An Open Letter to Feminists

Dear Feminists,

2015 saw some events which gave you an opportunity to be relevant again, to actually do good work again. I know you took it on the chin pretty hard last year, and deservedly so. Your Causes célèbre – “rape culture” and the “wage gap,” fell apart pretty hard. Your darling victims all turned out to be pretty little liars. Not many politicians have mentioned either of your favored statistics in the news recently, have they?

Your hoaxes were exposed and GamerGate beat you pretty badly. You were reduced to criticizing a rocket scientist that contributed more to humanity in one hour than the lot of you ever will in your entire combined lives over his shirt. I get it. 2014 was not a good year for the public relations of your brand. 2015 didn’t start off much better for you. Mattress Girl’s case was so transparently false that even the liberal President of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger, refused to shake her hand at graduation. Then, to add to her ridiculousness, she made a porno and said anyone watching it partook in her assault.

An increasing number of people, including women, do not identify as feminists. The stereotype of feminists being unattractive, and/or mentally damaged people proved overwhelmingly true.

Feminists, you backed yourselves into a corner. You were rebelling against objective reality. Your dominance came only as a result of your lackeys in the Ministry of Propaganda – the media and academia, but it was slipping. The truth can only remain dormant for so long. In the face of this backlash of reality, you were reduced to hapless brats crying about “manspreading” and advertisements featuring attractive women in bikinis, a tell to many about your long war on beauty and normality.

Though your antics were annoying, and not disempowering you at anywhere near the pace which I would have liked, your power, like those of your allied factions in the whole corrupt kitten-kabootle, was faltering, dying slowly of a thousand paper cuts.

The truth can only remain dormant for so long.

Yet, 2015, as it unfolded, gave you a marvelous opportunity to not only regain relevance, but to be an active force for good in the world instead of a socially destructive mass of shrieking children.

It is well known among your detractors and even among your lukewarm allies in your coalition of the perpetually aggrieved culture destroyers, that your concerns are selective – favoring issues that affect affluent white women in Western countries. Abuses that women take in the third world are sidelined.

Now, however, a dire issue arose that gravely affects the future of not only third world women, but women in the West. While this issue was a problem before, it quickly accelerated to catastrophic proportions if not immediately addressed.

Europe is currently being invaded. Anyone describing it as otherwise is a deluded idiot. These invaders come from a culture that has absolutely no respect for women. Their culture sees no qualms about stoning women to death for being raped. Talk about “victim blaming.”

The overwhelming number of these invaders are men, and men of combat age. They have deceptively used the card of their own supposed “suffering” to pull wool over the eyes of Western leaders – already blinded with naive liberal assumptions – when in fact, most of them are not the downtrodden sufferers they portray themselves as. The opportunists rightly see Europe – and its women – as ripe for the taking. When one has courage enough to ask the question – “where are the women and children?” – the answer is this:

Invading armies don’t bring women and children with them.

You, feminists, had an opportunity to oppose this from the beginning and quickly regain relevance and support. Surely you know about the abuses of women taking place in Islamic and African cultures at the hands of men, right? Surely you know that those are the very same men pouring into the West now, right?

Maybe I’m giving you too much credit.

We know that you love to talk about “rape culture.” You bandy about your propaganda statistics on this “issue” every chance you get, along with your celebrated victims to shed anecdotal lights on this “epidemic.”

Yet there is one commonality underlying it all.

It’s not the false “rape statistics.” It’s not even the rape hoaxes. The commonality to all of these – whether the statistics on the macro level or the pretty little liars on the micro level – are the perps. The perps always fit one pattern – they are white men, and usually relatively affluent ones. The Duke Lacrosse hoax, the Rolling Stone UVA hoax, and Columbia’s Mattress Girl all fit this pattern.

The newest hoax that fits this pattern is the Stoya rape hoax, where famous pornographic actress Stoya accused fellow famous pornographic actor James Deen of rape (kind of)…on Twitter.

Relatively affluent white woman victim? Check.

More importantly – relatively affluent white man perp? Check.

