The Bardic Circle Episode 5: The Long Night Has Come

After a two-month hiatus, The Bardic Circle returns as the world goes to hell around us.

Fall of Rome by Kanthesis

Things took a much darker turn in the world since the previous episode, so Immortal Watchdog and I had to cover that. The major themes of the episode were the following:

  1. The shooting at the Oregon campus and Obama’s attempt to undermine the vitally important 2nd Amendment.
  2. Russia’s intervention in the Syrian Civil War.
  3. The “refugee” crisis in Europe.
  4. The recent attempts by the entropic left to de-stigmatize pedophilia.
  5. The latest rumblings in the Republican primaries and Donald Trump.
  6. The ways for aware men and women to grow up and defend their civilization.
  7. Advice for a fellow traveler.

Time stamp:

1:33: The recent Oregon college mass shooting, Barack Obama’s politicization of the issue to demand changes to the 2nd Amendment and conflation between terrorism and gun violence.
7:20: The nation’s history with force of arms as essential to its freedom, from the Revolution to Slavery to World War II, the history of knights and masculinity through force of arms Obama’s going into the history of black disenfranchisement by his actions (and Obama being disconnected from black culture), the importance of arms in history to stop thuggery – such as the knights.
12:12: The importance of being armed as exemplified by the present “refugee” situation in Europe, contrasted with illegals in the United States.
18:29: Gun violence in the US as a result of degenerate minority subcultures, the problem with those subcultures and the liberal narrative.
26:12: Too much immigration at once, generational absorption, and its prevention by the liberal narrative.
30:00: Russian intervention in the Syrian Civil War, the failures of American foreign policy in the Middle East partly stemming from Obama as an academic with no real world experience, the romanticization of the rebel in American history and ideology, Obama worried that deviation = violating his legacy.
38:06: The failure of the liberal globalist assumption of universal democracy.
43:19: John McCain, the cuckservative, the failure of arming “rebels,” the real way to end the war in Syria, more on the failures of American foreign policy.
50:36: The “refugee” crisis in Europe, conditions on the ground in Europe, people in Europe celebrating their conquest.
1:02:30: My experience working with real refugees, and their contrast to the people coming into Europe, Europe’s self- denial.
1:13:15: The young people in Europe beginning to assert themselves and the rise of nationalism and the media’s refusal to report it, “cultural imperialism,” the EU’s erasure of history.
1:21:26: Clampdown on the narrative, censorship increasing, the potential rise of fascism.
1:24:20: Three futures for Europe, and the world.
1:30:58: Is democracy a failure? Has it failed in the most fundamental way of statecraft – defending its people? The concept of the dictator in the Roman Republic. The European Union as an anti-democratic entity that must dissolve, the misapplication of “human rights.”
1:42:37: The absolute failure and hypocrisy of feminism in response to this situation.
1:47:33: The slippery slope toward pedo acceptance, as seen in Salon’s recent “I’m a Pedophile, but not a Monster” and its doubling down with “I’m a Pedophile, You’re the Monster,” the left’s pedo acceptance as a sign of desperation.
1:56:10: Pedo acceptance as a result of the left’s belief in its invincibility, the logical pattern of leftist degeneration, this being a line that cannot be crossed.
2:03:22: The emboldening of pedophiles using the same logical parallels that were used to normalize homosexuality.
2:07:10: National Review Online apologizing for the Salon pedo acceptance article.
2:09:48: Our experience dealing with pedos on Naruto Forums, part of me wonders whether this will be actually happen due to the insanity of the past few years, more on Europe.
2:17:18: The GOP primaries, CNN proving itself a joke.
2:22:30: Donald Trump, outsiders dominating, the danger of electoral reaction and running against your predecessor.
2:26:48: Generational crises in the X and Millennial generations, undercurrents of extremism in these generations.
2:30:22: Trump’s tax plan vs future spending, Trump’s assessment in Syria, Trump as an extension of those arising in Europe, the new nationalist youth movement and a reaction against the Boomers.
2:33:50: Local politics – get involved.
2:37:00: How pathetic is it that someone like Donald Trump would be the hero?
2:44:35: You do not need to be a good person to be a good leader, the damaging effects of romanticism in the young generation, the tyranny of niceness – Brave New World.
2:50:36: Change starts in the individual. Seek True Glory and reconnect with your masculine or feminine heritage.
2:55:48: Ways to act with yourself and get strong. It starts with you.
3:03:50: Any advice for a 26 year old that is unemployed?
3:22:22: Conclusion

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