2015: The Year That Moderation Ended

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The gift that kept on giving to those fed up with a corrupt “moderate” establishment.

2015 was a watershed year for the politics and culture of the Western world. Though an off-year as far as elections are concerned here in the United States, this mask of calmness was paper thin. With the ascent of the perpetual campaign as a social phenomenon, and the rise of the mantra that “the personal is the political,” politics and electioneering are always in play.

Obviously the elephant sitting atop the globe was Donald Trump, who challenged established political orthodoxy in ways not seen in decades. Yet, while Donald Trump was the latest man to be called the Second Coming of Hitler, it would be wise to understand the context in which he arose, and why he may very well just be the tip of the iceberg. He certainly is not alone in the world.

During the 2010’s, certainly influenced by the election of Barack Obama and the backlash at corporate greed following the 2008 recession, both politics and popular culture have taken very sharp turns to the left. Obama was, in his first term, relatively reluctant to follow along with this trend, but eagerly did so in his second.

The rise of mobile devices and social media also contributed to the trend, as people from anywhere, at anytime, were now able to show off and attention whore, and one of the ways to attention whore throughout history has always been to show how cool you are with the prevailing social orthodoxy. In our day and age, that’s leftism and being “NotRacist” and “GoodPerson,” to quote the Roosh V Forum’s AnonymousBosch. And so the “social justice” warrior (SJW) was born (though they were certainly heirs to a philosophy and pathology that stretches back decades – even millennia, as I write in Year Zero). These activists, up till now usually on the internet, did what they are most famous for – uncovering heretical speech from people and attempting (and often succeeding) in punishing them in some way, most often going after their jobs. Famous scalps included Pax Dickinson and Brendan Eich (the creator of JavaScript).

Yet even as this was going on from the grassroots, important institutional changes were also happening. In 2011, the Department of Education issued its “dear colleague” letter, which started the hysteria surrounding rape on college campuses, eventually leading to the Mattress Girl and Rolling Stone/UVA rape hoaxes. This rape hysteria seeped outward into the broader culture, and SJW’s were only too happy to do their part.

In 2012, a major campaigning theme for Democrats, including Barack Obama, was that the Republicans were waging a “war on women.” Feminism grew more powerful and prominent still.

A little bit later, racialist grievance politics got new wind of their own with several high profile incidents that the media gleefully ran coverage on. The first of these was the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida in early 2012. Despite forensic evidence backing up the shooter, George Zimmerman’s story, the media continued to lionize Martin. Worse, the media deliberately inflamed racial tensions by calling George Zimmerman a “white” or “white Hispanic” shooter, when he clearly did not look like one. Other cases followed, and, after the death of Michael Brown in 2014 (another story that the media used to inflame racial tensions, despite the forensic evidence once again pointing in favor of the shooter), the Black Lives Matter movement, which quickly evolved into excuses for rioting and attacking whites and anyone opposed to it, was born.

At the same time, the culture was shifting. Enforced diversity in every medium and aspect of life became a mandated celebration. The media did its best to promote every kind of fringe subculture. Bruce Jenner’s “transition” into Caitlyn Jenner became the biggest cause for celebration of 2015. All of this was pushed onto the public without consulting it, and SJW’s were the enforcers, along with the government itself, against various select entities, such as a Catholic couple that refused to hold a gay wedding on their property.

And then, to quote Nigel Farage, in what must surely count as the worst piece of public policy in half a century, over a million third-world “migrants” flooded into Europe en masse with no one to stop them. While they posed as “refugees” none were fleeing actual conflict zones by the time they arrived in Europe, and the great majority of them were single, combat-aged males. Not only was this invasion not resisted, it was celebrated, and failure to celebrate it was labeled as “racist.” After two major terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, including the massacre in November which connected some of the shooters back to “refugee” routes through Greece, not only was the invasion not stopped and the problems of Islam seriously discussed, the multicultural narrative continued to be celebrated by the powers that be. Any dissenters were called “racist” or “xenophobic” or “Islamophobic.”

