15 Reasons Why People Like Donald Trump

Ahead of tonight’s debate, I thought it would be appropriate to list a broad swathe of reasons why Donald Trump has gotten so much support and defied “the laws of political gravity.” It’s not so hard when you think about it, but for the benefit of the out of touch politico-media complex trapped in their narrative, I thought I’d lay out this list of reasons why so many people support Donald Trump, from big ones to small ones.


I put this one in all-caps for emphasis, as it’s definitely the biggest reason. For a long time, many Americans, not only the “racist” and “xenophobic” whites (who are the only ones that get stuck with those labels) beneath the top of the socio-economic ladder, but also the black community, and even a great deal of Latinos (which is a very, very misleading term), have increasingly felt alienated in their own country.

Consider, for example, the recent case of a Taiwanese tourist purposely waiting to give birth just so she could have an anchor baby in American airspace. Suddenly that baby is considered a citizen. Now this baby is entitled to benefits, can eventually bring in its entire family through chain migration, and can theoretically run for President of the United States when it’s 35. Someone with absolutely no connection to this land or its people can abuse our benefits and skirt around our constitution.

This is just one abuse of many.

Meanwhile immigration continues apace, and aside from economic considerations, Americans have watched their culture change, not always for the better. I can tell you, that when I hear ads on TV entirely in Spanish, when I see many subway ads in New York City entirely in Spanish, to say nothing of the experiences of many others, I feel that something is amiss. My maternal grandfather and his family came here around 1920 speaking only Spanish, but learned English. They were not catered to. This is to say nothing of my other family lines that were here much earlier, my father’s going back to the 17th century.

Increasingly, I’m seeing the America my ancestors built changed – pandering and catering to everyone else and their culture but that of their descendants. And yes, I am not happy about it.

Look at the culture around us. Can we honestly say that the products of today’s hypersensitive, politically correct culture that panders to “diversity” are superior to those of earlier times? Even the culture of the 90’s and to a lesser extent, the 2000’s, seemed relatively normal, but that has evaporated before my eyes.

For decades, we’ve been told by both the left and the right that this was needed for economic reasons, while totally ignoring any cultural considerations, and also that we’re “racist” or “xenophobic” if we dare bring up our misgivings in the cultural sphere. Meanwhile, in the economic one, the incomes of the majority of Americans have been flat.

Well, we’re done with it. Donald Trump is the only one that’s been addressing our concerns, and that’s why we support him. Call us whatever label you want to. We don’t care. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Illegal immigration Donald Trump

2. Trade:

Americans have been sold out on these “free” trade deals, that are really very highly managed trade to benefit select corporations, also for decades. We’ve seen our manufacturing and productive bases shipped overseas and lower-paying service sector jobs take their place. We’ve been forced to go into mountains of debt to get a college degree just to have a semblance of a chance, and even that has evaporated dramatically. We’ve seen byzantine regulations foisted on our country and businesses for the benefit of a few, which often undermine our national sovereignty. The latest Orwellian-sounding deal, the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” proposes to allow corporations to sue our own governments at all levels for lost profits, among other intolerable acts.

We’ve been given the usual platitudes about “protectionism” and other objections. Remember when Obama promised in 2008 to renegotiate NAFTA?

Donald Trump’s been ripping into these scams for a long time, long before he ever considered running for office. That’s why we support him.

3. Anti-Political Correctness

As we’ve seen “diversity” and “multiculturalism” forced on us by immigration, there has also been a rise, since the 1960’s, of postmodern, politically correct identity politics that creates division and stifles intellectual and cultural discourse. Over the past few years, political correctness has exploded into something even more pervasive, something that infects every aspect of our lives. The modern Stasi is everywhere. Social justice warriors are watching and attempting to ruin your livelihood for the slightest infraction. Whites are being increasingly demonized and forced into intellectual straitjackets in their own countries, and all men, regardless of race, but especially white men, are considered rapists by default. We are not allowed to have any concerns which challenge the politically correct orthodoxy.

Then along comes Donald Trump, who turns this narrative on its head. To be sure, GamerGate last year was the first sign that the winds were shifting, but Donald Trump has done more damage to political correctness than anyone has done in a long time.

He’s showing us that it’s OK to not be politically correct. It’s OK to be yourself and say what’s on your mind, and fight for what you believe in. He’s showing us that not only can you survive running afoul of the PC Inquisition, but thrive. Anti-political correctness is a growth industry that I mean to take advantage of with my first book next year. Donald Trump is a great signal of opportunity in that regard.

And we love him for it.

