The Best of the Epic is Coming

As a leadup to the release of The Red War: The Awakened Lion later this year, I’ll be releasing a compilation of my best posts on The Masculine Epic into a coherent, complete narrative. Built on the model of Quintus Curtius’ Thirty Seven, the unifying theme of the book will be the quest for man to make his name immortal, to achieve lasting memory throughout the ages.

Themes explored include the nature of what this lasting memory is, the wisdom of the past, the spirit of the Homeric hero, the nature of good leadership, and the skills, talents, and systems necessary to live a life worthy of undying glory. The best posts will be collected and expanded, and several entirely new essays will appear.

In addition to putting the best posts into a sequential narrative so that you can get the most out of them, there will also be a preview of the first part of The Red War (The Awakened Lion), which any purchaser of The Best of the Epic will get an inside track on, including the possibility of getting it for free. Purchasers will be prioritized for special deals.

I’ll be experimenting with different distribution methods in The Best of the Epic, making it easy for you to get it right here, and there will be another surprise in store that I’ll also be experimenting with.

This work is most of all a tribute to all of you for making this blog a success. I hope it will give back and help you all take action to go out and kick ass, and live an Odyssey as great as that of Homer!

Homer Odyssey

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