Trump Being Trump: General Election Style (Week 27)

Well, this is it. We’ve reached the end, as the final week has come and gone. Donald Trump won the week big league. Unlike the previous week though, there was a lot of noise that suggested something terrible, but there was no confirmed big strategic breakthrough (at least as far as I can tell).

Wikileaks Sacks Brazile

The steady stream of Wikileaks dumps continued, this time once again revealing collusion between the DNC and CNN, as Donna Brazile received more debate questions that were subsequently fed to Hillary Clinton. This finally was too much for any plausible deniability and Donna Brazile was sacked from CNN. So another interim DNC chair is mired in scandal.

Result (for Trump): Victory

No Russians!

As last week got underway, Carlos Slim’s blog itself reported that the FBI found that Donald Trump had no connection to Russia. No connection to Putin. No connection to Russian financial oligarchs.

There goes that hoax. Unfortunately for The Donald, it was probably too late to shake the confirmation bias sown by the Clinton campaign among those people that think this issue is very important, so the victory wasn’t as big as it would have been if this news had broken earlier.

Result (for Trump): Victory


As the week came to an end, Mike Cernovich got the tag #AboveTheLaw trending as it relates to the Clintons, and earlier in the week, this seemed to once again be on display, as campaign chairman John Podesta (who was the star of the week) urged Hillary to dump her emails after the story about the private server emerged in the news. At the very least, this appears to be intent to obstruct justice. Once again, big league confirmation bias was added to “the crook” character.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Inner Circle Investigations

The FBI is really working overtime when it comes to the Clintons. Five investigations involving them are ongoing, and all of their inner circle are subjects in them.

Drip drip.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Marc Rich Pardoned for Clinton Cash?

Although it’s little-known now, on his last day in office, Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, a convicted tax evader who also illegally made deals with Iran during the hostage crisis. Marc Rich’s wife donated to Democrats and the entity that would later become the Clinton Foundation.

New files were released in the case last week, which just increased the confirmation bias further.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Hoax Wednesday

I remarked during the middle of last week that the hours between Wednesday and Friday were crucial, as it would take some time for the shock to wear off and for the news to be absorbed. If nothing major happened between Wednesday and Friday, I said (and that something major had to be him in his own words, or at least the words of someone very close to him).

On Wednesday, three things happened.

  1. A black church was burned down with the words “vote Trump” written on it. It trended, but it was an easy hoax to spot because it fit the media’s narrative perfectly and Trump voters usually don’t voice their support with such language. They prefer using phrases like “time to MAGA.” Given the Wikileaks dumps and Project Veritas videos, we also know that this sort of behavior is not above the Democrats. So it didn’t stick.
  2. The mysterious figure that claims Donald Trump raped her was set to “come forward” in a press conference, but it was quickly cancelled because she was “threatened.” The woman’s connections to Democratic bigwig and hoax lawyer Gloria Allred came to light too. The case was dropped definitively later in the week. It appears that this one last play for a November surprise (which is what the case seemed to be all along) was a flop. It was such a flop that even the rape-hysterical media didn’t latch on to the case because it was so preposterous.
  3. Finally, David Duke, the convenient boogeyman, was trending on twitter. Politico was actually tricked into publishing a story about how white nationalists would try to suppress black turnout on November 8th. No doubt their head-movies (fueled by the face of David Duke) were telling them that Jim Crow was returning and they were the heroic knights to combat it. But the story was so preposterous that even Slate debunked it. The media looked like idiots again, with no regard for the facts or journalistic integrity.

Donald Trump emerged the winner of the day (hoax #1 was neutral). Hoax Wednesday told me that Donald Trump’s opponents had nothing left. I was right.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Donald Trump Doom Spirit Cooking

Obama Lambasts Americans (Again)

The lecturer-in-chief was back again, ditching his master persuader persona in favor of his professorial one which has gotten him into so much trouble. This time, he was angrily telling Americans that they’d be “sexist” if they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton and made hyperbole about “the future of the Republic” being at stake. He also later on attacked FBI Director Comey.

