Charlottesville Fallout

This isn’t really a post that I wanted to write, but I have to.

The March to Intellectual Martial Law Continues

First, I agree with Roosh that what happened in Charlottesville is a total disaster that effects not just the Nazi cosplayers (if it were that narrow I wouldn’t care), but everyone in the broader, non-left populist movement, from MAGA aficionados to new media personalities to even disaffected liberals like Dave Rubin. Now, the use of the vague, open-ended term “Alt Right” will serve as an excuse for censorship and even complete removal from the economy for anyone not totally on board with shrieking college campus hysterics. It’s already begun with the Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff. While I’m hardly sad about their losses, the issue is, as we’ve seen so many times in recent years, it never stops with those extremes, and the thought that private, unaccountable tech plutocrats can not only censor you, but remove your ability to make any money, just because you don’t think like they do, is utterly terrifying. It’s almost as if failing to adhere to the prevailing narrative means you don’t have the mark of the beast, and thus can’t buy or sell. You’d think more leftists would be concerned.

The result of Charlottesville was that the “intellectual martial law” that the plutocratic insurgency is foisting on the world just got easier to implement. Tucker Carlson was all too aware of this.


If there was any overarching lesson from Charlottesville, this should be the one. NO LOSERS ALLOWED. Repeat. NO LOSERS ALLOWED. You don’t associate with them. You don’t talk to them in passing. You don’t even let them claim the labels of your movement, because labels drive behavior. There’s lots of talk, more like knee-jerk tropes, about “not punching right because the left doesn’t punch left.” Yet, that isn’t true. In the early days of the gay rights movement, pedophiles tried to get on board and were mercilessly castigated, because the organizers were smart enough to know that those freaks and losers would poison the well and suck all the attention away from the real message.

Yet, when it comes to the populist right, there is in many circles an almost irrational commandment to “not punch right.” Of course, this instinct is understandable given the decades of craven cowardice by the forces at “Conservatism, Inc.,” as well as the left’s undeniable inclination to be far more tolerant of crazies in their midst, but this can’t be an all-encompassing axiom, especially since the fake news media gives the left more room for error (more on that to come).

How do you know when your movement is successful or you have something that’s working? When it’s cool and all the cool kids want to be a part of it. A shortcut to knowing something if something is cool is if there’s hot girls joining the ride.

We often like to make fun of the left because of the losers and freaks that make up the “social justice” movement. For example:

There’s no explaining this away. It’s a joke to the overwhelming majority of the public. The memes made themselves. You’re more likely to find hot women who are right wing for a reason.

But unfortunately, it’s not one-sided, and, after a strong win streak, we were reminded that right wing politics has its losers also. Case in point:

Charlottesville Nazis

I guarantee that these dorks don’t talk to girls, travel, learn new skills, or make any money. The dork that killed someone with his car was known to be a social loser that worshiped Hitler on Facebook. Again, the memes make themselves. Do you think any hot women are going to be caught dead hanging on the arms of those guys?

Here’s an old catchphrase: “I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.” I saw this coming back in February of last year, when the “1488 mob,” as this lot was generally known back then, joined the purple haired freak brigade in their witch hunt against Roosh. I explicitly warned then to “purge the 1488 mob from the wider Alt-Right.” Of course, prior to that, I thought that “Alt-Right” simply meant an alternative to the losing banner of Conservatism, Inc., but that that alternative also wasn’t the “1488 mob.” That’s how many people were describing it, anyway. But the 1488 mob decided they wanted it, and I saw the writing on the wall, the cancer in the patient, all the way back then. You’ll notice that I never really made mention of the Alt-Right around here from that point onward. I saw then that the Alt-Right devotees were indeed the social justice warriors of the left (as their appearance belies) and…shall we dare say…disavowed them?

Anyway, that cancer metastasized in Richard Spencer’s “heilgate” last November, when other people started to disavow the “Alt-Right,” and became terminal in Charlottesville.

A long time ago, Victor Pride said that he only wanted people on his site that were “winners or people trying to become winners.”

That’s a good rule. If you want your thing to succeed, don’t have losers anywhere around it. Losers drag the whole thing down and get you enmeshed in their misery (Law 10 of the 48 Laws of Power).

So yes, “punch right.” We don’t want right wing social justice warrior losers hovering around us like that dork trying to get in with the cool kids (and thus ruin the vibe of the conversation). Tell them to fuck off. Don’t even let them claim your labels. They wanted the Alt-Right brand so badly? Let them wear it to their destruction while the New Right goes on making America (and the world) great again.

Both Sides Will Get Worse

The most disconcerting thing coming out of Charlottesville, however, isn’t that a bunch of repugnant losers gathered there. That happens every day with zero consequence because losers have no power, by definition. Rather, it’s the wanton and blatant excuse for left wing violence if it happens to be against the “correct” targets. Both sides were full of violent thugs. Only one side is catching any flak for it. It’s perhaps the culmination of little attention paid to riots in Berkeley, the quick disappearance of the shooting of Steve Scalise and the attempted mass assassination on GOP congressional leadership from media coverage, and so on.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Remember that leftist terrorism was rampant in the 1970s and coverage was (and is) very scant.

And the mob tore down statues they didn’t like in Durham, North Carolina, this week with impunity. Arrests were only made later. Police did nothing to stop the vandalism. This whole drive reminds you of something else…doesn’t it?

It’s become clear that leftists are attempting to appropriate for themselves a semi-legitimized vigilante power, stemming from governments ignoring it and the media excusing it. Quintus said two years ago that social justice warriors would start killing people with the acquiescence of the state in five years. He may be ahead of schedule.

In 1794, when addressing the fallout of the Whiskey Rebellion, George Washington, in an incredibly wise and prescient address to congress, warned of the insidious power that “self-created societies” would try to accrue to themselves, which would destabilize the machinery of a constitutional republic. These baying mobs, and the response they’ll wind up getting when their violence is excused, both bode ill for the future.

The media and the “thinking class” should think twice about what it’s doing.


What to do then?

First, you have to disavow losers and don’t associate with them, ever. These idiots who thought marching around with torches was a good idea are responsible for giving the usual suspects the excuse they needed. All of this hysteria is chiefly their fault because of how they chose to present themselves.

Second, you still have to defend free speech, call out leftist violence (particularly by comparing them to ISIS), and gather steam for a new goal for the broad, right wing populist movement…

The tech monopolies must be broken up or regulated as the public utilities they are.

In fact, common cause can be made with old school liberals for that. To find out who the old school liberals are, read Stumped.

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