The Bardic Circle Episode 6: Saving Paradise by Introducing the Serpent

Serpent in the Garden of Eden

The Bardic Circle returns on the eve of November. Major topics of discussion include the CNBC debate of October 28th, the continuing invasion of Europe, the crumbling of the leftist narrative, and the need to go full shitlord in life.

:40 Roosh V Forum meetup at Donald Trump book signing at Trump Tower.
2:48: The importance of going full shitlord and how it relates to the true nature of friendship.
12:37: A blast from the past by a crazy person. How to deal with strange people.
15:48: A pickup that demonstrates some of the polarized social atmosphere, counter culture veterans on the current left, the modern social environment as a war of all against all.
23:52: Don’t be afraid of losing skills.
25:05: The situation on the ground in Argentina.
36:04, GamerGate, Donald Trump, Marine le Pen, Viktor Orban, Poland’s recent election, the Brexit movement, the desperation of the loony left.
44:50: Trump as a populist, Angela Merkel’s descent into insanity, demography and economics in Europe, the cultural considerations, conditions on the ground in Europe, some talks on the path of jurisprudence.
1:02:53: Amazon Prime’s High Castle.
1:08:21: Merkel’s approval ratings tanking, Europe at the edge of a reaction, Donald Trump and populist aggression.
1:15:59: Salon publishing another article attempting to normalize pedophilia, the burgeoning pedophile acceptance movement and the reasons behind it.
1:23:20: Deregulation of human sexuality leading to the previous absurdity.
1:29:30: More on the Salon article.
1:34:27: The CNBC debate on 10/28/15.
1:38:54: Why does the RNC constantly line their candidates up for the media to shoot them? You don’t need the media!
1:42:40: A bit about the Democratic debate earlier in the month, GamerGate’s importance.
1:47:09: Robert A. Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress as a manual of revolution.
1:52:50: My book and publishing.
1:54:52: Conclusion: A philosophy of life – go full shitlord, Trump 2016.

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