Trump Being Trump: General Election Style (Week 26)

The penultimate week of the 2016 election season was another sabbati horriblis for Hillary Clinton. It was all bad news for Hillary Clinton, featuring not one bombshell revelation but a barrage of something akin to multiple independent targetable reentry vehicles (MIRVs), spreading nuclear warheads very efficiently over a wide area. While earlier this month, Donald Trump’s campaign was hit with a teraton bomb on the “woman’s issue,” Hillary Clinton’s side was last week hit with a wide-ranging barrage of megaton warheads over a massive, strategic area. Both sides are now smoldering. And there’s one final charge across no-man’s land. Whoever has the most energy, the most impetus in their charge, will win.

Donald Trump nukes pepe

SuperPAC Woes

Ever since the 2010 Citizens United ruling, the topic of SuperPACs has been a heated one. The ruling essentially allows independent groups to spend unlimited amounts of money in elections, but the key caveat is that these independent SuperPAC groups must disclose their donors and are forbidden from coordinating with campaign organizations in any way.

When week 26 got underway, it was revealed that the Clinton campaign probably illegally coordinated with one of its supporting SuperPACs on a wide variety of topics.

This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but the Podesta email dumps just added more confirmation bias to the picture, and painted a picture that makes Hillary Clinton vulnerable with her base.

First MIRV.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Crook McAuliffe

It’s been known since early on in this election that a top Clinton ally, Virginia’s (a crucial swing state) governor Terry McAuliffe has engaged in a number of improprieties that look scummy. Last week it was revealed that McAuliffe is now under investigation by the FBI for allegedly funneling $675,000 to the campaign of the wife of now-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. This was bad enough on its own, but the real kicker is that McCabe was the agent in charge of handling Hillary Clinton’s email probe, the same email probe that she skitted away from.

The picture that emerges in the mind’s eye is of a massive criminal enterprise of the type you expect in banana republics, not the United States, and it only gets worse from there.

Second MIRV.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Obamacare Scam

Week 26 gave us the new prices for the 2017 Obamacare enrollment period. It was not a pretty picture. Premiums were rising rapidly, and the fine for not having health insurance was also rising exponentially. More insurers were pulling out, often leaving only one insurer per state, further putting the squeeze on people.

The complete breakdown of the incumbent president’s signature domestic “achievement” would normally spell catastrophe for a contender from the incumbent party. Making matters far worse however, is that the premiums are often rising fastest in critical states like Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Obamacare premiums electoral map

The fact that this law is, to quote Michael Tracy, “looking more and more like a total scam” and breaking all its promises from years ago, embarrassing the “fact checkers,” adds greatly to Donald Trump’s core position in ways it couldn’t for Mitt Romney four years ago. The unfortunate part for him is that this announcement came so late that most people were already persuaded one way or the other, and it likely won’t be enough by itself to change minds given the course of this campaign.

It was however, only part of a combination, the third MIRV.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Joe the Bully

I said months ago that Joe Biden would be a boon for the Clinton campaign because he can reach Trump’s voters in ways that Hillary and her other top people wouldn’t be able to. This is true, but he hasn’t been doing such a great service, because he’s been making stupid headlines. Case in point was when he wanted to “take Trump behind the gym.”

Normally, this one actually wouldn’t be so bad. As I made very clear in the first chapter of Stumped, people rally behind fighters, warriors that fight alongside them and lead them through danger. It also isn’t very different from things Donald Trump has said, so normally it would cancel out. The problem came when this clip was paired with something else that came at essentially the same time, and in combination, it was a win for The Donald.

Result (for Trump): Minor Victory


This one came through the work of Scott Adams and Mike Cernovich. Scott Adams recently said that he changes his endorsement from Gary Johnson to Donald Trump because he opposes bullying in all its forms.

Hillary Clinton and the media on her side, Scott Adams says, has provided cover, even a moral imperative, to turn against other Americans, saying they deserve stigma, shame, and even violence.

