Hillary Clinton is Unpatriotic

I would have preferred a different post for this Saturday, but it’s timely with Tuesday’s debate. Yes, I watched it. Donald Trump once again proved his brilliance of frame control by live tweeting during the debate, thus taking up valuable conversational space and turning the spotlight in part on him. Game recognized. That was the highlight of the night, truly.

Democratic Debate 2016 Hillary Clinton Unpatriotic
Donald Trump overshadowed this stage.

First, a few general observations. The debate proved what we here knew all along – if you are a white man, the Democratic Party is no place for you, period.

A large portion of what you heard during the debate was identity politics par excellence. Black Lives Matter! You could almost hear the disdain displayed toward Jim Webb for even mentioning that the Democratic Party should be the natural champion of the white working poor in places like Appalachia. And good left-wing rags like Salon, the magazine that pushed for pedophile acceptance, were not so masked in their disdain. Webb’s service as a U.S. Marine and his foreign policy credentials were largely glossed over. Instead, it was all about free shit to victim groups and establishing identity politics street cred, especially on the part of one contestant.

That brings me to Hillary Clinton, the thug with the fake smile desperate for power. I’m going to say it right here and now, though many others have likely said it before me. Hillary Clinton is unpatriotic.

Hillary Clinton is unpatriotic.

It’s been known for a long time that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party front runner (for reasons that still boggle me) is an absolutely terrible person. The agents that fill her Secret Service detail, for instance, consider it a punishment shift.

And you can just see that she’s a completely terrible (and unpatriotic) person by the way she conducts herself. We of course all know the fact that she’s a complete panderer that sways with whatever direction the “popular” winds are blowing, but let’s do a deeper analysis.

Aside from Tuesday’s debate, take a look at this interview on Face the Nation from about a month ago:

If you can stomach watching the whole thing (I’ll understand if you can’t), the thing that stands out aren’t the words coming out of her mouth that are worthless. Instead, watch her exaggerated movements and behaviors. This is especially apparent at the end (in the last two minutes) with her over the top, bellicose laugh, massively exaggerated hand motions, and eye popping, but it is also apparent with her constant head-nods, at times with her arms kept close to her body, and her botox smile.

All of these are things that can be classified as defensive body language.

Aside from knowing this based on cold approaching women, I also was into poker a few years ago, though I did not play competitively. Still, I bought a book called Read ‘Em and Reap by an ex-FBI agent named Joe Navarro, who is an expert in non-verbal communication and used this knowledge to detect deception in his investigations during his career, which included such minor things as counterintelligence and counterterrorism work. This book was a very good introduction to discerning body language, applicable at and away from the poker table, and I recommend it to my readers.

I’m sure you’ll all be able to figure out that classically defensive behaviors, such as keeping your arms close, leaning back in your chair to create distance, taking up less space, etc., are signs of low confidence and, in this case, deception, since she obviously doesn’t have confidence in what she’s saying.

Yet conversely, one of the things Navarro brought up in Read ‘Em and Reap was that exaggerated behaviors and movements such as we saw Hillary Clinton engaging in – the nods, the fake botox smiles, the hand gestures and laughs at the end, are also signs of low confidence and deception. In this case, the deceiver is trying to draw attention away from his, or her, in this case, lies by shifting it instead on the smokescreen behaviors. That is what Hillary Clinton was doing as well.

Hillary Clinton is unpatriotic.

She is a deceiver, with zero confidence in what she’s saying or in herself, because she knows she’s a terrible, unpatriotic person that no one likes.

All of her social media antics, her selfies with Kim and Kanye, her desperate attempts at looking cool, all of it is a smokescreen. It’s a smokescreen to draw attention away from the fact that she’s a horrible, out of touch, unpatriotic old hag who nobody likes and nobody wants. Hillary Clinton is only in a more vicious cycle when she doesn’t seem to realize that this behavior meant to obfuscate this fact only makes her more annoying and hence more disliked. Her only selling point, and one that perfectly reveals the horrible state that our culture and our political process is in right now, is that she has a vagina, which is why she has said repeatedly that being a woman means she’s an outsider. And yet, this is such a transparent falsehood that even the young SJWs that she panders to typically support Bernie Sanders.

Indeed, why should she feel confident in what she’s saying? This is a woman that got caught staging a meeting with political insiders as a PR stunt to show she’s in touch with “ordinary Americans.”

Forget the emails. That’s just the most obvious truth. Although Clinton “supporters” say she did nothing wrong (and maybe she didn’t, legally), the email scandal at the very least has the appearance of corruption.

Hillary Clinton is unpatriotic.

The truth is that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, dishonest, and completely unlikable old hag. For the majority of the country, Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike, seeing her is completely atrocious and demoralizing. I would rather watch paint dry than see and hear her speak. I’m serious. Is it really patriotic of Hillary Clinton to want to subject her people and her nation to four or God forbid eight years of seeing her mug and hearing her cackle constantly, to feeling demoralized and non-confident because they hate their leader?

No, of course it’s unpatriotic. Hillary Clinton is unpatriotic. She’s unpatriotic because she does not care about her country or its people. It’s much the same with all globalist sellouts, but Hillary Clinton is the poster child of the pack. It would be completely demoralizing to the country to have this woman as its president.

And yet she does not care, because she is unpatriotic. The only thing that Hillary Clinton cares about is Hillary Clinton. Hence she will continue to lie, cheat, pander, posture, and stage appearances, desperate to look cool, trendy, and popular in an attempt to win the Presidency. The result, if The Fates weave their most ghastly possible thread for 2016, will be a President steeped in slimeiness from day one.

When writing my previous post about Thutmose III, I realized that he also provides a sort of litmus test for discerning a truly great, charismatic leader that motivates his followers to not only have complete confidence in him, but confidence in the newfound strength that they find in themselves by following him.

The litmus test is simple – if you order your troops to march through the Aruna Pass with a high risk of an ambush, do you march with them and lead the way “by your own footsteps,” or do you wait until it’s reported safe before moving through? This is a test of not only your courage, but your devotion to those who follow you.

I think we all know the answer to that question with regards to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is unpatriotic.

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