I won’t show the videos. I don’t want to infect you.

All of this of course just added confirmation bias that the system is “rigged” and “hates you,” but it also probably fired up the Democratic base in ways Hillary Clinton can’t. We’ll see.

Result (for Trump): Inconclusive


Remember when it was insisted that Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server was not targeted by hackers? Last week, news broke that as many as five foreign intelligence services, using extremely sophisticated methods, are likely to have hacked into her email server.

It was a mistake for Donald Trump not to have followed up on this with his “blackmail file” line of attack seen earlier in the year.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Sick Hillary

The star of the week, John Podesta, roared again, as one of the Wikileaks dumps showed this gem of an email.

That is so nice. Peace is good.

She is in okay shape. Seizure was from HOH fever. Has a terrible infection caused by taking a high-powered antibiotic for a tooth infection that ended up killing good bacteria too and caused by infection. She is on lots of pain and not coherent but something ahe should be able to recover from.

Recall that after her 9/11 collapse, we heard that those sort of incidents have happened before. We also now have confirmation that her seeming incoherence may be because of the medications she’s on, which could make her unstable.

To add laughter to it all, she was two hours late for an event in Arizona the previous night.

Yet, it didn’t permeate enough to make this a decisive victory.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Spirit Cooking

The biggest news of the week was the “spirit cooking” weirdness. I wrote a post about it and did a video.

It wasn’t covered at all in the TV or paper media at first, of course, but it was the top-trending item on the internet for all day and days afterward, and that’s what matters. The media apparatus tried its best to “debunk” it, but what matters is that the whole thing just looks weird and depraved. No amount of spin is going to change that.

What matters is that this strange looking stuff may have an impact on Christian voters that Donald Trump has had some problems with. I’ve seen black women in particular making a fuss about it, shattering their Jay-Z records because he’s associated with miss spirit cooker. Of course, my sample size is far too small to draw a conclusion.

This quickly got speculation about whether children were involved in these weird things. R/TheDonald did some investigating and seemed to show connections betweent the Clintons to child trafficker Laura Silsby, and we of course know that Bill Clinton visited convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private island on the “lolita express” dozens of times.

Then there’s Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, who has a penchant for collecting extremely strange “artwork” like photos of naked teenagers and paintings of children in depraved, weird positions. I don’t want to put them on this blog. If you so have the stomach, look them up for yourself.

And then, overnight, there was this. And as it was breaking, Twitter shut down.

Of course, these are just threads of circumstantial evidence. There’s certainly not enough to say that the Clintons and their top guys like the Podestas are involved in some weird satanic cult, let alone one that uses children as ritual sex objects.

All we can say for certain is that it looks depraved. And all power is based on appearances.

What result it has is uncertain, but this thing just got a whole lot weirder.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

October’s jobs report showed a gain of 161,000 jobs. This wasn’t good and also wasn’t terrible.

Result (for Trump): Neutral

“Protester With a Gun”

On Saturday, Donald Trump faced an incident that appeared for a while to be an assassination attempt (another one) when a man in Reno, Nevada, approached Trump’s podium and grabbed something that people shouted was a gun. Secret Service rushed him off stage. It turned out only to be a sign of “Republicans Against Trump,” but what was telling was that the media was first calling him a “protester with a gun.” The guy claims he got beat up, even though he looked fine, and is also connected to voter fraud, it seems.

The look in Donald Trump’s eyes, and the way he came back and said “nothing’s gonna stop us,” passed the Thutmose Test (my criterion of strong, masculine leadership) with flying colors. Hillary Clinton, in the meantime, quit her rally after seven minutes because of rain.

Such a microcosm was never seen in this election.

Trump Reno

Result (for Trump): Victory

Clinton Cash Has Its Benefits!

Chelsea Clinton’s wedding was thrown with Clinton Foundation resources, showing that contrary to their prognostications, the Foundation was used for personal enrichment, illegally.