This was a brilliant reframe. The examples for confirmation bias are too numerous to count. Remember how just two weeks ago, a GOP office was firebombed, and soon afterward, a sitting United States Senator had his home vandalized? Remember those attacks in San Jose in May? I saw inclinations toward bullying myself when I investigated a Trump Tower “protest” all the way back in March, ironically at the same time the media was trying to push the “violence at Trump rallies” narrative that we now know Hillary’s side egged on.

Seizing on this reframe, Mike Cernovich pushed it through the pipeline with the #HillarysBullies tag. It blew up.

And soon after that, a clip came out showing the bullying to perhaps its greatest extent, where her side taunted, stole from, and came close to physically attacking a homeless black woman who supported Donald Trump, protecting his recently-vandalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

As I said in 2015, Hillary’s supporters are often Year Zero militants, the descendants of Akhenaten. I will go into full detail about this pathology in Year Zero (to be released in 2017). Scott Adams and Mike Cernovich shined the spotlight on these militants, who will waste no time and pull no punches in their purification of society, to remake it in their own image. No moral abstention from violence accompanies this pathology, and it came to the surface this week.

Focusing on Hillary and her supporters as bullies, (the key word) dramatically shifts the emotional weight of the conversation.

Fourth MIRV.

Result (for Trump): Decisive Victory

Sleazy Doug

Before the biggest nuke on Friday, another nuke hit when the latest Podesta email dumps correlated with a leak of a memo from Doug Band, a top Clinton ally, called “Leveraging Teneo for the Foundation.” If the title of the memo alone sounds like something’s off, that’s because what was described was essentially a money laundering operation. Influential clients would donate to the Clinton Foundation using Band’s “consulting firm” Teneo as a bridge. Doug Band would then use Teneo to reach out to clients that donated to the Foundation to secure “for-profit activities” for Bill Clinton, such as astronomical “speaking fees.” This all occurred during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, of course, with a leaked Podesta email suggesting that the Clinton enterprise tried desperately to conceal this information or “they were screwed.”

Fifth MIRV.

Result (for Trump): Victory


Last week, it came out that third quarter GDP grew at 2.9%, the highest in many years. I expect this to be revised downward, but it sounds good for the incumbent party, and that’s all that matters.

Result (for Trump): Defeat

Black Lives Matter (for votes)

In the steady barrage of Podesta email dumps, we got a peek into how the Democrats use the black vote as a pawn, furthering Donald Trump’s persuasion. Hillary’s lackeys pondered how to best “use” Eric Garner’s death and how to skirt around “Erica Garner issues.”

Here’s where Donald Trump’s side can use Black Lives Matter to turn against its overlords. Use it to dissuade black turnout (which is already happening), and you build a crucial plank of an electoral win.

Result (for Trump): Victory

When Weiner Comes Up, Clinton Goes Down

I didn’t make up that headline (one of Scott Adams’ followers did), but it was too good not to put here.

If you recall, I said two months ago that if Anthony Weiner ever got enmeshed in the Clinton campaign, which was very possible because of his marriage to Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin, it would pose huge problems. This was before allegations came out that he was sexting a 15-year-old girl.

Last week, he got enmeshed.

On Friday, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to congress saying that his testimony was no longer accurate, and that new emails turned up in the Hillary Clinton case that would require a reopening of the probe. In short, Hillary Clinton was once again under federal criminal investigation over her email server. And how did this come to be? The new emails were discovered in relation to the investigation of Anthony Weiner (now donning the character of the pedophile), who, just as Donald Trump said a year ago (and Mike Cernovich a couple of months ago), had information on his computer relating to Hillary Clinton that he wasn’t supposed to have, because of his marriage.

Sixth MIRV, and by far the biggest.

The news quickly spread like a shockwave. The always insufferable Robby Mook deleted all his tweets. Hillary Clinton gave a quick “press conference” showing how shaken she really was.

