How to Keep Your Morale in an Age of Mass Panic

Like you, I have watched the ongoing Chinese coronavirus situation with dismay and no small loss of morale. But the virus itself isn’t what’s so dismaying anymore. Thankfully, there hasn’t nearly been the rate of hospitalizations or deaths that we feared a month ago. Hospitals weren’t overrun. Everyone that needed one got a ventilator. The United States didn’t become Italy. The virus itself has probably peaked and we’re now on the downside, with far less pain than the models predicted. Every time they were revised, they were revised downward. In even better news, antibody studies are coming out and they all agree that the Chinese coronavirus is much more widespread than initially projected. Just yesterday, preliminary findings suggest that 14% of New York’s state population and 20% of the city have been infected. Why is this good news? Because it means that the virus is a lot less lethal than we initially feared. This study, and others in the country and Europe, all suggest that the true fatality rate of the new Chinese coronavirus has a ceiling of about 0.5%. This is several times more lethal than the typical flu, but it’s not the reemergence of the 1918 Spanish Flu that we all feared, far from it.

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So why am I dismayed with all this good news?

Because the coronavirus situation is no longer being driven by science. It’s been subsumed into the woke cult and all that entails – hysterical preening by out of touch “elites,” clambering over each other in a race to be the most “virtuous.” A couple of months ago, it was “racist” to be concerned about the virus. Now, the way for our “elites” to feel good about themselves is to compete with one another over who can support the longest-lasting, most draconian lockdowns possible, instead of readjusting policy in light of the new evidence to implement phased reopenings and looking carefully at how to protect the most vulnerable.

In all scenarios, evidence is irrelevant. Reality is optional. The only thing that matters to these people is how good they look in front of their fellow woke friends. Glenn Greenwald put it best:

And there’s a good chance the woke clique will be rewarded for all of this in the end. Punishment never comes to them for being wrong. Trump, the psychological focal point of their hatred and the symbol of their rejection by the masses (however flawed his opposition has been in practice), is in big trouble. The thought of these people gleefully triumphing in November and putting in a dementia-riddled figurehead as a proxy ruler is a big hit to morale just on its own, much more than any particular attachment to Trump’s fortunes.

So why am I saying this?

It’s because in tragedies, keeping your morale high is hard on its own. When tragedy gets combined with the insanity of an incompetent and unbearably self-righteous “elite” class, it becomes almost impossible.

So how can you keep up your morale in a time like this to the fullest extent possible?

1. Don’t watch the “news”

This is a common theme here as you know, but it bears repeating again – the media is your enemy. Not only have they been disastrously wrong on one prediction after another, and are therefore less trustworthy by default, but they actively attempt to deceive and scare you.

They are the household scribes of the incompetent woke “elite.” Nothing more.

Watching them is like watching German or Japanese war propaganda in World War II if you were a GI.

World War II Axis Propaganda

Why would you do that? It’s meant to frighten and demoralize you.

Fortunately, you are not a prisoner of war. You have a choice.

Don’t give them ratings. Don’t give them clicks. Most of all, don’t give them your time. The more time you spend paying attention to something, the more important it seems. Don’t let them use this “focusing illusion” against you.

These people are no more important than an insect you accidentally squash. Treat them accordingly.

But how should you get your information, then?

There’s no such thing as an unbiased source. Looking for objectivity is a waste of time. I suggest looking at my post about trustworthiness in public figures. (You can see the full thing by joining my Patreon.) Get your news from sources that are less emotional, have good, plausible explanations for events (as opposed to hallucinations and conspiracy theories), and have been correct on a decent amount of predictions. You won’t find those on the “mainstream” media. Most TV and newspapers fail on all counts.

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