But we’re so used to this from the Clintons by now that it’s just more facts. Nothing shocks anymore.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Special Access Maid

Hillary Clinton’s maid printed out classified material.

See above.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Obama Encouraged Illegals to Vote?

Did he or didn’t he?

At the end it seems he didn’t. But it appears that he did.

Which will just add confirmation bias for “rigged system.”

Result (for Trump): Victory

Comey Strikes Again

On Sunday, FBI Director Comey released yet another letter to Congress, saying that the new investigation into the Clinton emails relating to Anthony Weiner’s laptop (apparently some 650,000 emails) had ended after only 9 days. 650,000 emails in 9 days? Something smells weird. It really appeared to be gaslighting – on everyone.

This could have been helpful to Hillary Clinton, but it’s too late to really make an impact. The damage has been done. It’s also worth noting that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation is still ongoing.

Unfortunately, it also gives Hillary some plausible deniability should she win. She won’t have as visceral an investigation after her during her tenure.

Result (for Trump): Minor Defeat

Crooked McAuliffe

The crooked governor of Virginia pardoned 60,000 felons en masse in an effort to increase Democratic turnout in Virginia. Optics wise, it looks terrible, confirming “rigged system.” But the math on the ground could very well make a huge difference on November 8th, if those felons can be turned out.

Result (for Trump): Defeat

Wikileaks Strikes Again

Late on Sunday, we saw that Wikileaks dumped emails showing Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper seemingly being fed questions by the DNC for interviews about Donald Trump. Obviously, this is a major breach of journalistic integrity. CNN’s credibility is already shot. Once more it confirms “rigged system,” and that was the theme of the final week.

Result (for Trump): Victory

Final Thoughts

Documenting this election has, most importantly, taught me a whole lot about persuasion. That’s a skill I’ll continue to hone to make my own life better.

We’ve also seen how divided the country is, and how that division has been stoked on by an elite class far more crooked than we ever possibly imagined. The whole tropes about uniparties and “democracy” being a sham were confirmed once and for all in this election.

They have destroyed our social fabric by corroding the institutions, the media most of all, that tie us together, and by importing mass new voting blocks, but with no overarching unity between them.

Instead, they encourage a war of all against all.

They have destroyed our working and middle class (and their communities) by shipping their livelihoods overseas and then telling them to “learn to code,” which sounds like “let them eat cake.”

They have gotten us into wars that have no winner and no end, and spread terrorism around the world.

They have undermined our ability to make a living, to have a family, and even to have pride in our country.

They have even destroyed our ability to dissent from all of this by ruthlessly policing language, attacking us in places where we meet, stoking violence against their enemies, and ostracizing us from work and from one another.

All the while, they enrich themselves at our expense and live by a different set of laws.

Hillary Clinton personifies all of this to its highest degree.

The candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders made this abundantly clear to all. Unfortunately, the system was rigged against Bernie and he had no fight in him.

If Hillary wins tomorrow, she won’t have won the argument. She’ll have won because she hired good persuaders that hypnotized people into thinking Donald Trump was the next coming of Hitler who was just a bit crazier and who would have access to nuclear weapons. It was a game well-played. Since I’m not a player hater, I can admire the skill with which they did their task.

But Donald Trump won on the issues, an offer honed by his own amazing skills of persuasion. These are skills you can use to win at life on your own accord.

Now it’s time. I want to share with you my own method for starting to de-hypnotize Hillary’s supporters. It works with a 100% success rate.

If you live in a swing state (including places like Wisconsin, Maine, Virginia, Coloraro, and even Minnesota, go out and use it on everyone you know that isn’t already voting for Donald Trump.

Remember to use Scott Adams’ system as well.

Remember to MAGA 3X.

We may never get this chance, this chance for a real, meaningful disruption of this corrupt system ever again.

It’s time to drain the swamp.

It’s the 7th of November. Happy birthday to me!

Please give me the best birthday present I could possibly ask for tomorrow. It’s in our hands, and up to our own powers of persuasion now.

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