll get the Self-Actualization Syallabus. Millions of books are published every year. In response, Carl Sagan aptly remarked that “the key is finding the right ones to read.” This list, which will continually expand several times a month, will act as a shortcut in following his advice. In it, I leave out all the flowery language and SEO mandatory minimum word count bullshit. You’re just going to get the nitty gritty reasons why you should read these books and what they’ll do for you.

But if you like longer form reviews – don’t worry! I’m soon going to distill all of them, over four years’ worth, into one, convenient place, so sign up and stay tuned!

You’re also going to get all posts on the Masculine Epic two days early. If you like my takes on history, politics, persuasion, my book reviews, and more, you’re going to get early access. I usually release my posts on Saturdays, so you’ll get the drop by seeing it all on Thursdays, in addition to seeing more exclusive content that I don’t publish here.

Oracle of Delphi

Tier 2 ($5)

Much more extensive, join this tier and benefit from all of the above plus…

Stumped: How Trump Triumphed. You’re going to get the full book in PDF form. With the election of 2020 now upon us, and with the media as hysterical as ever, you’ll want this guide to cut through that nonsense and focus on what’s actually important in an election season – and how you can use the same crucial tools to make something more of yourself.

While Stumped would cost $4.99 – $9.99 on its own, you’re going to get it for $5 in addition to…

History’s 100 Most Important Battles

This serial explores the background, action, and consequences of the battles that shaped our world. The serial launches today with the first 15. In chronological order, they are…

  1. Megiddo (1457 B.C.)
  2. The Delta (1175 B.C.)
  3. Gaugamela (331 B.C.)
  4. The Metaurus (207 B.C.)
  5. Teutoburg Forest (9)
  6. Mongol Invasion of Khwarezmia (1219 – 1221)
  7. Orleans (1429)
  8. Sekigahara (1600)
  9. Blenheim (1704)
  10. Poltava (1709)
  11. Trenton (1776)
  12. First Marne (1914)
  13. Britain (1940)
  14. Midway (1942)
  15. The Six-Day War (1967)

You’ve seen me talk about some of these battles here before – but not all – and I go into MUCH more detail in the serial, with a large array of primary and secondary sources. The chapter bibliographies alone are going to be a great resource. New chapters will be added to the serial once or twice a month, so make sure to keep staying tuned!

And aside from all of the above, you’re going to get The 48 Laws of Power: A Creative Retelling, just out of courtesy.

Alexander the Great journey
Click here to journey with Alexander the Great – and many of history’s other immortal leaders – in the Journeyman tier!

Tier 3 ($10)

Even more extensive, join this tier and benefit from all of the above plus…

You’ll get my productivity serial. It has no fancy title. It’s just going to help you get thinking, get energized, and kick ass. Be sure to check back frequently. New chapters will be added once or twice a month!

The current chapters are…

  1. A Blueprint for Recognizing Your Great Work (how to cut through distractions and figure out what you should do with your life)
  2. The One Simple Trick to Ensure You Don’t Waste Your Day (a psychology-based small behavioral adjustment that will at least double your productivity if you follow through)

Additionally, you’re going to be in a raffle for a shoutout of your choice on the Masculine Epic. If you want a link, for example, that’s going to help you in search engine results. You’ll also get a shout on my new show, Outskirts Battledome Wrestling. Just tell me what you want me to say, where you want me to link, etc. Remember, if you’re one of the first 25 Patrons, you’re going to get this benefit regardless of what tier you join.

In the future, Patrons at this tier will get access to all of my short stories as well.

Odysseus and Diomedes returning with Rhesus' horses.
Be like Odysseus and Diomedes and join the Hero tier, so that you may return with the spoils of many victories!

So if you want this premium content, be sure to join the Masculine Epic Patreon! Click here to come over!

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