Welcome. I provide the following services. Contact me at libertas@masculineepic.com or carpenter@fordham.edu if you’re interested.

1. Blog Posts

If you’ve liked the posts on this blog, you can hire me to write similar posts for you.

Why hire me to do this? First, I know how to rank on Google and other search engines, as many posts here rank high on both web and image searches. There’s nothing magical about this. You can learn it easily. Time doesn’t come so easily, however. I’ll get you optimized search results as soon as you want it.

I can’t guarantee you’ll rank high immediately. Sometimes it takes time, especially if you’re new or the keyword you’re optimizing for is competitive. You also shouldn’t get too enamored with the idea of ranking high, as your traffic will probably be more modest than you think. Content is just one part of search results, but it’s the most important part, as it tells the search engine what to watch for. I’ll get it to watch for what you want.

And I’ll make it easy for actual people to read, too. I’ll give it a Flesch score of 60 or above (“plain English”) unless there’s a special circumstance that would make that impossible (such as needing to quote archaic language). We’ll talk about it during the job.

2. Academic Study Guides

I’ve been doing academic writing for four years. You might have guessed that, judging by some of the posts on this blog. Those blog posts are simplified and less professional than my real work, as you might have guessed.

These guides are ideal for students and for people who need references to create content. Indeed, the bibliographies I use for these study guides alone will be worth their weight because they serve as convenient libraries for future research. Chicago is my default citation style, but any other style guide you want to use is fine, just tell me which one.

If you want me to create a custom study guide for you that will help get you a good grade or will serve as a base for excellent content of your own, let me know and we’ll discuss the job. I won’t take anything I’m not confident about, so don’t worry.

You can find a 45-page academic writing sample below.

“Toxic Cocktail: The Origins of the American Civil War”

3. Video Scriptwriting

One of my jobs is writing scripts for The Military Show on YouTube, a channel which has 600,000 subscribers. I do short (~1 minute), medium, and long-length scrips. Here are a few examples of each length from me.


Medium (~5 minutes):

Long (10+ minutes):

If you want me to write scripts for your videos, let me know. I’ll tell you if it’s a good project for me or not.

If you want to hire me for any of these jobs, contact me at libertas@masculineepic.com or carpenter@fordham.edu and we’ll see what’s on your mind. My rate is 11 cents per word for shorter projects (under 1,500 words), 9 cents per word for medium ones (1,500 – 5,000) and 7 cents for longer projects (above 5,000). Note: A single page in Microsoft Word is about 500 words.

4. Photos of New York City

If you need some photos to flesh out your content (never underestimate the power of a Google image search – many make that mistake), you can get some original ones of New York City sites and landmarks (among the most searched pictures in the world) by hiring me to take pictures for you. Just email me at libertas@masculineepic.com and we’ll see what you need. The normal rate is 25 cents a picture, but custom jobs may cost more.

All of my offers come with a money-back guarantee. My idea of business isn’t to leave dissatisfied customers in my wake. If you don’t like what you’ve gotten, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

Let’s do business together.