Why Postmodern Liberalism is Like AIDS

Another day, another Islamist terrorist attack.

I’m so sick of writing about these things and these issues. I’d rather write about masculinity, lifestyle, great stories, and interesting historical facts and figures.

But I have to keep writing about these things because it seems like I’m one of the relatively few people that is not suffering from a particular viral infection and associated terminal illness. This viral infection is known as postmodern, global liberalism, and yes, I mean that with a “small l.” The postmodern liberal virus, which I’ll call libevirus, invites diseases that decay and ultimately collapse all the sinews which hold a civilization together – male/female relationships and family, cultural identity and trust, the ways to seek truth through the means of communication, and even the health and well-being of children. These conditions – multiculturalism, feminism, and all other assorted diseases, are fatal to the body-politic. However, these conditions are not fatal by themselves. Taken as their own pathogens, they would be able to be eradicated. Instead, these conditions advance because libevirus severely compromises the host’s immune system. Unreality becomes mandatory reality. As such, the immune system cannot receive the proper messages to create the proper antibodies for disinfection. The other pathogens are foreign invaders, but the presence of libevirus destroys any chance of combating them, because the host’s immune system has been compromised.

Liberalism AIDS Postmodern virus

No sooner had the bombs been detonated and the usual suspects identified and the bodies counted and the wounded tended to than the usual vacillating apologetics began. #JeSuisBruxelles. Transparent Belgian flags over profile pictures. Pray for Brussels. Candlelight vigils.

Of course, no one should ever blame Islam. No one should recognize this threat. No one should dare ask questions about the current immigration, asylum, and multicultural policies. There’s nothing peculiar about ISIS at all.

It’s all white racism and discrimination. It’s all about that and not the 7th century character of a certain culture and religion. The “terrorism experts” say so.

Western society should just mourn and sing “Imagine.” Let’s just all play John Lennon’s magnum opus until the next Brussels, Paris, Cologne, or Rotherham. Fighting these infections would be racist.

Postmodern Liberalism AIDS
This is bad. Don’t you want to be virtuously NotRacist?

The purpose of any virus is to spread itself. This is one way in which libevirus does so. Libevirus is a particularly insidious infection because it makes those suffering from it feel good. It floods its victims with dopamine, so they want more of it, and they feel wonderful by being its vectors. Libevirus programs the host to get even more dopamine from acting as a vector. Libevirus also programs those suffering from it to see those that do not have the virus and that have a natural immunity to it as enemies. Libevirus institutes a particularly ferocious program to attack those people, often with great success.

And so the gates of the body are laid wide open. Immune responses to libevirus are compromised. The proper immune response to the pathogen is reprogrammed as being perceived as a threat. Other, related infections and conditions are invited in and fester, until the organism dies from the death of a thousand sweet, virtuous, dopamine-filled whispers.

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