The Trump Victory Tour is a Revolution Most Won’t Understand

What were YOU thinking when you first heard that Donald Trump would be taking a victory tour?

If you answered “a monumental ego just trying to satisfy itself,” you missed the big picture and surrendered yourself to the cognitive dissonance of the fake news hoaxers.

Trump’s ego IS involved, but it’s being used as part of a great system.

Chapter 11 of Stumped outlined the fact that 2016 was a realigning election. One indicator of a realigning election is that entirely new systems of communication are used to create effects never seen before.

In 1828, newspapers split into competing factions as never before in order to deliver the dirtiest, nastiest broadsides in history.

In 1896, William Jennings Bryan essentially invented modern campaigning while William McKinley did the same with modern campaign finance.

In 2016, the new communications systems delivered messages directly to the people, cutting out the middlemen of the media and fundraisers. It isn’t a coincidence that the media failed so spectacularly this year. It was simply irrelevant, and frightened about that fact.

So naturally, the media had the same reaction to Donald Trump’s victory tour, which began last night in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What you just saw was something special. That was persuasion perfection, using the Stumped playbook to the hilt. Here’s why this victory tour is so revolutionary.

Direct to the People

The victory tour lets Donald Trump bypass the media entirely. He can go straight to the people, reforge his connection with his supporters, and tell them all what’s up without the hoaxing media exploding in cognitive dissonance and unduly influencing the public. Scott Adams wrote a while back that Donald Trump would be the direct democracy president, and the victory tour is that in action.

Mike Cernovich described it best yesterday, calling this victory tour event in Ohio “part press conference, part rally.” Except…it was “a press conference without the press!” Did Donald Trump announce his pick of James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense to the media or to the people? Was he proposing things to the media or to the people?

Remember when Barack Obama promised change and hope in 2008, but then after he won, he retreated behind the walls of the White House, essentially only coming out again when he needed to in 2012, and then retreated again? Barack Obama was great at connecting with people, but then he voluntarily gave up those valuable connections to go through the intermediary of the media. Why?

By doing this victory tour, Donald Trump maintains his connection to the people.

Destroys the Media (and their Masters)

First he bypassed them, then he mocked them.

The media has to cover the victory tour, but by doing it, Donald Trump also mutes their yammering. They have no say in the matter. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. That event in Cincinnati was brutal to the media! It was easily the best part of the rally. The fake news media got booed to the ends of the universe. Hilarious jokes were made at their expense.

All of this lowers the status of the media, making it a subject of mockery and disdain. It’s now the cool thing to laugh at the media and the regressive leftist/globalist interests the presstitutes slave themselves to. All the popular kids are doing it.

This just means their authority is getting more negative by the day, and they can’t stand it. They’re not needed (see above). They’re not wanted either. And with the propaganda apparatus crippled, the regressive leftists and their globalist overlords are in for a much, much harder time in pushing their agenda through.

Increases Morale

By taking his message directly to the people, the victory tour allows Donald Trump to also increase the morale of his supporters. It keeps his them energized, focused, and engaged. As he remarked, he’ll need their help for the coming battles to actually make America great again. What we won in 2016 is merely the opportunity to do it. This is an important distinction to make now that the post-election party is coming to an end.

One of the best ways to increase morale and keep a core of supporters focused is to create an in-group/out-group dynamic. In this rally, it was especially obvious that the media was the out-group to the in-group at the event.

  1. Create humor, even better if it’s coupled with a triumphant message (as here).
  2. Target of the humor is the out-group.
  3. The in-group laughs and revels in its triumph (the election win), reinforcing its bonds.

Donald Trump’s use of humor throughout the rally was exquisite, probably the best I’ve ever seen from him. He used suspense, irony, body language, and group dynamics to effect.

The rally also showed just how much Donald Trump loves these people, saying so directly to individual supporters several times. He has become a source of pleasure (which makes his audience want more) and shows that he likes them, which relates him to their issues.

