The Battle of Kavanaugh: An After Action Report

It’s official. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It was a colossal battle and a vital one. Defeat meant disaster. We came far closer than we should have. Nonetheless, in the face of gargantuan opposition, we prevailed.

It helps to write an after action report following an engagement like this. The Battle of Kavanaugh will have implications for decades to come. Its lessons need to be learned so that we can better prepare for future engagements. Let’s get started.

1. This is the most decisive victory ever won against the left

That pronouncement will be controversial. However, it’s hard to draw a different conclusion. The victory at the Battle of Kavanaugh was even more important than Donald Trump’s election. Aside from the fact that its direct influence will be felt for decades rather than years, this was the first time that (almost) the entire right wing united in a phalanx, didn’t cower, and threw back an overwhelming leftist offensive.

It was a furious assault, concentrated with all the intensity and ghastliness that the right had historically cowered from. This time, the right didn’t surrender. The left has overthrown a lot in its Year Zero revolution. Institution after institution and custom after custom has been toppled, stripped bare, and rebuilt on the left’s foundation of sand, all the while normal people cowered and surrendered for fear of being called certain words.

This time, however, when the left came for the foundational presumptions of innocence and due process, the right didn’t budge. It refused to allow basic concepts of justice to be overturned in favor of the left’s desire to set up extra-legal Star Chambers based on mob whims and identity politics. It was even more remarkable that this occurred in the face of one of the left’s most basic sacred cows – feminism. We’ll get into that later.

When the right didn’t surrender, the left got angry and showed its true face. The right still didn’t surrender. It bore the brunt of all the pressure, refused to cave, and threw the left back.

My position from the beginning has been that this was a Battle of Marathon moment. In that battle in 490 B.C., the most important ever fought in world history, the outnumbered Greeks, rightly fearing the reputation of the Persians, surprised themselves and triumphed in lopsided fashion. Nothing was ever the same again. Not only did the Greeks save themselves, but they gained the confidence to take on the Persians in the future. Their myth of invincibility had been shattered. Subsequent victories flowing from Marathon secured the foundations of Western Civilization.

There were clues that we were approaching this point against the seemingly invincible Year Zero left. Four years ago, #GamerGate was the first hint that the left could be beaten, but that was only within one sphere and didn’t get off the internet. The twin victories of Brexit and Trump’s election in 2016 were far bigger. This, however, was the biggest of all. Never before has the left come down with such ugliness, intensity, and falsity at one point and on one person. The offensive was still defeated.

This was not only a critical rejection of mob rule. It proved once and for all that if only normal people stand up and say no, the Year Zero left can not only be decisively defeated, but utterly humiliated. The left has now become a caricature in the eyes of even those who aren’t fond of Trump, and rightly so.

There will still be disappointments and moments of cowardice. Like Marathon, this wasn’t a fatal blow to the power of a great empire, but it was the tipping point. The Battle of Kavanaugh was the Battle of Marathon in the Culture War, which will pave the way for the Battles of Granicus, Issus, and Gaugamela to come, if only its lessons are learned and carried out.

This time, normal people stood, and the enemy ran away.

2. The right has a choice: Trumpism or extinction

First let me clarify – by Trumpism, I don’t mean a political philosophy. I’m talking about attitude. The days where the right can act like Bret Hart in the face of leftist adversity are gone. It’s time to go full Stone Cold Steve Austin, and like him, usher in a new, wildly successful era in right wing politics.

One fundamental lesson of the Battle of Kavanaugh is that the left cannot be reasoned with. As I wrote in Stumped, The party of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy died in the late 60’s. Even the party of Bill Clinton is gone. Since the late 60’s, when the New Deal Coalition fell apart, the Year Zero revolution has spread in the left. It’s akin to an invasion of killer bees. Killer bees spread rapidly. Their genes are dominant over the gentler variety of bee. The first killer hives came into the Democratic Party in the 60’s and now the entire party has been subsumed. Normal bees are critically endangered.

Killer beehives can’t be reasoned with. They don’t know civility. Killer bees are hyper-aggressive. You can’t simply duck for cover, even underwater. They’ll wait for you to emerge. They’ll follow you wherever you go. If confronted by aggressive killer bees, you only have two options:

  1. Run as fast and far away as you can, sometimes over a mile, and surrender the territory to them.
  2. Attack them with equal relentlessness until their hive is destroyed and they’re all gone.

