Why The Usual Suspects Are Pissed at Trump Over Mika

Normally these are the kinds of posts I don’t even like writing all that much, but a large portion of you guys do like them. And there are interesting psychological and social dynamics on display in this latest meltdown, so who am I to deny this post to you?

As you’re surely aware, the latest OUTRAGE is due to this tweet storm by Donald Trump, aimed at the hosts of Morning Joe on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

The response was another Chernobyl level meltdown from the usual suspects in the fake news media and the swamp. It was reminiscent of the primary campaign when we constantly heard “this is the end of Trump!” in one form or another. Why are they really so mad? I give you four reasons.

1. He’s Better at This Than They Are

What’s funny is that immediately after the election, Joe and Mika were among the least unhinged pundits. While most were melting down, they seemed to be coming to terms with Trump’s victory and trying to explain it in more nuanced and realistic ways than “America is racist!” and “fake news!” Russia hysteria didn’t begin to start in earnest until December.

Anyway, that didn’t last long, as Joe and Mika quickly joined their comrades in perpetual hysterics and have stayed there. They’ve since competed with their fellows to see who could hurl the most and best insults at Trump, calling him things like “schmuck” and “thug” for months on end. While “thug” is somewhat new for an American president, this is all still basic stuff. Trump’s insult was far more advanced. Taking full advantage of visual language and the physical qualities of his target (and possibly a little thinking past the sale, too), “bleeding badly from a facelift” is both terribly visceral (right in line with the advice in Stumped), highly visual, and, to some (like me), completely hilarious.

Joe and Mika went down to the level of petty insults for months, and with two tweets, Trump crushed them at their own game. Were Trump’s tweets petty insults? Yes. Were they far better than the ones Mika and Joe have used all year? Yes.

The fake news is mad that, unlike others (witness George W. Bush, who was constantly called some variant of stupid and often compared to a chimp), Trump fights back, and he fights better than them.

Trump vs Fake News
by Ben Garrison

2. Word-Thinking and Confirmation Bias

When Trump put out his tweets targeting Mika, everyone in the fake news and the left (and many from Conservatism, Inc., always eager to defend people that despise them as long as they get to say “but I’m a good person!”) rolled out the usual bigoteering class of spells, chanting “sexist!” and “misogynist!” This obviously assumes Trump’s insult was a general woman-themed one. But let’s examine this further, shall we?

First, “bleeding badly from a facelift” is not a general taunt. Not everyone who gets a facelift bleeds badly, or presumably bleeds at all. Trump was insulting one woman, not women in general. And if the insult was (for the sake of argument), aimed at women in general, it was hurled very poorly.

“Bleeding badly from a facelift” is that thing social justice warriors love: gender-neutral. The only reason everyone in the fake news media and the swamp thought it was “sexist” or “misogynist” is because…

  1. They’re primed to see Trump that way anyway.
  2. Facelifts are stereotypically seen as a woman thing (which ironically reveals that they’re the ones suffering from what they would call “sexism” and projecting this onto Trump). Presumably more women than men get facelifts, but I’m not sure of the numbers on this. At either rate, the insult could have been used against a man just as easily (Mike Cernovich has insulted Mark Cuban by calling him “botox,” which is related to this).

In other words, they are in the throes of confirmation bias. They thought in terms of labels and assumed it was “rational thinking.”

3. They Don’t Care About Women

During the same week that Trump hit Mika hard, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas came out with its “American Pravda” series. I had been critical of O’Keefe earlier this year when he released, after much hype, backstage CNN tapes from 2009, which was a dud just because of how long it’s been, let alone anything else. He answered back in spades, with footage from big names in CNN revealing what was obvious: “muh Russia” is (factually, not persuasion wise) bullshit and the fake news was just pushing it to hurt Trump and get views.

Yet, among these tapes was a CNN producer saying that Kellyanne Conway looks “like her face got hit by a shovel.”

Where was the OUTRAGE? There was none to be found.

Now, this insult isn’t “sexist” or “misogynist” either, but the language would have been pulled out had Trump or anyone else on his side said it about a woman on their side. Instead what it shows that, as usual, identity politics is just a ploy for power.

They don’t care about women. You can insult women or even an entire class of them as long as they’re the right ones, especially those white working class women from Ass End, Pennsylvania. Those women are some of the ones that people like Bret Stephens want to deport because they’re “screwing up America.”

The OUTRAGE came solely because Trump insulted one of their own, one of the people on their side, and moreover one of those genteel elites, the modern (or not so modern) nobility against whom Sallust’s polemics are a must-read. If the insults were directed against one of the plebs who can’t claim some kind of victimhood status (usually benighted white people, especially the working class ones), it’d be fine.

This is the biggest reason why the fake news and the swamp are so mad at Trump over Mika. Don’t think otherwise.

4. The Fake News is Reeling

At the start of the year, I said that the fake news media met its Waterloo with the “golden showers ‘dossier,'” which was part of the whole “muh Russia” probe. As “muh Russia” collapses, they’re panicking. They are lashing out in their own impotence, even if they don’t say it. They’ve tried everything and they’ve failed. They are breaking like water on a rock and they don’t know what to do. So they’re doing anything, desperate to prevent the victorious Greeks from annihilating their genteel, formerly arrogant Troy, which thought itself untouchable behind its great walls.

It’s like a little baby trying to throw punches at Brock Lesnar at this point.

As the fake news media continues to collapse and lose power, I expect the hysterics and the selective virtue signaling to get shriller still. Buckle up. It’s going to be a fun ride.

If you like pissing off social justice warriors and the fake news media, read Stumped, because Trump’s Mika tweet is right out of chapter four’s playbook.

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