This is the direction that left wing politics has taken in the past half-decade. Much ado has been made about the Republican Party’s loss of its moderates, but the same is also true of the Democratic Party. A recent example makes this abundantly clear – the way that Jim Webb was treated by those on the left wing during his campaign and after the first Democratic debate of 2015.

Jim Webb has an impressive list of accomplishments in both the public and private sector, and given the way he answered the debate questions, it was clear he had an eminent education in geopolitics. He demonstrated tact in both domestic and foreign affairs. Yet he was still ridiculed by the adherents of his own party and the media for daring to express concern about the working white poor. This man who had been quite popular in the Democratic party not too long prior, in 2015 became too out of touch with his own party because it had shifted so far left.

Into this atmosphere stepped Donald Trump, and not surprisingly, he found fertile ground. The globalist, universalist, multicultural left and its media sympathizers gave no alternative to everyone else who is not amongst the ranks of “social justice” warriors or an apologist for them. What other alternative is left but to watch as third-world immigrants continue to pour in (the most important issue of our time, which gets totally ignored) while the culture continues to lurch leftward until it resembles something unrecognizable, all the while a new priesthood of “social justice” warriors dictate what we do in our private lives, ranging from punishing us for heretical beliefs spoken in public to penalizing normal sex between men and women?

The political center is rapidly eroding. For decades, it has been out of touch, as it currently concerns itself with pushing globalism more than taking care of its own people. As the economy stagnates around much of the world and most people do not feel the benefits of growth, it is more important than ever that the political elite listen to the people, but it does not.

The only option for change that our political culture is giving us to escape this overdone globalist leftism (which is essentially what the entire political center has become) is in “radical” people like Donald Trump.

Both parties have merged into one, and the same is true of all center-left and center-right parties around the Western world. It is the party of mass immigration, unrestricted economic neoliberalism, endless war, and politically correct tone policing in the wider culture, where anyone’s distinctly minority lifestyle and chosen identity must be celebrated, but traditional culture must be denigrated at every turn.

The time for moderation is over because the only supposedly moderate option that is being offered to the people is a coin toss between one head of the hydra or the other – the Democrats or Republicans, Labour or Conservatives, Socialists or Les Republicains, and so on. One head might attack you by sending a little more of your loved ones off to die, while the other might raise your taxes a bit more, but fundamentally, it’s the same beast.

In a saner world, I would be what could best be described as an independent that leans center-right with a nationalistic, but also libertarian streak. But in an insane world, that is now “extreme.”

I haven’t moved any. We’ve simply moved so far to the left, so far toward globalism as a society, that the “center”-left is inches away from the overall leftist, universalist end zone and the “center”-right is on the 20 yard line. Any further right than that is “illiberal.” Really? Well then, so be it. If this is what moderation means, then it’s time to be a radical.

2015 was the year which made the paradigm crystal clear to all. When other options arose, they were taken. It’s been made clear that the traditional Western way of life is despised by the powers that be, from their SJW enforcers to their intellectual and political leaders in the halls of government, in the classrooms at the universities, and in the media studios in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, and so on. They’ve been saying “fuck you” to the base of society for a long time, and 2015 was the year in which a large portion of that base finally said “fuck you back.”

How it all ends up is anyone’s guess, but if the powers that be think they can tamper with these elections and other avenues of change indefinitely, as they have in Europe and are now attempting in the United States, they may be in for a rude surprise, as real extremists wait in the shadows.

2016 will see this fight, fundamentally between nationalism and globalism, accelerate, but it is also incumbent on us as men to be the best we can be in that fight, and that means detaching ourselves from the power structure and becoming antifragile. There is a marvelous symphony that this goal creates, because becoming antifragile to fight for our way of life means we must also become the best versions of ourselves. While our opponents seek to drag everything to the bottom, our retaliation means we compete with our friends and neighbors, as those Greeks did in their phalanxes against the Persians, to race to the top.

2015 was the year that moderation ended, but moderation is in many respects a lifestyle for losers. In being a “political radical,” being a winner is something that could very well go hand-in-hand.

Here’s to big things in 2016, personal, and political!

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