Why Does the Media Glorify Mass Shooters?

In case you haven’t noticed, the loser that shot up a school last week in Texas has had his name and face put up everywhere by the media in the week since. In this regard, he’s not much different than most of the mass shooters before him.

I’m not following the case a lot, but my understanding of it is that the guy, who I’ll call “Special Loser Z,” got rejected by a girl a few days before he went on his wankfest. Sure, that rejection probably was just the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, but it seems that every single time we have a mass shooting incident, the culprit is the same – one of life’s losers, an omega male. Often deprived of anything good in life, their acts serve to get them the attention and recognition so long denied to them. The media happily obliges, giving them fame and attention, which we know often makes people or things feel more important than they are thanks to the focusing illusion.

In other words, by giving these kinds of special losers the attention they couldn’t get any other way, they feel more important than they are, which incentivizes other omega males to become particularly special losers.

Personalities draw more money than facts, of course, so it’s understandable why the media would focus a lot on the personalities involved instead of the facts of the case, but it also shows that they care more about money than lives, despite their pretensions to the contrary. By spreading the names and faces of these special losers far and wide, they make them seem bigger and more important than they are. The media has done this time and time again.

The media, if it wants to be responsible, should instead be simply reporting the facts of the cases, blurring out the faces, and simply refer to these people the way I have. They should be given no attention. The shooters themselves must be made to feel as unimportant as possible. A mass shooting will always feel important, which is bad enough an incentive to omega males on the edge, so it’s absolutely essential to not risk sending the wrong signals to other men that are on the edge.

Mass shooters need to be marginalized and have their status lowered as much as possible.

The media doesn’t do this. They make the shooters feel as important as the events which they’ve created, sending a signal to omega males everywhere that they can find the meaning and recognition they crave by carrying out these actions. If they can’t command respect in any other way, or feel that they’re hopeless and that self-improvement is too difficult an option, this seems much easier. And look at the reward! If you’re a shooter, the media will glorify you!

Media Glorifying Shooters

A lot of talk is focused on the problems of guns or mental health, but not on the atmosphere that drives these men to do such desperate things. Why are these people being created? Why do they have mental issues?

The truth is that it’s harder to be a man now than it’s ever been before. Aside from the politically correct nonsense, economic and sexual pressures have seen a select fewer men get access to wealth and women. 50 years ago, it was possible for almost any man to get a job that paid him a good enough living and to find a wife attractive and pleasant enough to settle down with. Those days are gone. Not everyone has been able to adapt so easily and the schools make it that much more difficult.

If a man has no way of making a living and no chance of finding a mate, what can the omega male do? He can try to improve his station, which will work many unexpected wonders for most, but it can take years of effort.

Other “options” exist, though, and the media plays right into them by paying so much attention to them.

This is old stuff on this corner of the internet, but far too little attention has been paid to it, and therefore, it isn’t considered important, when it very much is. If more men become losers with nowhere to go (which is very possible considering the increasing stratification of wealth, the ongoing obesity epidemic, and the continual toxic fumes of PC culture), you’ll continue to see them lash out like this. Overall violence is certainly down compared to 50 years ago, but if you want to deal with mass shootings in a holistic way, it’s important to give men chances to not become losers, or if they already are, to get them out of that state.

That’s part of why I’ve been writing this blog for a long time. I want to show men, especially those younger than me, that there’s glory to be found in a degenerate world, to incentivize them to become superior and take that glory, not to revel in unhealthy behaviors which might lead to finding a false sense of glory.

If the government and media really wanted to prevent mass shootings, they’d stop publicizing the shooters and talk about these problems instead of entirely manufactured ones.

We can’t expect that, however, so the answer, as always, has to come from the people.

In the first place, we have to take responsibility for our own mental states. We would certainly be better off as a society if we prioritized mental health before people reached their breaking points, but don’t take your cues from “society.” Should you believe you’re having any issues with your mental health, the first thing to realize is that you should not be embarrassed or ashamed. My partners on this post might be able to help you out. Click here to learn more about what you can do if you’re having issues.

Getting better at persuasion will be an increasingly vital skill in the future for men to carve out a worthwhile path for themselves. Get started today by reading Stumped.

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