What Will You Do in the Chaos?

How do you respond to conflict? Do you tend to clam up and retreat or do you recognize opportunity and counterattack?

2016 is going to be a chaos year.

Donald Trump has completely destroyed the Republican establishment. What we are seeing now are simply the last, dying tantrums of an old, discredited order. The establishment and its peons underestimated Trump, assured that he would flame out, and now it is too late.

Yet, when he got past the summer, my education took over from my schooling, and I knew Trump was going to win.

When my father, who last voted for Reagan in 1984, mentioned that he would come out to vote for Trump, I knew further that I was right. This was in October.

And look what we’re seeing in the primaries right now. Turnout is way up, partially through “lost voters” like my father.

The GOP establishment has been checkmated. They have failed and betrayed their own voters for decades and now have the gall to condescend to them when they aren’t getting their way with losers like Mitt Romney. Now they have two options, tip their king and acknowledge the will of the voters, or flip the board and deny Trump the nomination or sabotage him in the general election with a “true conservative”(TM) independent candidate.

Either move will have two guaranteed outcomes:

  1. Hillary Clinton will win the general election.
  2. The legitimacy of the GOP will be destroyed forever, and we will have a temporary political monopoly in the Democratic Party.

There is also another possible outcome:

  • There will be civil unrest in response to this clear disregard of the will of the voters. Things are at a heated pitch.

But in any case, the Republican Party, or whatever is left of it depending on what the elites decide to do, is going to realign, and under normal circumstances, 2016 will go down as a realigning election. The Republican Party will move from a party of globalist racketeering with some Jesus references thrown in on the side to a Jacksonian nationalist, “common sense conservative” party.

This is going to mean a few things:

  1. Open borders shilling is going to end. Immigration is going to be reduced and will favor Americans first, not corporations or immigrants first.
  2. There will be no further trade agreements like NAFTA, the TPP will be stopped, and trade policy will be conducted to benefit the American worker in a strong national economy.
  3. America is not going to be the world’s policeman. America is not going to continue to foot the bill for the defense of other countries. America is not going to intervene in foreign conflicts unless direct, vital national interests are threatened.
  4. Traditional American culture will be defended. The left and “social justice” warriors will no longer be allowed to steamroll over that culture or be rolled over for by the supposed opposition. Political correctness is going to be on the way out.
  5. Government will no longer be counted on to dole out special favors to entities greasing the wheel.
  6. Welfare will probably be kept to a minimum, but there will no longer be an axiomatic reaction against taking care of your own people. Free market fundamentalism will die on the vine along with corporatism.

You can see a unifying thread in this – that the American people are a unique people with a unique culture and community, and that the state apparatus will be responsible to that folk fabric.

These are just a few things I can envision. The analogy is somewhat imperfect, as I’m not entirely sure where exactly Trump stands on the role of the federal government vs the states, though he has mentioned that he will appoint a justice similar to Scalia on the Supreme Court.

Some uncertainties remain, but that’s the point. Trump isn’t exactly a policy wonk, but he is the leader that’s needed to break up the corrupt racketeering apparatus and reinvigorate the Republic, just as Jackson had done in his own time.

And here’s where the opportunity comes in! That’s why this post is filed under “career and lifestyle” rather than “polity!”

With the collapse of every old order, a new one arises, and opportunity beckons for those who seek more. Power vacuums are messy things, but they provide chances that were not provided before to those who know how to take advantage of them.

Jackson didn’t institute his changes and impart his name onto an age alone. He had the Martin van Burens of his time thinking, lending him a hand. He had architects working behind the scenes and people on the ground.

That’s us!

I think this realignment is where our community, based on traditional masculinity, self-improvement, and dissident right politics, always has been. This community is by far the smartest I’ve ever encountered anywhere, and I have no doubt that some of our work in combating the globalist, politically correct left has made its way into Trump’s hands.

As the Republican Party realigns and the old establishment dies off (in many cases literally), new ideas are going to come to the fore and new coalitions will form. The National Reviews, Weekly Standards, and “conservative” think tanks are on the way out. Our own publications ant think tanks will be on the way in, to define this 21st century Jacksonian nationalist, “common sense conservatism.”

There’s your opportunity! There’s your chance to better yourself and your country!

A new world is being born, and we can say that we were there at its birth, like the gods. And like the gods, we must shape the world in the image we desire.

That is the path for those who are truly worthy.

And our GLORIOUS LEADER has shown us the way.

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