Option one isn’t feasible, otherwise, as we’ve seen in the Battle of Kavanaugh, we’ll be living in an Orwellian country. Therefore, the only option is to attack with equal intensity and relentless focus. Donald Trump was the first major figure to show how it could be done, and I’m delighted to say that during the Battle of Kavanaugh, seemingly everyone has figured this out and has decided to do the same. There are still a few holdouts – the Jeff Flakes, Paul Ryans, and Jonah Goldbergs of the world, but they’re losing ground. Even some of Trump’s fiercest right wing critics, like Erick Erickson, have now realized that he’s been vindicated.

Even National Review, that stalwart of traditional conservatism, which devoted an entire issue to being against Trump, has been relentless in its attacks during the Battle of Kavanaugh. It was one of the first to call Christine Ford out as a liar, and not simply a victim that may have been suffering from a case of mistaken identity.

Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch are only a few prominent Republicans who have gotten the message, too.

The left can’t be reasoned with. This is the attitude to take with its “activists.” As Louis XIV advised with mobs, they need to be treated with contempt. Nothing else works.

Because we who aren’t on the left are reasonable adults, we can disagree on policy. We certainly will continue to do so. We can have those debates among ourselves. When handling the mob of the left, however, this is the attitude everyone needs to have.

Trumpism is about attitude and frame control (as seen in chapter three of Stumped) far more than it is about policy.

I’m not the first to say it, but there’s a very simple choice for the right, and normal people in general, to make – Trumpism or extinction. The linked article is worth reading, and this passage is worth quoting verbatim:

In what may have been a fortuitous coincidence or was perhaps another example of 4-D chess, Trump picked an establishment-supported candidate in Kavanaugh as his second proposed Supreme Court nominee. Although some of Trump’s die-hard supporters were tepid on the pick at first, the attacks from the Left quickly solidified him into a hero. He had largely full-fledged support of the Never Trump crowd right from the outset because of his closeness to former President George W. Bush, and those folks have been radicalized tremendously throughout the grueling process.

What is left of the Buckleyites thought that they and the “sane voices in the room” on the Left could sweep this Trump embarrassment under the rug and head back to the politics of the past. That delusion is no longer tenable. The inmates run the asylum on the Left, and every denizen must submit to every ridiculous trope regarding gender, sex, race, etc. or face the social consequences. Because groupthink is their default preset, nobody can speak up against this institutional insanity without getting cannibalized by the jackals.

Commentators like Erick Erickson, David French, and John Podhoretz have to be realizing that Trump’s approach is vindicated. They can bemoan Trump for swatting the hornet’s nest and stirring up the Left, but the communist threat is coming to destroy the lives of anyone who is to the right of Karl Marx. If you are white, Christian, conservative, or a male (just one of these attributes is enough), they will target you and your family with a heinous smear campaign, and that will just be the beginning. Trumpism is currently the only viable alternative to the Orwellian machinations of the Left.

3. The dinosaur media IS the enemy

Because Donald Trump is a divisive figure, his attacks on the media didn’t get the credit they deserved. Now, even Trump’s fiercest critics and everyone outside of the Year Zero left’s bubble can see the truth. The dinosaur media truly is the fake news.

The reporting by the media during the Battle of Kavanaugh has been disgraceful. In everything from the New Yorker’s irresponsible printing of the Deborah Ramirez story with no corroboration and an uncertain “victim,” to the New York Times’ report by an already avowed partisan “journalist” about the dreaded ice-throwing scandal, to NBC’s imbecilic decision to interview Julie Swetnick, hearsay and rumors were rushed to press without the most basic heed to the facts.

The old media, comprised of the supposed “elite” thinkers in the country, threw off any remaining veil of objectivity and made it obvious to its last sane defenders that it’s in the business of peddling outright fiction if doing so will help its cause.

With the exception of the Wall Street Journal, the dinosaur media is now in the business of undisguised yellow journalism. The actual truthful reporting during the Battle of Kavanaugh came from smaller, independent outlets, internet crowds, and freelance journalists.

Normal people now recognize the dinosaur media as the enemy it is, instead of a sometimes biased, but still respectable institution. That’s a major step forward.

