Announcing Stumped: How Trump Triumphed

Just in time for tonight’s debate, I’ve got a special announcement!

I’ve written about Donald Trump extensively here, particularly within the context of some of his power plays and as evidence of an ongoing political restructuring, perhaps even a stand alone complex.

I’ve mentioned on this chronicle’s about page that I’m actually a degreed political scientist. I was on track to becoming yet another lawyer, but fortunately, other considerations have (for the moment) intervened.

You might have noticed that I was one of the early Trump bulls. I was not as early as some, like Scott Adams and Mike Cernovich, but I predicted he was here to stay once he remained the consistent frontrunner in the early fall.

My schooling, my “conventional training,” if you will, first led me to believe that Donald Trump would flame out, like so many other pollsters and talking heads also believed. My only hope was that he would do as much damage as possible to the political/media/academic establishment.

Then my education took over.

I knew, through my life experiences, my social network, my thoughtcriminal knowledge (those distinctly politically incorrect truths that some refer to as “red pill”), and my drive for entrepreneurship, marketing, and DOING, rather than just theorizing in an ivory tower all day, that The Donald was so far ahead of the curve on his competitors, and was doing what he was doing at the exact right moment in history, that there was simply no way that any of them, including Hillary Clinton, would be able to stop him.

The only person that can stop Donald Trump is Donald Trump, and arguably, even that is impossible, since he stupefies pundits with his invincibility to his own seeming gaffes. Of course, these people only think they’re gaffes because they don’t understand what Trump is doing and all their rules are self-referential, emanating from the ivory tower bubbles that they inhabit.

So I’ve decided to do a service to my fellow political scientists and academics, who are beside themselves with this turn of events, and explain all of this to them, to help them get over their instinctive fear of the unknown. They didn’t see that this was a perfect storm. Worse, they could not even fathom the elements that made the storm possible. In fact, it’s almost like they’re trying to explain the accelerating expansion of the universe with a Ptolemaic geocentric model of the cosmos.

That’s how far behind they are!

I’m going to do them all a favor and explain Trump’s rise. I’m also going to be doing you a favor and show you how you can pursue the same strategies to ensure your own rise in whatever it is you want to do. In Stumped: How Trump Triumphed, you will see…

  • How Donald Trump being the only masculine man in the race automatically gives him an edge on his competitors, who are timid saps.
  • How Donald Trump leverages that masculinity to dominate space and how this spatial dominance leaves his competitors with nowhere to go.
  • How Donald Trump has a rock-solid frame and uses frame to deflect all objections while eviscerating his opponents.
  • How Donald Trump isn’t reliant on his natural force of personality alone, but is someone that has utilized charisma techniques to his advantage.
  • How Donald Trump’s mastery of crowd psychology gives him a new kind of institutional advantage that leaves his opponents in the dust.
  • How Donald Trump pushes his personal brand in politics and anchors it to the detriment of his competitors who don’t understand the concept or who have bad brands.
  • How Donald Trump’s rise is buoyed and made stronger by a social movement, the ongoing popular revolt, which he has emerged as a champion of.
  • How Donald Trump strategically brings logic into the sales equation, by dominating the existential issues America is facing.
  • How Donald Trump is benefiting and will benefit from the natural political pendulum.
  • How the uncertainty surrounding him is an advantage, not a disadvantage, for Donald Trump.
  • How I think Donald Trump will win the general election, with new demographics, and as part of a political realignment.
  • How you can use these and other principles to get the things that you want.
  • And much more within!

Stumped: How Trump Triumphed, I believe, will be a unique book, covering the intersection between traditional political science, sales/marketing, and social dynamics to show how The Donald blew down over 30 years of American politics in a Category 5 political hurricane that simply could not be slowed down or weakened.

True to form, this book, while exploring political history (particularly in regards to presidential elections), will not be written for the ivory tower (the occupants of which are completely myopic and disconnected from the general public, even if they don’t know or refuse to acknowledge this), but rather in a way that is easy to understand, particularly for the guy who wants to make the most out of his own life.

Donald Trump, quite frankly, has the best “game” I’ve ever seen, and I observe him as much or even more from a marketing and sales position as I do from a political one. Stumped will compound these observations, which are almost as good as a university level marketing course, in one quick and easy to access book.

The hero needs marketing skills to attain his glory, and Stumped will be an excellent guide.

The core of the book is already intact. If you want special previews (and where I ultimately got the idea from), check back on The Masculine Epic from time to time, sign up to my email list, and follow my mini-blog at a certain community that acts as a whole different business model for me. These guys, who are usually apolitical, responded well to the initial writings, and encouraged me to do this.

Stumped is political, yet apolitical. It’s mainly a statement of how and why, not ought. My personal politics will be left out. 2016 is the wildest ride I’ve ever seen, and I suspect it will be highly cited in new avenues of understanding politics, marketing, and ultimately, human psychology.

You may hate Donald Trump all you want, but he’s the best player I’ve ever seen. Learn from his game.

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