The rally was the best use of Stumped’s fifth chapter (crowd dynamics and social proof) that I’ve seen this year.

Dominates Space

By keeping his supporters focused and in good spirits, Donald Trump’s attempt to dominate space after the election and transfer that dominance over to governing is reinforced. One of the most brilliant things about the victory tour event in Cincinnati was that Donald Trump shifted forces in a big way to creating his post-election narrative.

For too long, Washington has tried to put us in boxes. The separate us by race, by age, by income, by place of birth, and by geography. They spend too much time focusing on what divides us.

Now is the time to embrace the one thing that truly unites us. You know what that is? America.

Because when America is unified, nothing is beyond our reach. I mean that. You will see…

We’re going to have a country that is so great, in so many different ways.

We hear a lot of talk about how we are becoming a “globalized world.” But the relationships that people value in this country are local. Family, state, country. They are local.

We will compete in the world. We will compete in the world where is a two-way road — not the one way around. The advantages will come back to our country, and they haven’t for many years.

There is no global anthem. No global currency. No certificate of global citizenship. We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag.

Washington politicians have spent so long appealing to particular interests, that they have forgotten how to appeal to to the national interests. How to muster the skills and the talents of our people in common cause. And we have unbelievable talent. But that is all about to change.

Our goal is to strengthen the bonds of trust between citizens, to restore the sense of membership in our shared national community.

Global is wonderful, but right now we want to focus on our national community.

Never anyone again will any other interests come before the interest of the American people. It is not going to happen again. – Transcript

And at the end, he said something similar. We would come together as Americans, and dream big once again, he promised.

This was what “make America great again” always meant to me. It’s not a time period, it’s not a WHEN, but a WHAT.  We’ve been thinking too small for too long, and it’s time to think big again, together.

I can’t tell you how refreshing all of that was to hear from a national leader.

And it’s a powerful story, one that totally destroys the story of leftist regressive identity politics because it’s aspirational where their story is one of division and “oppression” or guilt.

People operate in stories, not facts. The Trump vision and story is superior. If you don’t think so, you’re too stupid to read me.

Donald Trump on this victory tour is going to dominate the space on identity, reframe the left as being divisive, and offer an alternative vision to be put into place, rallying old comrades and attracting new ones with the monopoly he now has on attention.

Refusing to learn from its election loss, the left and the Democratic Party appear to be doubling down on identity politics. It’s not going to be a pretty sight for them.

Donald Trump victory tour Cincinnati Ohio

Increases Expectations and Accountability

Politicians tend to just disappear after they’ve received your vote. This is what Donald Trump accused the Democrats of doing with the black community, for example. By going on this victory tour, he’s both increasing expectations amongst his supporters and, more crucially, making himself accountable to them.

If he continues to be among his people, doing these events he obviously loves, he makes himself more accountable to following his campaign promises. Cloistering yourself in the White House with “journalists” is one thing, being among your people is something else. It increases your authority, but also makes you accountable in leading your troops.

This is the measure of a true leader. I call it the Thutmose Test.

By doing this victory tour, Donald Trump once again passes.

He so rightly said that now is the time to increase, not decrease our expectations. He once again went down his list of campaign themes and he put his neck on the line in carrying those themes out. Safe to say, I feel much better than I did a week ago.

Last night’s speech in Ohio signaled to all that Donald Trump is going to try. And nothing is impossible to him who will try.

This victory tour is going to be a great success and the media and the “pundits” who were 100% wrong on everything will be wrong again. Just do a Google search about last night’s speech. Watch and laugh as the pedants explode in cognitive dissonance.

Fortunately you can always come to me for the real story.

You’ll find the real story in Stumped. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and loved ones who still don’t know what happened.

I aimed at veering off Trump posts for a while, but this was truly revolutionary. You can always count on me to follow groundbreaking things and make no mistake, this victory tour and last night’s speech was groundbreaking.

My video response to the speech is below. See you soon!

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