Why the Cologne Attacks are More Significant than the Paris Attacks

2016 certainly started off with a bang. In fact, the year could not even roll in without a confrontation between the forces that were built up last year.

Over 200 women in Cologne, Germany alone, to say nothing of reports of attacks in other cities all across Germany as well as Zurich, Switzerland and Helsinki, Finland, were sexually assaulted by drunken gangs of men that were described as “Arab and North African.” Among them were recently arrived “asylum seekers and refugees.”

Rapefugees not welcome
What? You mean they’re not all doctors and nuclear physicists?

This came as a surprise to no one except those in the halls of power with their politically correct narrative. Rebellious elements and thought-centers in society have long predicted attacks such as these, as rapes strangely uptick in certain areas when “asylum seekers” from the third world arrive.

Thus we see two entirely predictable happenstances occurring within two months of each other – a terrorist attack and a wave of sexual assaults. Both incidents have also predictably been met with the usual apologetics and denial from the cowards and traitors that we in the West call our leaders and their SJW activists and enablers.

The rage that is bubbling was given a new impetus from the Cologne attacks though, and in my opinion, they will be more effective than the Paris attacks in November in continuing to turn public opinion against the far left, globalist degeneracy for the long term. If we can say one good thing came out of the attacks, it is the term “rapefugee,” which from a marketing/persuasion standpoint is masterful, on par with cuckservative in my opinion.

Of course, the attacks in Paris were far worse than the New Years’ Eve assaults in Cologne and elsewhere. Over 120 dead people makes what happened on New Years’ Eve pale in comparison. Yet, the anger I’m seeing in response to Cologne is far more severe. For the first time, European men have now actively begun to form vigilante groups to defend their streets. Police in Germany have been cowed by angry mobs lambasting them and their priorities. The response by the German government has been again predictable – mobilizing resources to attempt to clamp down on their own people, such as at a recent PEGIDA rally in Dresden which drew 30,000 people, rather than on the rapefugees. The Mayor of Cologne engaged in what is essentially the thing that feminists have stressed is “victim blaming” – that is, giving women advice on how to be safe, which in truth, draws no comparison to advice such as “don’t get too drunk” because this was a mass gang attack on the streets of a major city.

The outrage exploded, and in short, we are seeing far more of a fight than in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Rapefugees not welcome
Heroic German compatriots taking to the streets to do what their stupid, treasonous leaders won’t do.

What happened in Paris was obviously much worse, and yet, the outrage from the New Years’ Eve attacks was far more potent. Why?

The reason is simple and it goes back to our deeply-ingrained tribal instincts. 120 dead in an Islamic terrorist attack is horrible, but it is also somewhat abstract. Unless you know someone who was killed, it has a relatively minor impact on you, because it’s in some ways a statistic. Islamic terrorism is also something abstract – you know it’s bad news, but it doesn’t hit you deep in the gut.

The assault and rape of your country’s women does.

Rape has always been a tactic and consequence of warfare. Invading, occupying forces have always raped the women in the territory they occupied (with varying degrees of severity). This is a sign of their conquest and a symbol of their dominance. It demoralizes forces of resistance. It is a sign of their intentions for the future – for without women, a nation, tribe, or people do not have a future. If the women give birth to invader babies and the native men no longer have reproductive access to them, there is no future for the nation.

Rapefugee Muslim invaders Cologne Germany
1945 or 2016?

This is what was felt in Germany and elsewhere. With the complicity of the German government, Germany is now being occupied by an invader force, and as such, its women are fair game. They’ve been fair game for a while now, but NYE was an explosion in intensity.

In short, the instinct to defend your country’s women is far stronger than it is to defend your country against something more abstract and unseen, like Islamic terrorism. This is the fundamental emotional reason why feminism, despite its illogic, has had such power.

What is now ironic however, is because of the power that feminism has enjoyed in the last few years, the multicultural narrative is more vulnerable, because the plight of women is now elevated still further in the public conscience. Squawking about “rape culture” in the West is nonsense, but now that narrative is being overturned and taken advantage of by the politically incorrect dissidents, as a real rape culture has made itself felt in Europe, and the problems will only get worse. Guess what happens when the weather gets warmer?

The NYE attacks in Cologne and elsewhere won’t soon be forgotten. They have shifted the narrative completely. I suspect that we will see little “refugees welcome” virtue signaling in 2016. The “magic” is over. That in itself is significant. I also suspect that as governments continue to refuse to address the issue of “migrant” criminality, local men will form centers of resistance and defend their people. That has already begun, and if it can happen in Germany, it will certainly happen elsewhere. Local resistance groups will also address political issues. In fact, Roosh is planning on forming just those kinds of groups.

I mentioned recently that the world now resembles itself prior to the outbreak of World War I, but another, related analogy also holds true. Newt Gingrich has said recently that the world resembles the 1930’s, where, in the midst of the Great Depression, the leaders of the liberal democracies refused to recognize the threats that were posed by Hitler, the Japanese, and Mussolini. Regretfully, he did not mention the Bolsheviks.

The same is holding true in our world. President Obama refuses to even name ISIS as a radical Islamic group. Angela Merkel has still refused to set a “refugee” quota or change her open border policy. Western leaders continue to call Islam a “religion of peace” and maintain that none of the terrorist attacks seen recently have anything to do with Islam.

Reality cannot be denied forever. The only question is, how big will the price be when it’s time to pay up and confront it?

The people’s response to Cologne was a big step in the right direction, but we must continue to move forward. These leftist, globalist pussies and traitors in the institutions need to be removed from power and thrown out into the streets like the rats they are.

Become antifragile. Get strong, get independent, and link up with like-minded men. Big things are coming. It’s also a reminder for me to get my fiction book out, because it has been very frighteningly prescient.

rapefugees not welcome
Excellent PR term.
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