Look closely and you’ll see how stiff she is (even stiffer than normal). Her arms were folded inward essentially the entire time, not taking up any space. Even her normal exaggerated smile was subdued. All of these are low confidence tells.

Then, as Scott Adams pointed out, there was her choice of words, telling people to “vote early” so that she could limit the impact of whatever future releases would damage her. Hilariously, the Clinton apparatus got to questioning the integrity of FBI Director Comey, the same man whose integrity was “beyond reproach” after he let her off the hook in July. Howard Dean even said, predictably, he was now on the same side as Putin.

Cognitive dissonance to the stars.

Result (for Trump): Decisive Victory

Rigged System

After the FBI nuke, audio was leaked from ten years ago where then-Senator Hillary Clinton lamented that it wasn’t a good idea to have elections in Palestine and that if they did have them, they needed to be arranged so that the desirable result would come in.

All of this, of course, just adds confirmation bias for Donald Trump’s “rigged system” theme. If Hillary Clinton so cavalierly talked about rigging an election overseas, why not here at home?

Result (for Trump): Victory

Drunk Hillary

There’s been reports before about Hillary Clinton drinking on the job. Now an email seems to confirm it.

I just sent. Was getting my hair cut and trying to write all this on an iPhone. I think you should call her and sober her up some. Sent from my iPhone > On Aug 8, 2015, at 1:55 PM, John Podesta

<> wrote: > > Should I call her and talk this through or better to leave with you? I’m worried she’ll get on with Cheryl and we’ll end up in a bad place. I’m in a session that lasts till 3:30 your time. Is that timely or should I walk out?

To quote Scott Adams, I wonder if the nuclear codes have a breathalyzer on them?

If Donald Trump or his side brings this up, it can be a new iteration of the Hillary’s health story.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Strategic State of the Race

It didn’t seem possible after the terrible few weeks Donald Trump had in October, but the polls were narrowing in the last two, and after the terrible nuclear bombardment for Hillary that happened last week, October was a draw.

Here’s how this World Series stands:

Trump: 3 games (May, July, September)

Hillary: 2 games (June, August)

October was a draw.

It’s now sudden death. Persuasion wise, this thing is now even again, after it looked like Donald Trump was finished. He’s getting hot at just the right time. This final week is going to come down to morale – who has the greater impetus in the charge across the nuclear-charred no-man’s land?

A new story emerged last week, a new act in the play. Hillary Clinton is now the empress of a vast criminal enterprise, a swamp of corruption that has pedophiles in its orbit. She’s no longer a “crook” by figure of speech. Now she’s under active criminal investigation, and would be were she to come into the White House. I think the prospect of having an incoming president under active criminal investigation by the FBI is too much for a lot of people. It causes serious doubts, and if a doubt occurs, there’s no sale.

Even if Donald Trump loses (with the “muh true conservative” white knight Evan McMullin very possibly favored to take Utah, a hugely disproportionate spoiler role has now emerged, which I postulated was possible in Stumped), Hillary’s last remaining shadow of credibility was shredded last Friday. She would’ve been the most unpopular and least trusted person ever elected anyway, with no charisma or aspirational qualities to her brand. Now, she’s under active criminal investigation, potentially as president. She is toxic, and her poisonous miasma will ruin anything it touches. Case in point, Obama cancelled his remaining campaign appearances with her, despite raising the specter of Donald Trump so masterfully earlier in the year. He’s looking out for his own brand. It is truly embarrassing for the establishment to pair their brand with her. Opposition to her will be immediate and likely surprisingly unified.

If Donald Trump wins, he’ll begin the demolition of the establishment. If Hillary wins, she’ll start to corrode it from within, nuking whatever shred of credibility it has left.

The anti-establishment side won this election. Its victory was made official last Friday. A new political realignment is coming.

Find out how the popular revolt overthrew the globalist establishment in this election (and what might come afterward). Pick up a copy of Stumped today.

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