How To Make a Few Extra Hundred Dollars a Month Writing About Wrestling

If you’re looking for a nice side hustle, writing about wrestling could be a good fit for you. It has a lot of viewers around the world, it’s easy to follow (though you might have to see a lot of stupid crap), and the subject matter is easy to write about since it doesn’t require any degree of research or high attention to detail.

Since I started doing it a few months ago, I’ve gotten around $800 extra dollars, or about $200 a month on average. For little work, it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Getting Started

You’ll want a site that’s easy to sign up for and gets a lot of traffic. There are a few out there that fit that description, but Sportskeeda is the one I use, since you can sign up with just a click (hopefully through a burner gmail account). It also gets several million visitors a day, so there’s a lot of potential for your posts to earn. I would consider $100 a bad month. Twice that or more is easily doable.

Once you get started, you can begin writing immediately. The low barrier to entry means many articles are of dubious quality, but that gives you a chance to stand out.

Once signed up, you can write as little or as much as you want. Sometimes your posts can trend for days and you can get the appropriate passive income.

Slideshows usually make more money than single-page articles, so I suggest you use that format.

What to Write About

Some topics pay more than others. News articles, for example, make more than opinion posts, like “best matches,” for example. The problem is that the news articles are harder to obtain (since there’s only limited news stories) so you’ll probably write mostly opinion articles. These can trend too. I’ve made the bulk of my money from them.

The four major shows are Raw on Monday, SmackDown on Tuesday, 205 Live on Tuesday, and NXT on Wednesday. One drawback is that this is a lot of content to watch every week, especially when it isn’t good. You never know what you’ll get with WWE. It’s very hit or miss, and when it misses, it’s a slog to sit through.

You don’t need to watch all the episodes. It’s very possible to just read the results and write about them. The early part of the week is where you would make the bulk of your money writing about wrestling, as that’s when the shows come on. Every week, I write about the biggest winners and losers from the show that took place the night before, and that’s usually good for roughly $10 per post, though sometimes it can go higher. These posts are usually no more than 500 words.

Who you choose for your thumbnail is important on these articles. I would recommend one of the top stars in the promotion, like Braun Strowman or Roman Reigns. WWE’s YouTube channel is a useful metric. You can go there and see which stars have the largest numbers of views and choose that star as your thumbnail. If a legend returns to one of the shows, use the legend. When I chose Stone Cold Steve Austin as my thumbnail for Raw’s 25th Anniversary episode in January, I got about $30 for that particular article.

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

WWE also has a pay per view every month. Sportskeeda usually gives those pay per views their own section. This is an opportunity to make more money, as articles about the upcoming pay per view, posted in the appropriate section, usually do better than articles about the weekly shows. Writing about the matches or stories heading into the pay per views is a good way to get more eyeballs on your posts. Now would be an optimal time to do so, since WrestleMania, the biggest wrestling event of the year, is coming up.

If you want to write about classic wrestling and the stars and matches of yesteryear, you can do that too. Again, now would be an optimal time to do so, since WrestleMania has a lot of history.

How Long Should You Spend?

The idea here shouldn’t be to spend too much time on this, as it’s supposed to be a profitable side hustle. More time doesn’t necessarily equal more money. Since the subject matter is easy, you shouldn’t need to spend more than 20 minutes writing a typical article, especially if you’re coming across a news story. If you’re spending more than that, you’re spending too much time, unless you have a lengthy countdown article.

Why You Should Consider Doing It

It’s very simple – you get paid a good amount of extra money a month for doing jack. Just follow the results, watch some matches, and get paid. It’s a good deal for so little work.

If you have another easy side hustle, let me know.

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