The Flynn Resignation: Deep Hypnosis From the Deep State

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Michael Flynn has resigned from his post as National Security Adviser to President Trump. What you haven’t heard was that the Deep State (or rather, certain factions in it) are engaging in some deep, deep hypnosis right now.

CIA Deep State hypnosis persuasion propaganda

When writing Stumped last year, I detailed in chapter 11 that the election would be a realigning one. That is to say, coalitions would reshuffle to meet the demands of the new political marketplace. One of the most amusing things about the realignment is that leftists, who have now taken off all masks and revealed the Year Zero totalitarians that they are, have found themselves allied with neoconservatives who Donald Trump kicked out of the Republican Party during his takeover. Both segments hate Trump, probably for different reasons, but that they both hate the president is the most important thing. To an illiberal left in cognitive dissonance, the fact that they previously hated warmongering neoconservatives is immaterial. They have to get Donald Trump, no matter what.

Enter factions of the neocon-allied Deep State, primarily the CIA, but also the NSA. What was interesting from the outset of the Michael Flynn saga is that it appeared to be another turf war within the broader Deep State, with the CIA and NSA on one side against the FBI and DIA (which Michael Flynn ran) on the other. The saga began when “anonymous sources” leaked something to the CIA’s unofficial public relations arm, Jeff Bezos’ blog (formerly the Washington Post, whose owner has taken in hundreds of millions from them in the past) regarding Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador in December. This appeared to contradict his earlier statements (over sanctions), and made Mike Pence, who did interviews on the subject that weekend, appear like a liar. (Update: Flynn was later prosecuted not for his conversations, but for lying, meaning the coverup was the crime.)

The CIA won this battle. Remember also that it was the same CIA who was humiliated by Michael Flynn’s DIA when the latter correctly pointed out the rise of ISIS in 2012, saying that this outcome was a conscious choice on the part of Washington. When John Kerry was on tape saying this exact same thing, it’s clear Michael Flynn was right.

Who was responsible for this? The CIA who eagerly armed and trained jihadi rebels in Syria for years. This policy was in the crosshairs at DIA.

Anyway, that’s the background. Anyone could tell you this. I’m here to tell you about the persuasion.

I warned in December on Return of Kings that factions within the swamp aligned with the CIA were making big moves. The “Russian hacking” story was short on evidence but it was long on persuasion. Readers of Stumped will see the tactic instantly – dominating space. By setting anchors so far out there with respect to Russia, the Deep State essentially became the only game in town on the issue. Evidence was irrelevant. Emotion was what persuaded, and people deeply upset over Trump’s victory longed for an explanation. On this particular issue, Donald Trump was hemmed in. If he did anything that looked remotely suspicious (IE: anything that didn’t tow the foreign policy establishment’s line on Russia), It would look like Russia had installed a puppet government in the Trump administration. Evidence was irrelevant. Confirmation bias would explode. About a week after writing that column, Michael Flynn hit the tripwire. It’s now exploded in his face. Now add in vague releases of spooky transcripts (instead of releasing the full document, as they should) and fear will fill in the blanks to justify any action.

Claymore mine explosion trip wire

But there’s deeper persuasion at work than just that.

Some of the fiercest critics of the Deep State (and the CIA in particular) in the past are now in a heightened state of suggestibility because of their ongoing mass meltdown over their election loss. This is a perfect state to begin deep hypnosis.

One of the foremost principles of persuasion and hypnosis is pacing and leading. In Influence, Robert Cialdini says that people are easily influenced by those they like. In hypnotic pacing, you show the person you’re attempting to influence that you like them and also get them to like you. You do this by mirroring them – their body language, their speech patterns, their desires, even their breathing. This shows that you are on the same wavelength and understand one another, establishing deep rapport and trust.

Once you’ve paced, you’re ready to lead. Your prospect is now far more open to your suggestions. You can then lead your prospect where you want him to go.

Does this whole alliance between the Deep State and its supposed critics on the left look like pacing and leading to you?

1. Pacing: Deep State undermines President Trump. This obviously gets them on the “same wavelength.” The illiberal left and the lower rungs of the fake news media like this very much.

2. Leading: Now in their good graces, the Deep State, led by the CIA, can overcome public skepticism and lead their new prospects where they want, whether it’s escalation with Russia, continued destabilization of Syria and the wider Middle East, or even, more alarmingly, a de facto overthrow of elected constitutional governance, with a rule of the bureaucracy affirmed and no longer rumored. The resignation of Michael Flynn points to all these things. Poisonous pundits like Bill Kristol cheering it on leaves it in little doubt. Only a relatively few voices that oppose Donald Trump, like Michael Tracey and Glenn Greenwald, see the bigger picture and are alarmed.

You can read a lot more about pacing and leading in Unlimited Selling Power.

Just remember: if they can do it to Trump, they can do it to your man next, or even you.

The hysterical masses on the illiberal left and in the fake news media don’t see that they are literally being hypnotized. They are caught in the persuasion war between Donald Trump and those elements in the Deep State hostile to the administration, led by the CIA. With the resignation of Michael Flynn and Sean Spicer’s press conference today railing on hot words like “Ukraine” and “Crimea,” it looks like those hostile elements in the Deep State are threatening to turn the tide. We can only hope that the president counterattacks quickly and purges these swamp denizens from power.

On a brighter note, today is Valentine’s Day and you can use pacing and leading in dating to drive your girl wild. You can ignite her burning passion by absorbing the persuasion system in Stumped.

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