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As you well know by now, the John Podesta email dumps from Wikileaks continue to embarrass the Clinton campaign. As Hillary Clinton’s house of cards appears to be tumbling down all around her after last week’s nuclear bombardment, more bad news is coming out this week. Yesterday’s steady stream of Wikileaks emails was downright bizarre.

Yesterday morning, rumors started to circulate on the chans of a coming avalanche of pedophile revelations. The chans being what they are, this was something to take with a grain of salt, even though allegations of pedophilia at the highest levels of power isn’t a new phenomenon. Remember Jimmy Savile (confirmed) and former Prime Minister Edward Heath in Britain (alleged)?

First there were the emails with weird language. Lots of references to “hot dog stands in Hawaii.” And pizza references. Lots and lots of pizza references. Lots of references days in advance to eat pizza. “Have to settle for the pasta John gave us at Christmas.

Can we confirm that any of this is related to some nefarious pedophile plot? No. All we can say is that it sounds weird. Keep in mind that we’ve been pre-suaded to a large degree to view the “elite” as degenerates, so there’s a lot of fodder for confirmation bias rather than hard evidence.

Anyway, these food references were later paired up with a leak involving “spirit cooking.”

“Spirit cooking” is something that related to the “performance artist” Maria Abramovic. You can catch glimpses of it (supposedly) here:

Now, is this some kind of nefarious occult sex ritual? It does contain sperm and breast milk mixed with blood, apparently. Apparently, she wrote a book on it on Amazon. Are children involved, and does this relate to the weird references to food? The short answer is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I’m not ready to claim there’s a hidden occult sect, much less one that involves a pedophile ring, that the Clintons are involved in.

All we can say for certain about this story is that whatever it is, it looks really weird. Especially that part about pouring blood on the statue of a child. It reminds me almost of Ancient Egyptian tomb figures to provide magical stand-ins for the real thing in the afterlife (note that there wasn’t anything particularly malicious or “sacrifical” about that).

Here’s where the pluses and the perils come in on this story. As we know, all power is based on appearances.

In terms of the election, Donald Trump has a huge problem with Mormons, Catholics, and with a lesser extent, Evangelicals. The lack of turnout among white Christian voters (Mormons notwithstanding) was one of the key things that devastated Mitt Romney in 2012.

Christian conservative voters have their misgivings about Donald Trump because of his character and because of his inconsistent stances on issues like abortion. Because of this, many are only reluctantly supporting him. To win, he needs them to turn out in ways they didn’t for Mitt Romney.

What’s one way to get them to turn out? You show them this “spirit cooking” stuff. Nothing is likely to motivate them more than “Satanic” imagery or practices involving some of the most powerful people in the country. Pair this with the Clintons and suddenly it doesn’t appear that Ben Carson was so far off when he said that Hillary Clinton worships Lucifer at the Republican National Convention in July. It may well be reasonably be asked…

Spirit cooking John Podesta Wikileaks emails Hillary Clinton
Why are Hillary’s top people doing “spirit cooking” with this person?

The story is however, also a double-edged sword.

Because it seems so “out there,” a lot of people will be disinclined to believe it. Add the word “conspiracy” into the mix and critical analysis will shut down.

In comparison, you have the confirmed FBI criminal investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email server and the Clinton Foundation. And it all just looks dirtier and dirtier by the day.

There is no “conspiracy” with this. There isn’t any farfetched scenario that’s hard to understand or that requires extraordinary new evidence. The criminal case against Hillary Clinton and her top people on multiple levels is a damning indictment of her ability to convincingly be President of the United States.

And if you sow doubts in the minds of your prospects, the sale will not occur.

There is in fact a danger that this “spirit cooking” stuff can be used against Donald Trump’s side by the media, to dismiss them as “conspiracy theorists” and “loons,” taking attention off of the FBI criminal investigations, which is exactly what the Clintons want.

Ultimately, the “spirit cooking” case is something that may be best applied selectively, even locally, such as in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. If there’s a danger that Christian conservative voters (especially Mormons) won’t show up or won’t vote for Trump, you can apply this one gently, according to their sensibilities, letting them see it for themselves and go into shock.

In other words, the “spirit cooking” stuff is the realm of the scalpel.

The FBI criminal investigations is the realm of the axe.

Each is a separate offer, the most important part of any successful persuasion. Read Stumped or you may not be able to tell the difference between a good offer and a bad one.

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