Donald Trump political correctness
Seeing Trump rip into these self-appointed moral guardians has been one of the most thrilling aspects of his campaign.

4. Non-Intervention:

This is one of the big reasons why Ron Paul gained so much notoriety years ago, and Trump seems to have come around to it in recent weeks. He’s said the truth – that Iraq, Syria, and Libya are shitholes largely because of our irresponsible foreign policy that does not benefit us at all, and that we should not engage on such courses in the future. He also seems content to let Putin deal with ISIS if he wants to, because Trump rightly believes that Putin does not want ISIS fighters, many of them Chechens, to go back to Russia.

He has also been saying that we need to stop arming these “rebel” groups and that we “have no idea who they are.” In doing so, he seems to be the only major threat to traditional foreign policy in decades, where the West has repeatedly armed insurgent fighters in moves which proved detrimental to international security.

A meme has gone around calling the favored rebels in Syria “moderate beheaders.” I like it, and maybe Trump will use it one day. Its irony is perfect for the situation at hand.

America is war weary, and Americans increasingly understand that Washington’s interventions in conflict zones, especially in the Middle East, have had disastrous consequences, an increased risk of terrorism, and consequent curtailment of civil liberties here at home.

We’ve had enough. And Trump now seems to know it.

The Big Four:

These four reasons are the biggest ones. They show that Trump is opposed to universalist, global liberalism, which is a popular position with the American people, despite what the media and the politicians say. Trump actually cares about the American people and their country first, and not corporations, foreigners, and politico-media elites.

There are many other lesser reasons though. Many of them are psychological. And that matters in leadership.

5. He’s a Gamble Worth Taking:

For the above reasons, Donald Trump is a gamble worth taking. He’s liked to say that he’s “unpredictable” lately. And maybe that’s true. There is a sense that you never know what he’s going to do (a key lesson in power). Maybe he is stringing us all along like puppets (game recognized). I don’t think so, since he’s been very consistent on issues like trade, but even if he is, it’s a gamble that’s worth taking.

With the exception of Bernie Sanders, everyone else currently seeking the Presidency of the United States is an establishment traitor and sellout, leans toward that position to pander (Rand Paul), or is incompetent. They will continue on the same course outlined above.

By voting for Trump, we may not know what we’re getting, but by voting for Hillary, Rubio, or Jeb, we do.

And I simply don’t like or trust Ted Cruz.

6. He Calls Out the Media:

This one is YUGE! The American people HATE the media. The days of old school journalism are long gone. The present media is unmistakably a corporatist, politically correct, clickbaity propaganda outlet. Donald Trump has called them out, saying exactly what we all feel – that the media is composed of dishonest hacks.

A couple of weeks ago, Trump had a rally in Georgia. The crowd was loud and very excited. What got the biggest reaction of the night? Trump calling out the media, particularly when he called CNN “terrible” and “brutal.”

Trump is getting such support partly because he calls out the media. We recognize it for what it is now. Instead of reporting, the media has told the people what to think and what they should do, and insults their audience if they stray. GamerGate made that abundantly clear last year, but the wider media does it as well.

Along comes Donald Trump, calling out the media for the hacks that they are and telling us that we, too, can flip them the bird. It’s even more ironic that Donald Trump was a media darling prior to his run, and, now that he’s been winning for months, the media often tries to court him, recognizing that they couldn’t get rid of him by using the usual PC labels.

If you can’t beat him, join him, right?

Donald Trump calls out the media
Did this anticipate the current rape hysteria? Seems fitting.

7. He Has Balls:

You should have figured out this pattern by now. What Donald Trump has done over the past few months requires big balls. Like the Middle Ages, he had the audacity to speak against the prevailing orthodoxy. The punishment from the Inquisition was swift. The Apprentice and Miss USA, both successful franchises, were in trouble and he’s had to divorce himself from them. Macy’s stopped selling his ties. Many businesses cut ties with Donald Trump.

The Donald had to have known this would cost him a not insignificant amount of money, at least in the short term, but he went ahead anyway. He was brave enough to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy and flout the Inquisition. And, now things have stabilized…somewhat.

Point being, Trump overcame a fear a lot of us have. He had nothing to gain and much to lose. He still went ahead, and we admire him for it. That’s how tyrannies are toppled.

8. He Fights to Win:

The term “cuckservative” arose over the past summer (fittingly, around the one-year anniversary of GamerGate), and it’s a perfect one to describe the contemporary weak, supposedly “conservative” movement in the West. One of the things pointed out by the term is that the conservative establishment is often more interested in virtue signaling and looking good to the left rather than in actually defeating it.

