A Eulogy for Justice Scalia

There are many ways to achieve True Glory. The foundations of masculinity aren’t in how muscular you are or how many girls you bang. These are just incidental to answering the masculine calling.

This evolved out of a post I did on RVF. This eulogy was unexpected, but as I took measure of what we lost, these words simply came to my mind. I realized that Antonin Scalia was more than worth a few words.

The Masculine Essence:

If you focus just on banging girls, you’re a degenerate pickup artist. If you focus solely on bodybuilding and the gym, you’re just a meathead concerned more about your appearance than doing things (a feminine trait). The essence, the foundation, of masculinity goes deeper.

Mike Cernovich wrote an excellent post about those foundations, and I largely agree with him. Masculinity is about imposing your will on the world.

My conception of masculinity, as laid out in this blog’s founding post and from which it derives its name, is essentially Homeric. In that tradition, the heroes like Achilles and Odysseus defined their manhood by their ability to win kleos, or undying glory, where their names would long survive after their deaths and people would remember their deeds. In this way, it was possible for a mortal to win immortality.

That to me is what masculinity is all about – imposing your will on the world, dominating the scene, doing great feats that win you renown and make your name worthy of being remembered long after you’re dead. That’s what I aim for. Banging girls and having a good physique are just incidental to this fundamental understanding.

Now how does this understanding of masculinity relate to the late Antonin Scalia? One must admit, superficially, he does not resemble an Achilles or an Odysseus. Yet, he imposed his will on the world in other ways. He won kleos in his own way.

Scalia did impose his will on the world for 30 years and will be remembered for generations to come as one of the foremost scholars on the court. His jurisprudence will influence judges for a long time to come, and so even in death, Antonin Scalia will not only be remembered, but his will will continue to be imposed. He will still dominate the scene, echoing through time. Where most of us, even if an Achilles, lose all power in death, Antonin Scalia will continue to wield tangible, concrete, power from beyond the grave.

How many can we say the same thing about?

What We Lost:

When we measure the kleos of a man who has gone to Hades, we do so by taking stock of what we lost, and we lost a tremendous linchpin in the defense of Western civilization and its liberties. Antonin Scalia may not have been perfect, but he was generally a stalwart ally.

When it came to preventing these agents of cultural decay from coming to greater power and defending the first and second amendments in particular, which as we all know by now, are the foundations of a free society (along with habeas corpus and the presumption of innocence), and also defending our Constitution against the influence of foreign law, which Breyer recently said might have a place in the interpretation of our own Constitution, Antonin Scalia was indispensable.

One example of the measure of the worth of Antonin Scalia may come up soon, if the prospect of more stringent immigration restriction is enacted in law. With Trump leading the charge, the popularity of immigration restriction, and limiting Islamic immigration in particular, is growing.

There are those who say this, or any kind of specific immigration restriction, is unconstitutional. They’re wrong, because the court has long held that Congress has plenary powers over immigration. In other words, it can do whatever it wants with immigration law. Normal constitutional protections do not apply to those who are outside the country, wanting to get in. This is common sense, and it’s a crucial component of national sovereignty.

But we know that our enemies do not care about reality or national sovereignty.

Now, suppose that the concept of plenary powers comes before the court? In this age of unrestricted leftism, it very well might.

Which side would Scalia be on?

Which side would his prospective Obama-appointed replacement be on?

Make no mistake, the death of Antonin Scalia, especially at so poor a time, is an absolute disaster for whites, for men, for Christians, for heterosexuals, and for pretty much anyone or anything that fits into the traditional social order. The Year Zero deconstructivists, the heirs of Akhenaten, that want to destroy the Western social order, are already, as we have seen, dehumanizing him and salivating at replacing him.

We can see the worth of Antonin Scalia in this. His kleos has been won. People will remember his name.

No one should deny that he lived a masculine existence. May he rest in peace.

Antonin Scalia eulogy

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