Brexit is a Middle Finger to a Faceless Global Elite

I sat, flabbergasted at what I was seeing last night, and woke up to even more stunning news.

Beyond my wildest expectations, the “leave” campaign was winning the EU referendum vote in Britain, and was winning decisively. Despite my original intention not to, I sat, riveted by the information that continuously rolled in. Leave was winning. Then Scotland’s votes began to come in, which pulled the “remain” camp ahead, as expected. Then areas from England came in with high “leave” totals. Then I heard that it was becoming closer and closer to mathematically impossible for “remain” to win.

Nevertheless, the results from most of London and Northern Ireland, which leaned toward “remain,” had yet to come in, and I decided to go to sleep. At worst, I would have a smile on my face going to bed. At best, I’d wake up to a pleasant surprise. What a surprise it’s been! Congratulations Britain! You actually did it!

When I first heard news that the United Kingdom would be holding a long-clamored for referendum on its membership in the European Union, I didn’t have high expectations. Despite the turmoil of the “refugee” crisis and the less visceral problem of the Eurozone financial crisis, I believed that the timing of the referendum (2016 compared to 2017, where I assumed the “refugee” crisis would get worse), the fear of the unknown, the entrenched money and political powers behind “remain,” and the lack of a truly larger-than-life rebel leader like Donald Trump would ensure that Britain would stay in the European Union by a comfortable margin. I barely paid attention to the campaign in the UK, even when the “leave” camp was gaining steam.

When the Jo Cox murder happened last week, I saw it as a classic way to promote the narrative and lowered my expectations even further.

And yet, here we are.

The British people, like so many in Europe and the Western World, have been eaten out of house and home by a whole assorted lot of parasitic suitors. Now, after a long Odyssey, they too, have reached for their bows.

It was a narrow win for the “leave side,” but it was a win nevertheless. In a stunning rebuke to our Year Zero globalist friends, patriots of Britain voted to leave the control apparatus known as the European Union. Why did the EU fail? What made the unthinkable just last year a reality today?

Britain votes to leave the European Union

The Delusional Dream

After the devastation of the World Wars of the early 20th century, it was understandable that leaders at the time wanted a way to prevent a third such conflict. Throughout history, there have generally been two ways of preventing wars: large military alliances encompassing entire regions, and relatively free trading relationships. NATO took care of the first aspect. Most of Western (and later, much later, Eastern) Europe was tied together in a pact of collective security. Around the same time that NATO was formed, other thinkers were moving to implement the second branch of conflict prevention. Conceptions of a “United States of Europe” had abounded before the Second World War, but only truly took off after it, for understandable reasons.

Economic integration began with the European Coal and Steel Community, largely through the efforts of influential circles in France and Germany. This would eventually evolve into the European Economic Community, a proper free trade zone, which would in turn become the European Union, an entity that wished to accelerate the creation of a European superstate with institutions like the Euro, the European Central Bank, a common immigration policy, and even now a European army.

Yet, a great deal of people, specifically in Britain, have complained that the European Union is not the kind of thing they voted for when they joined the European Economic Community. They voted for free trade and common security, not to cede their sovereignty to a faceless, technocratic, un-elected bureaucracy.

Despite this, the EU technocrats pushed full-steam ahead in their plans to create a federal superstate, implementing unpopular policies and increasingly alienating the people of the nations in Europe.

They were unpopular because the dream of a United States of Europe was a delusion. The analogy was absurd. An old professor of mine remarked a short time ago that Europe needed figures like Alexander Hamilton and James Madison to unite it. Instead, he lamented, it was getting the likes of Nigel Farage and Marine le Pen. I held my tongue, but the analogy is still absurd.

Alexander Hamilton and James Madison helped to bind the American states, all newly-liberated colonies, into a common federal compact not just because of their forces of personality or brilliant arguments, but because there were also fundamental circumstances already present that allowed their efforts a decent chance to succeed in the first place. Namely, the nascent American Constitution arose from states which had only been in existence for a bit over a century, and their inhabitants shared common laws and heritage, spoke the same language, in George Washington’s words, had a similar religion (Protestantism), had been through the experience of the Revolutionary War together to form a shared bond, and had an existing constitution in the form of the Articles of Confederation that was failing.

