Roy Moore’s Defeat: What it Means and How to Respond

There’s no use trying to sugarcoat any of what happened last night. Roy Moore’s defeat was a significant setback for right wing populism. Its ramifications will be felt throughout 2018 and will matter in both politics and your personal life. Its lessons must be learned and opponents of the American Khmer Rogue must be ready to respond.

The most obvious thing to say is that, if possible, the right needs to avoid nominating scumbags, and regardless of the veracity of the allegations surrounding him, Roy Moore was always scummy. His nomination was a travesty, particularly when Mo Brooks was around to carry the populist banner. It all just showed again the weak underbelly of the right, when so many of its voters can be herded like sheep whenever Christianity and opposition to abortion is put in play. They’re kind of the mirror image of leftists seeing “racism” everywhere.

That’s not to disparage anyone, it’s just a warning to please be more careful next time.

It’s also a damning indictment of the GOP establishment, assisted by Trump, in nuking Brooks. Trump must take part of the blame on this, and hitching his wagon to a loser like Moore, who showed every sign of weakness after the allegations came up, was a play less like Julius Caesar and more like Athens breaking its back by trying to save its failed Sicilian Expedition. As a result, his brand has taken some damage.

A Ballistic Missile Test

The defeat of Roy Moore was above all else, the successful test of a new weapon. We’ve heard a lot about Kim Jong Un and North Korea’s continuous test of ballistic missiles. We heard that even with failure, each test got the North closer to developing a functional, nuclear-capable ballistic missile that could hit the United States. Now at the end of the year, they may just have one.

Similarly, the left has been testing strategies and tactics after getting totally thrashed last year. It’s mostly been an undisciplined, hapless, hysterical mess. Running from one outrage to the next, the left has been more like militia who run at the sound of the first shot than a disciplined fighting force. While the Russia hysteria has been somewhat effective, it hasn’t and won’t be enough to stop the Trump train. It can only slow it and it’s had significant blowback on the new Khmer Rogue, particularly with the revelations in recent weeks.

With the fall of Harvey Weinstein in a storm of credible sexual assault allegations, the floodgates opened, and seemingly everyone was targeted. Every case was treated like every other case. In the middle of a mass hysteria bubble, the details and strength of the allegations, the timing, the credibility of the accusers, doesn’t matter. If you’re a man and you’re accused, that’s it. No due process, no fact-finding, no chance for defense. The fact that one case was simply talking about surrogacy and another was Harvey Weinstein was entirely ignored.

Under this banner, the term “sexual misconduct” was coined and spread. It’s a smart term, because it’s meaningless as far as legal standards go, and it’s vague and elastic enough to describe nearly anything while sounding bad. It’s identical to “collusion” in the Russia hysteria in that regard. The rapid downfall of various powerful figures on the left like Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer added to its power.

At that time, the allegations against Roy Moore were slowly burning him, like napalm that he couldn’t get off his body, and the Democrats’ testing went into overdrive. Quickly engaging in a Pride’s Purge of their own members in Al Franken and John Conyers (not caring that those people were duly elected by the people of their states), they further refined this weapon, and Roy Moore’s defeat was the biggest proof of its efficacy.

As such, we can expect that “sexual misconduct” will be the primary weapon in the arsenal of the contemporary Khmer Rogue next year.

What This Means For You

For most of 2017, Muslims were at the top of the victim pyramid. Now the oppression Olympics has changed a bit. Women are the biggest victim group as 2017 comes to a close. Note the lack of attention paid to the full implementation of the illusionary Muslim ban just a few weeks ago compared to the moral panic of “sexual misconduct.”

Given the mundane things now falling under “sexual misconduct” and the fall of seemingly untouchable bastions of power beneath this storm, nothing you do is safe. Even asking women out on dates could be risky.

Take precautions and record everything you do when a woman is around. This hysteria is only going to get worse as the Democrats use it as their signature campaign issue. Expect many outlandish claims from out of nowhere and more falls from power to kowtow to feminists. 2018 will probably be the peak year of feminist hysteria (it’s hard to see how the pendulum can swing any further than this), but getting through it is going to be rough, especially if it’s successful.

Sexual Misconduct moral panic
How the media sees you.

Roy Moore’s Defeat is Decisive, but not Devastating

It’s worth noting that Roy Moore was always unpopular even in Alabama before any of this came out, and despite it all, Jones’ victory was razor thin and came only because of a huge number of write-in votes.

To put it another way, any candidate but Moore would have won, and Moore himself only lost because of the allegations against him.

The majority of next year’s senate races are for seats that Democrats hold, many of which take place in states Trump won. The race is still the Republican Party’s to lose, but they will lose if they engage on the battlefield of “sexual misconduct.” If they try to show how good they are and go “me too” (no pun intended), they will lose. If they cower in defense on this front, they will lose.

The Republican Party, and the right in general, needs to deploy a new strategy, one which resembles a sword and shield.

Maneuver vs. Attrition

What we’re discussing is, in effect, a maneuver war rather than attrition war, as laid out in The 33 Strategies of War. The most important thing is to nullify the effectiveness of the “sexual misconduct” strategy. The American Khmer Rogue and all its acolytes is going to rely on it heavily next year and as such, it can be easily turned into a weakness.

Like Alexander the Great at Gaugamela, the focus of the counter strategy should be to refuse to fight on the “sexual misconduct” front for as long as possible while winning the war in another theater. As Alexander refused his left wing for as long as possible while maneuvering off of the ground Darius had carefully prepared for his scythed chariots, the right must do the same, and it must do the same by borrowing a page from Caesar’s playbook in associating itself with popular causes, one cause in particular.

That cause must be immigration.

It was one of the key reasons why Trump won, and with tax reform likely to pass, next year the right must focus on immigration. As we’ve seen in New York City two times in the past two months, this issue is key to national security and safety. One of the terrorists got in on a diversity visa issued in a random lottery. The other got in through chain migration because one of his family members got a diversity visa.

Trump won in large part because he promised to end the diversity visa lottery and chain migration, and of course, build the wall to help stem illegal immigration.

This is what the priority should be next year. It’s an issue that’s equally as emotionally charged as “sexual misconduct,” and it’s one the right can dominate. The undertone should be – “OK, they have these silly allegations, but we’re not the ones who want to let in people that want to addict you to drugs and kill you. Why should you worry about the safety of your child on the streets of a major city because the left needs to import unvetted, unskilled migrants from dangerous countries?”

In the meantime, they should adopt a defensive posture on the “sexual misconduct” front, using America’s instinctive revulsion for witch hunts, star chambers, and inquisitions, championing due process and calling out any allegation without well-supported evidence as a lie and not groveling in terror.

That is a smart war of maneuver, rather than a dumb war of fighting on ground not of your own choosing.

If the Republican Party adopts this strategy next year, they will win. The question, as always, is if they have the courage and conviction to do so.

Sadly, that’s in some doubt.

And as for us in the grassroots?

Next year could be very important to breaking the back of feminist power. Let’s do our best.

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