The Bret Kavanaugh Confirmation is a Decisive Battlefield Against the Forces of Mass Hysteria

You’ll remember that I warned last year that the usual suspects would use the “sexual misconduct” strategy against any opposition they encountered in 2018. It didn’t come to fruition as early as I thought because up to now, the mass hysteria was directed against the left’s own, but now we see the guns of the “Me Too” mass hysteria movement out in full force.

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation now matters more than the Supreme Court. Because of the attention that’s been paid to it, it’s become a decisive battlefield against the forces of mass hysteria. The stakes are as follows:

  1. Will an unproven allegation destroy a man’s life?
  2. Will identity politics matter more than the facts of the matter?
  3. Will tactics like this continue in the future?

That third question is crucial. If the forces of identity politics and mass hysteria get their way, and Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t get confirmed, the already open season on men will get even worse. It will be a signal that no matter how flimsy, or in this case, nonexistent, the evidence is, you can destroy any man you want, without any appearance of a proper course of justice.

If, on the other hand, Brett Kavanaugh goes through and this accusation is dismissed because of lack of evidence, it will signify that justice still rules the day, and you can’t simply make an accusation, fail to present any evidence for it, fail to even explain yourself, and still get what you want. It will be the first major defeat for the “Me Too” mass hysteria, and show them the limits of their shrieking nonsense. It will tell them that if they have an accusation, they better damn well have compelling evidence.

Do we live in a country of due process, where justice is blind, where we’re presumed innocent until proven guilty, or do we live in a country ruled by Star Chambers? That’s what this battle is all about.

Brett Kavanaugh Star Chamber.

Let’s consider the facts of this “case.”

  1. The alleged incident occurred 36 years ago, which not only raises questions about the timeliness of these allegations, but whether false memories might be involved, since memory gets more unreliable as time goes by.
  2. Every witness involved in this case denies the incident ever occurred.
  3. The alleged victim can’t remember key details about the case, such as when and where it was.

Combine this with the alleged victim’s continued grandstanding and reasonable doubt flashes in front of your eyes like a 100 foot wide neon sign.

Now contrast the Brett Kavanaugh case with that of Keith Ellison. In Ellison’s case, the alleged abuse incidents are recent and the evidence is stronger. Not a peep from the hysterical left and the fake news media. Why? It’s all because of the identities of the individuals involved.

Brett Kavanaugh is a white male Republican. That identity doesn’t check any victimhood boxes. Therefore, he’s wrong.

Keith Ellison is a male “person of color” Democrat. That identity checks two victimhood boxes. Therefore, he’s right.

And because Brett Kavanaugh, a white male Republican, is being accused by a woman, she’s right, because she’s more of a victim than he is according to “progressive” theology.

If this lunacy is to stop, Brett Kavanaugh needs to be confirmed. It’s time for the Republican Party to get a spine. The accuser has been given every opportunity to come forward and explain herself, but she’s refused to do so. Next week must be the moment of decision. If she doesn’t show up, it’s time to move on.

Justice is at stake, not only for Brett Kavanaugh, but for every man in the country. It’s due process versus identity politics and hysteria and there’s no middle ground. If Brett Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed, mass hysteria wins, the “Me Too” movement runs unchecked, and Democrats will use it even more because they’ll have another positive test that it’s a road to power, adding fuel to an already big fire.

The Year Zero revolutionaries want to use these allegations, which all evidence says are false, to railroad what appears to be an innocent man. It’s imperative that they not succeed, or we’re all in danger.

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