How a Worldwide Racket is Conspiring Against Trump (And You) – Michelle Fields

Does it worry you that you’re part of a nefarious worldwide conspiracy? Because you are, even if you might not know it. You’re an unwitting puppet or an unwitting victim.

Earlier this month, a then-Breitbart reporter by the name of Michelle Fields was allegedly assaulted by Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. The story was conveniently timed prior to the Florida primary with its huge haul of 99 delegates.

A lot was riding on Florida. It was the home state of Marco Rubio, the preferred candidate of the optimate donor class that runs the racket. A large donor network headed by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, a major backer of Rubio, made it clear that they needed to stop Trump in Florida.

At a press conference on March 8th, Michelle Fields claimed that Corey Lewandowski “almost threw her to the ground” which caused a bruise on her wrist. She later complained that she was not mentioned in the Republican debate.

These claims, however, were quickly debunked. They were conveniently timed as well, because in addition to the danger Trump posed in Florida, a state that the racket very much wanted to deny him, Fields has a book coming out in June.

Video and photographic evidence clearly displayed that she was lying about being thrown down. The Washington Post photographer Ben Terris was also caught in the lie.

Michelle Fields hoax

There was some brouhaha at Breitbart over the incident, but it eventually resulted in the departures of Michelle Fields and its editor-at-large, the staunchly anti-Trump pundit Ben Shapiro. Though Breitbart has been a favorable publication to Trump, there is a lot of pressure within it to get Cruz elected, as one of the publication’s financial bigwigs, New York hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, is a major Cruz donor.

A police report was filed days after the fact. Yet, the evidence was clear that Fields was fabricating the story about being thrown down. It certainly did not have any negative impact on Trump’s campaign in Florida. He won by over 20 points against its own sitting senator, and won almost everywhere, with a decisive electoral coalition that poses a potent threat in the general election. Marco Rubio dropped out of the race and the establishment’s last best hope of winning the nomination fairly at the ballot box was gone. The ploy of Michelle Fields and her media puppetmasters had failed. Trump won Florida and the story conveniently disappeared.

It roared back today however, as Lewandowski is now facing misdemeanor battery charges. Yet another video surfaced today of the incident, released by the Jupiter, Florida police:

What do we see?

  1. Fields’ forearm, which she claimed Lewandowski bruised, was not, in fact, touched.
  2. Lewandowski in fact, did not “almost throw Fields to the ground,” as she claimed.

By the way, did Fields “batter” Trump first?

The Secret Service detail assigned to Trump did warn Michelle Fields to back off from approaching him, as was seen in the video above:

Lewandowski’s formal charges are also conveniently timed, as they occur a week prior to the Wisconsin Primary with 42 delegates at stake. It’s a key stepping stone for Donald Trump to clinch the nomination or for his opponents to force a brokered convention in July.

Coincidentally, Ted Cruz is also facing a sex scandal that is maturing. Aside from his non-denial denials that I recognize as attempts to maintain frame, one of the women implicated in the scandal, Amanda Carpenter (who has put together a “blacklist” of those that have endorsed Donald Trump), appears to be more deeply connected to Cruz than normal. Shall we say it appears to be an intimate connection?

As Ted Cruz is the last man standing who is capable of stopping Donald Trump in a fair election (it’s a remote chance – he’d need about 80% of the remaining delegates, but it’s still technically a chance), there is quite a bit of pressure in the Republican establishment to coalesce around him. We’ve seen this in the recent endorsements of Lindsey Graham, Jeb and Neil Bush, and Carly Fiorina (who was needed to prevent Cruz from answering a marriage-related question).

With Wisconsin looming and with a potentially crippling scandal involving the last plausible man standing, there was certainly a need to throw the frame onto something else. This charge gave Cruz and the desperate Republican establishment something to dominate space on.

Yet the rabbit hole doesn’t end there. The prosecutor charging Lewandowski in the Michelle Fields case is one Dave Aronberg. Aronberg is a Hillary Clinton insider. He was part of her campaign’s “Florida Leadership Council.”

We know that Hillary Clinton has been running hard on the woman card. Donald Trump has also faced recent outrage about his relationships with women. This came from a retweet of a side-by-side image of his wife with Cruz’s wife, Heidi, and what involvement, if any, he had in the Cruz sex scandal (which was started by Rubio backers). Should Donald Trump indeed face Hillary Clinton in a general election, the Michelle Fields case would be a welcome scandal for her to dominate space and reinforce her frame on, especially should he attempt to tar her with her own unsavory relationships with the women in her husband’s life.

Yet the rabbit hole goes deeper.

Donald Trump vs Globalists

Cruz has recently been backed by the Bushes. The Bushes and the Clintons have been backing each other for decades.

Did the Bush-Clinton network arrange for these battery charges to be filed, even though nothing happened? A third convenience arises when the Clinton campaign appears to be arranging for paid shills to protest Donald Trump in Wisconsin (all the while tarring Bernie Sanders).

As the Bushes, the Clintons, the donors backing the other candidates, and the owners of the media are all globalists who have a vested interest in stopping the only nationalist in the race, Donald Trump, they will pull out all the stops. This includes filing entirely bogus charges.

Michelle Fields is a puppet in a bigger game.

Donald Trump is a nationalist. Because he wants to preserve America and Western civilization from being absorbed into a faceless global market and monoculture, he must be stopped at all costs.

Something bigger is at work in this Michelle Fields hoax. This will be an excellent test of culture. Will divisive, postmodern identity politics, where men are liable to be falsely accused of wrongdoing from even the most mundane of interactions with women (a protected class) prevail? There is no way a reasonable person could ever consider what Lewandowski did to Fields as battery. Will feminism prevail over basic understandings of law?

As feminism is very much a tool for the destruction of social cohesion by the globalist optimates, it just might, though I don’t think it will.

And this is where you come in.

This case effects you – and it goes beyond a Donald Trump nomination or election. If you’re outraged at Lewandowski, you’re being a useful idiot to the globalist racket. You’re one of the mindless masses that they control. You are a participant in the racket’s conspiracy. If you’re a man especially, you better hope that justice prevails, because you might be the one on the hook next.

And even more deeply, if you want to live in a civilized society, one that is confident and vibrant, you better hope for a working rule of law that is applied fairly and reasonably. This is a test of how far we are along the road to autocracy for the racket, anarchy for the rest of us, the victims of the conspiracy.

Michelle Fields hoax Trump Lewandowski

Correction: Fields’ claim was “almost threw to the ground,” not “threw to the ground.” The post has been consequently updated.

Update: A new photograph reveals Secret Service approaching her first before Lewandowski did.

Fields has also admitted to creating narratives to become famous. Very convenient for when she has a book coming out.

If the racket wants to finally, finally find out how to stump the Trump, it should read Stumped, though the answers won’t please it.

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