Trump Being Trump: General Election Style (Week 24)

Week 24 was savage. It felt less like an election and more like 1860. I said in the write-up to Week 23 that the election was in its Stalingrad phase, but last week actually started to look like it literally.

North Carolina GOP office bombing

Wikileaks vs. Allegations

There were two major themes of the week – the continuous drip of Wikileaks emails and the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump.

The Wikileaks emails furthered the steady drip drip of confirmation bias that Hillary Clinton is a crook. They appeared to confirm the following:

  1. Clear collusion between the Clinton campaign and the media, as seen when she was passed a question that would be asked on CNN at an event later on.
  2. More improprieties between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, as her top aide Cheryl Mills seemed to blur the lines in doing work for both, among other things.
  3. A relay of information from the Justice Department by a former employee that came to work on the Clinton campaign.
  4. What appeared to be the mockery of Catholics and Evangelicals by her campaign staff.
  5. The admission that Saudi Arabia, which donates to the Clinton Foundation, was funding ISIS:

There was a lot more than that, which is a persuasion negative because there was too much to keep track of. Regardless, it was damning. It only added more confirmation bias that Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to run for President, and that Bernie Sanders was screwed.

On the other hand, a slew of sexual assault allegations came out against Donald Trump. None of them are credible, but facts don’t matter. All you heard was that a lot of women accused Trump of harassing them, and paired with the video, it sounds like a confession.

As I said last week, the Wikileaks scandal is complex while the tape and the allegations are simple and a lot more visceral.

The allegations against Donald Trump might be entirely fabricated while the Wikileaks dumps are entirely real, but people operate in stories, not reality. Hillary Clinton has the stronger story.

There is one possible persuasion play that may get Donald Trump out of this, even if it is a long shot. To overcome the gap with women, he desperately needs as many men as possible. Aside from talking about the crooked media and the rigged system, which are somewhat abstract, he should talk about the concrete fear that you, as a man, can now be accused by any woman for doing anything, at anytime, and have your life ruined. Given the media’s hysteric frenzy to believe any accusation, most of them turning out to be hoaxes, he can and should declare it open season on men, an Inquisition that Hillary Clinton will lend her full support to.

It’s identity politics full stop, but that’s what’s required against other identity politics.

Additionally, at the end of the week, Julian Assange of Wikileaks apparently had his internet access cut. This will only add confirmation bias that he’s telling the truth and the elite want to silence him.

Still, Hillary Clinton has the stronger hand right now. Donald Trump needs to appeal to men and conjure up combinations to undo it.

A Challenge

One such challenge has been related Hillary’s health, now faded into the background somewhat. Donald Trump brought it back into the foreground and also made you remember what happened with her collapse on 9/11:

What say you, Hillary? He should keep bringing this up to make everyone remember it, to pre-seed the debate.

Result (for Trump): Victory


Last night, a Republican Party office in North Carolina was firebombed, with the accompanying graffiti comparing the Republicans to Nazis, rhetoric that the media and academia stoked. The media quickly blamed Donald Trump, however.

Donald Trump in turn responded that the people responsible were “animals.” Here he was rallying his own troops against an attack from outsiders.

Though this was clearly good for Donald Trump because it was bad for the Democrats’ brand, it was just the latest in a string of violent incidents from the regressive left his year. Last year, when I began work on Year Zero, I said that the “social justice” regressive left was showing more inclinations to violence, but this year has exploded those inclinations into out and out incidents more than once.

Because the regressive left that supports Hillary is comprised of Year Zero militants whose goal is to cleanse civilization to its foundations and rebuild a new social order, this was inevitable. They were empowered by the Democrats and the media, and they acted. Quintus Curtius said last year that social justice warriors would begin killing people in 5 years and the government would ignore or excuse it away. The media is already doing so, and that’s the first step.

Donald Trump must champion the “everyday ordinary people” against these militants and warn in visceral, concrete terms what they mean for you.

Year Zero will be released in 2017. You can view a preview of one of its chapters by reading about the Egyptian Pharoah Akhenaten, the first Year Zero militant of which we have records.

Week 24 also resembled my epic novel (tentatively titled The Red War) in more ways than I’d like to admit. In the first of the four books, The Awakened Lion, Earth, full of hope, elects a new president, but its government and media outlets quickly use the new president’s well-intentioned outreach program to saber rattle against the human population off the planet, denigrating and disparaging them in the zeal of their own rightness of belief, mandating that they conform to the Earth’s visions and demands. The result eventually winds up being a catastrophic war.

I began writing The Red War in 2008. Week 24 of this election had parallels to it in more ways than one, not least of which was Donald Trump mirroring how people feel about their government in his West Palm Beach speech – that it exists only to enrich itself, and the evidence is the Wikileaks dumps and the media’s frenzy to believe any hysterical accusation while ignoring improprieties of their favored candidate. It’s too true to disregard. The whole system is rotten, and at least 60% of the country (Trump’s and Sanders’ people) know it.

The first book of The Red War, The Awakened Lion, will be released in 2017 also.

In the meantime, this week told you you also need to work on your bullshit filter. Read Stumped to develop one.

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