You jumped all over this transparent hoax, especially so when more people came forward to ride the stand alone complex bandwagon. These copies without an original you will also shamelessly champion.

But when we turn back to Europe, far more serious things are going on, things which you are shamelessly silent on.

The rape culture that you say exists on Western university campuses? It exists instead in the “refugee” camps throughout Europe, where what few women there are are seen as fair game. Meanwhile, as you also read, an increasing number of European women are also being raped and assaulted by “migrants.” Your feminist paradise of Sweden has dealt with this problem for a long time, even though the authorities you cozy up to have tried their best to hide it.

In Austria, a 14-year-old girl was gangraped by what appear to be “asylum seekers” on November 20th.

In Germany, girls as young as SEVEN have been raped by these phony “asylum seekers,” and the number of rapes – of female “migrants” and Europeans alike, is ticking alarmingly upward. In the infamous “jungle” camp in Calais, the female residents need to take refuge from the “refugees:”

Now we see YOU, the feminists, who are supposed to stand up for these women, which include the affluent white first-world victims you usually seek to defend from the horrors of “manspreading” and “street harassment,” doing what you always accuse your opponents of doing, essentially saying that these “women were asking for it” by “dressing up in revealing fashion,” and must “adapt.” It’s only gotten far worse since one of your own said this.

If I, a white cis shitlord said something along those lines, I would be hunted down mercilessly.

And so we arrive at our obvious conclusion. You, feminists, do not care about women.

You had an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate your increasingly negative public image by standing up and saying “no” to this invasion, to hold these rapists from a culture that detests women and the traitorous politicians that enable and invite them to Western shores accountable. You had an opportunity to stand up for the women that these invaders have attacked, whether they be Syrian or German. Instead, assaults by “asylum seekers” like this one on a French woman earlier this month are videoed gleefully in public and you say nothing.

I’m not surprised by any of this, because I know your narrative, and I know the assumptions and purpose of your ideology. I will enjoy exposing you all in my upcoming book, Year Zero.

I know why you say nothing. It’s because that assault, like all of the others, involve the wrong perps, thus revealing your purpose.

Feminists, your purpose is not to defend women. You turn a blind eye to legitimate rape cultures in the third world and in Islam, to slave labor, to organized pedophile rings, because you are cowards. You don’t want to do good works because it requires effort and sweat. You don’t want to “offend” your “intersectional” allies of the politically correct coalition (who can and will turn on you at the drop of a hat, as we have already seen), because your purpose is not to uplift, but to destroy.

Feminists, if your purpose was noble, you would be attacking these invaders in Europe, and you would have been since the beginning. You would campaign for the European women and young girls being raped and assaulted in Germany, in Sweden, in Norway, in Finland, in Austria, and everywhere else in Europe. Instead, these barbaric animals often get released or very light sentences, with not a peep from you.

Feminists, if your purpose was noble, you would have been campaigning for those abused in the third world at the hands of these very same men a long time ago, and you would certainly demand that they be treated better in Europe.

You don’t do any of those things.

And you don’t do them because your true purpose is to destroy. Your purpose is to destroy Western civilization.

You make social relations between men and women difficult.

You add to the narrative of the white man being the source of all evil, when he is in fact least likely to abuse women.

You shame other women, and other Western women at that, who don’t go along with your narrative.

You undermine the rule of law. You undermine the fundamental freedoms of speech, expression, the presumption of innocence, and even freedom of thought, as your stultifying Red Guard-like presence at our universities shows.

You incite mobs to ruin the reputations and livelihoods of innocent men.

You are well-off and yet you have the audacity to parade yourselves as victims.

I’ll tell you what you are. You are craven, cowardly, mentally damaged, undesirable, contemptible degenerates.

You had a chance to reinvent yourselves and do the right thing, to have some semblance of credibility as a force for betterment in the world once again. As I expected, you failed spectacularly.

You are a detritus to society and I am your enemy.

I pledge my sword, no matter how short or long it is, to the forces seeking your destruction.

And it cannot come soon enough.

From your enemy,

A “concerned” cis het white shitlord.

An open letter to feminists | The Masculine Epic Anduril Aragorn

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