None of these factors were present in the creation of the European Union. Though the nations of Europe certainly shared a harrowing experience in the World Wars, many of the participants in the EU had fought one another rather than against a common foe. Their languages were different, their histories vastly so. They had completely different laws and internal cultures. Their nations, though battered, weren’t failing. In short, the nations of Europe, with their 1,500 year post-Roman history, were ill-suited to forming a superstate. Such long-time history and tradition can’t be dissolved so soon, at least not without major bloodshed, which the EU was set up ostensibly to avoid.

The European Union was always a zombie. It was only a matter of time before the people realized it.

The Fuse is Lit

The failures of the EU, especially since 2008, are well-known. The Euro is killing much of Europe’s economy while Germany’s products are artificially competitive due to a massively undervalued currency. Regulations that superseded national law were issued continuously from un-elected bureaucrats. Although the European Parliament exists, it is largely a sham, as real power lies with the oligarchical European Commission. Basic freedoms continued to be eroded, such as the recent crackdown on free speech online under the guise of “hate speech.”

Ah, and what was the cause of that recent crackdown, you ask?

It was fallout from the ongoing “refugee crisis” and mass immigration in general. Despite the people of Europe (with some exceptions) repeatedly disavowing mass immigration, especially from outside Europe itself, the politicians, under the European Union’s overly expansive asylum policy (as well as other pressures), continued their multicultural project without question and despite criticism. The results have been dangerous. Self-segregated communities have become hotbeds of Islamic terrorism, most notably in Belgium, and a general malaise of creeping Islamization and third world transformation has occurred in Europe over the past thirty years.

Take all of these problems, and then add the insane response by the European Union to the tsunami of third world “migrants” which began in 2014 and intensified rapidly in 2015, and you have a perfect storm of discontent. And what did the EU do in response to this discontent? Nothing. The people in Brussels continued on, even after the terrorist attack in Paris that killed 130 last November, even when it was known that ISIS was infiltrating people into Europe via the “refugee” flow. To add insult to injury, this, and the crimes of these “refugees,” were covered up as much as possible, with the usual suspects turning their backs on their own professed values.

Even though the “migrant” flows have slowed to a trickle, there is no guarantee they won’t accelerate again. The only reason they’ve slowed is because the European Union leadership was too cowardly to defend its border and instead bought off the Turks to do it for them, when it was Turkey’s piracy that caused the flow in the first place. As the price, Turkey now intends to shake Europe down for visa easements and possible membership, which will result in nothing but the flooding of Europe by desperate Turks with zero game ruining things for the native men and further disrupting sexual demographics.

What was the response to anyone even remotely concerned about any of this? Call him a “racist,” of course.

As I remark in chapter 9 of Stumped, the pendulum is swinging squarely against this far-left insanity, as it is against the race for globalization at any cost, your own culture and people be damned:

Ultimately, both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are forces indicating that the pendulum on the latest period of globalization is swinging back, though the troubles in the European Union and elsewhere are also indicative. The rebellious forces in the Democratic Party, the Populares, are probably not going to succeed this time, just as other rebellious forces elsewhere haven’t succeeded yet, but their strength is growing.

Donald Trump is a reaction to both the latest period of globalization and the ascendancy of the left in “social justice” culture which was made particularly obvious in Barack Obama’s second term.

The technocrats in Brussels couldn’t see this, and now, the voters of Britain made them pay. Quintus Curtius remarked months ago that the jig was up:

The tone of the European leadership seems to suggest that the demise of the EU as an institution may not be far off. Beset by numerous crises, failures of leadership, and the most pathetic, cowardly policies imaginable, the EU seems to be headed for the ashbin of history, like so many other temporary alliance systems.

As it should. The EU was never anything more than an ad hoc economic arrangement for the benefit for banks, financial institutions, and a few wealthy elites in Europe. And now that fact is being revealed for all the world to see.

The migrant crisis is bringing all of this to a head. It is exposing the elites for the lying, sniveling cucks that they are: people who sold out their nations and their inheritances because of their adherence to cultural decay and moral relativism.

They’re guilty, they’re fearful, and they know it.

But their day of reckoning will come. They sold out an entire generation. They plundered, lied, and cowered under their desks when they should have been leading and knocking heads. You sold us out. And you need to pay the price.

Whatever the future holds, this was a stunning rebuke to the faceless Optimate class with no loyalty. The 2016 Popular Revolt is in play on both sides of the Atlantic, and it’s just getting started. We might even be living in a new age of revolutions.

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