How Trump Won

It all began with an escalator ride.

On June 16th, 2015, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States. When he wasn’t laughed at, he was told that his comments about Mexican rapists would doom him. Either way, it was the nearly unanimous opinion of the media, the politicians, and the pundits that Donald Trump had absolutely no chance of being elected president.

17 months later…

More than that, Donald Trump was elected president by flipping states that had been blue for a generation, states that, you were told, he had no chance of turning red. Do you remember the map on election night? Do you remember the sea of red?

How did we possibly get here?

This election was supposed to be a Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton matchup. That’s what we were told at the start, wasn’t it?

Then came that escalator ride. Jeb Bush went down in flames quickly. Then came Marco Rubio. After him, Ted Cruz, and then finally, Hillary Clinton. One by one by one, like pieces on a grand chessboard, they all fell.

The rise of Donald Trump and the collapse of his opponents came as a complete shock to them and the pundits. Even on Election Day, most pollsters said that Hillary Clinton had an 85% (or greater) chance of winning. Trump’s election mystified them all. Only a handful of people saw this coming.

What did that handful see that most others did not?

Here’s the secret that handful knew: Donald Trump is a brilliant persuader.

All those times Trump was outrageous? All those times he seemed to deliberately court controversy? All those times he seemed to completely ignore the facts? All those times he called people names? Almost all of them were actually great persuasion.

Donald Trump was impossible to ignore, wasn’t he?

And while he perfectly captivated attention, he got his message out and built massive crowds that carried him to victory.

It’s better to be heard than ignored. You can’t effect change or make an impact without a little controversy. No one who has seen success has done so without learning new skills, and the tools of persuasion you’ll find in Stumped are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined.

Stumped, published in May 2016, was one of the very few books that accurately predicted Trump’s electoral triumph. Stumped not only shows you how Donald Trump was using tools that no one else was using, it also whisks you along for the ride, showing you how you can use those same tools to win your own big battles. No other book out there goes over Donald Trump’s tools of success as clearly and comprehensively as does Stumped.

Donald Trump dreamed of being president and he used his mastery of persuasion to triumph over the legion of naysayers. Now Stumped is calling you to do the same, to grab hold of its step-by-step persuasion system and use it to vault to your own glittering triumph. Persuasion is a crucial skill for any success story, and that skill will be yours when you read this book.