Trump does not play that game. He has been going on the offensive. And he has been winning.

People love a winner, and Donald Trump fights to win. That’s why he has been winning, where “conservatives” like Jeb and Rubio have been left in the dust for years.

9. He’s Demonstrated Amazing Acumen:

Trump has been dominating for months while spending a minimal amount of money. Consider all the money that the rest of the candidates have been spending. Trump’s been using his considerably recognizable name and free social media services to get his message out. He even used a leak by the pathetic Gawker of his private cell phone number as a campaign ad.

Game recognized. You can’t help but to admire that. Talk about doing more with less.

10. He Can’t be Bought:

As my father would say, Donald Trump has “fuck you money.”

No one has been discussing the serious impact that the Citizens United decision has had on our electoral process except for Bernie Sanders and Trump (though I have not heard Trump say “Citizens United”). Sanders has been attempting to finance his campaign through small donations, and Trump has done the same (when he’s spent money at all), but the fact that he has his own money to spend is a major buffer between him and the donor class that has been increasingly buying elections since Buckley v. Valeo.

If you have between $4.5-10 billion, who cares about the donors? You don’t need them and you can do what you want. This is a powerful factor that can make you believe that Donald Trump will really do what’s best for the country instead of those otherwise funding his campaign.

Donald Trump I'm really rich
Hilarious and over the top, but true.

11. We Want to Smash the Temple:

Donald Trump and Ben Carson combined now have a slim majority of the GOP vote. The establishment candidates are all in the dust. If you want to count Fiorina as an “outsider” as much of the media has done, the polls inch closer to 60%. Count Rand’s supporters and it often goes over that mark.

“Outsider” is a bit of a nebulous term, but nontraditional candidates have been dominating. Even Sanders’ “surprising” support on the Democratic side shows that there is a very strong anti-establishment ethos in this election cycle.

Because of the “big four” issues highlighted above (and maybe some others depending your tastes), more and more people have realized that the political and media elites have been selling them down the river for decades. This might be the time when the pent up anger finally explodes. The utter desperation of the establishment is a sign that they are increasingly losing control.

A great deal of people just want to see this temple of corruption that’s been built smashed to the ground and then burned afterward. Call this a visceral reaction, but it’s how people that aren’t a Washington or Wall Street elite feel.

Even if Trump turns out to be a terrible president, we just want to see the whole rotten edifice collapse to the ground, and we’re confident Donald Trump can help that along.

12. He’s Fun:

I’ve never been this excited about politics in my life.

It’s not just because for the first time, I’ve seen some real damage done, but it’s also because Trump is unbelievably charismatic. All of his rallies give a sense that there’s huge fun to be had, and if he ever does one in New York City I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Donald Trump conveys an excitement that we’ve been yearning for for a long time. He not only gives you a real sense that your concerns will be addressed, but he’ll give you a great time when he’s doing it. Seeing him rip into the traitorous establishment with such power and ruthlessness alone is worth it.

He is following a maxim of power – be a source of pleasure.

13. There’s No One Better:

I think if we truly had a choice to break with the status quo of corrupt, politically correct globalism, we might choose someone other than Donald Trump, but the fact is that we don’t. Thus far, Donald Trump is the only choice we have if we want comprehensive improvements in that regard, which is why we support him.

14. It Can’t be any Worse than it is Now:

That’s hyperbole of course, but many people feel so demoralized and angry that they have a “what’s the worst that could happen?” attitude when it comes to Donald Trump. The United States is an embarrassment politically, militarily, economically, and culturally. We are so corrupt and incompetent, with such a degenerate culture, that we have a feeling that it can’t get any worse.

Donald Trump alpha male

15. He’s a Leader that Actually Raises Morale:

Remember what I said earlier about the Thutmose test?

If you need to march through the narrow pass to get to your destination, at risk of an ambush, do you personally march with and lead your troops by your own footsteps or do you wait for the all clear before passing through?

Donald Trump conveys the sense that he would actually do the former. He would actually get down, take double the risk, and lead his men in person to victory. This is the first time I can say that about an American leader in or within major striking distance of actual political power since Reagan (despite his nonsensical deification, I do believe that he would pass this test). Everyone since has been an ivory tower coward and sellout.

Morale is, I think, the most important aspect of leadership. We’ve seen it before. Donald Trump actually raises your morale. He not only addresses concerns that the other cowards don’t, but he gets down in the trenches and demonstrates that he’s the real deal.

If it’s all an act, it’s played to perfection. Game recognized. I’d respect him for that alone.

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