Brett Kavanaugh battle

4. There must be reprisals

If one offense goes unpunished, you encourage the commission of many. There were many such offenses in the Battle of Kavanaugh. To prevent their recurrence, the perpetrators of this hysteria must be held accountable wherever possible, whether it be legally, procedurally, or financially. Some of the most notable offenders are listed below:

  • Diane Feinstein, who should be censured by the Senate for willfully failing to disclose to Chairman Grassley the letter that started this whole mess. There also needs to be an investigation into who leaked the letter, and if found, the leaker must be prosecuted.
  • Deborah Katz, who may have willfully failed to disclose to her client Chairman Grassley’s offer for her to testify in private, as she says she wished. If true, this would be her serving her own interests instead of her client’s, which could have her disbarred. Katz’s connection with Feinstein also needs to be investigated.
  • Monica McLean, who should be investigated for possible witness tampering in attempting to pressure Leland Keyser to change her story.
  • Julie Swetnick, who needs to be investigated for her possible criminal affidavit.
  • Michael Avenatti, who should be held to account by the legal profession, if possible, for his role in the hoax.
  • Christine Blasey Ford herself, who’s inconsistent testimony may have verged on perjury.
  • Every “journalist” who irresponsibly spread this hysteria, such as “#MeToo” darling Ronan Farrow, who pushed the Deborah Ramirez hoax. While none of these people will be fired, unfortunately, they must be automatically regarded as hucksters by normal people, from the grassroots to those in power, and their nakedly partisan “reporting” made known far and wide.
  • Lisa Murkowski, who needs to be run out of office at the first opportunity for her cowardice and surrender to an attempt at mob rule. The GOP must regard her as a pariah and actively support her primary opponent at the first opportunity.

I don’t like this kind of talk, because it’s eerily similar to the left’s revolution, but rooting out Year Zero revolutionaries isn’t a nice process. We can be thankful that we’re currently in a position to do it on a legal, economic, and reputational basis rather than through force. These people must be investigated and, when warranted, punishments must be delivered. Failing to do so will encourage another attempt at usurpation of legitimate authority and mob rule.

5. We live in a prurient and puritanical society

To quote James Howard Kunstler, we live in a society that is extraordinarily prurient and extraordinarily puritanical at the same time. The Battle of Kavanaugh has exposed this more than anything else.

Where heterosexual sex is concerned, the Year Zero left is fast building barriers that rival those of the “bad old days” they profess to hate so much. Any misstep, bad flirtation, or touching gone wrong, can land a heterosexual man in danger, while women are being denied intimacy through this moral panic. It’s fast creating an atmosphere where heterosexual sex will only be permitted in marriage by the Year Zero left, if that.

Meanwhile, non-heterosexual sex has been celebrated as a sacrament.

Alan Dershowitz has taken to calling this, aptly, a regime of “sexual McCarthyism.”

If you’re a heterosexual man, be careful with any interaction you have with women.

However, there may be relief on the horizon, because the Battle of Kavanaugh has also exposed that…

6. The power of feminism has peaked

The Battle of Kavanaugh was poetic justice in another way – it concluded in our favor exactly a year after the “#MeToo” moral panic was founded.

Since last October, many powerful men have gone down to mobs of the sort we’ve seen in the Battle of Kavanaugh. Some were warranted, others went down without a shred of evidence, just as they tried to take down Justice Kavanaugh.

The “#MeToo” circus wasn’t a revolutionary one, but a rapid evolution of what we’ve seen over the past few years. It was the mainstreaming of Title IX campus culture. Even the “statistics” used were identical – “1 in 4 in college” became “1 in 3” in the wider world. Indeed, I warned that 2018 would be a dangerous year for men. The #MeToo circus then came for Justice Kavanaugh, however, and it failed.

It attempted to set up the same kind of kangaroo court process that has been established on campus, but failed to do so.

The left demanded that its sacred trope of “women must be believed” and absolved from responsibility be honored. Normal people said no and rebuffed the left, even when it used its favorite weapon – mass allegations. The standard MO had been that one allegation led to an avalanche that, regardless of evidence, took down men, no matter how powerful. That weapon has now been blunted and will never be as powerful again.

The demands for evidence, due process, and the presumption of innocence have returned to the fore. The question of whether women should be automatically believed based on their gender, rather than the merits of their particular cases, was put to the test in the Battle of Kavanaugh, and due process prevailed. The mainstreaming of Title IX Star Chambers was rejected.

More men are certainly going to fall before feminist mobs. However, allegations are never going to be unquestionably accepted as substitutes for actual evidence again, and that is a monumentally important achievement.

7. The left is close to organized violence

We saw this a year ago and we saw it escalate this year. It reached feverish intensity in the Battle of Kavanaugh, however. Mobs of leftists descended on the capital, harassing senators, and, more ominously, saying that they should be targeted in the future.

This isn’t limited to the upper tier, either. The Year Zero left is making it known that it’s coming for anyone that dissents from its vision of utopia. Beware, lest you be put on a list of “rapists.”

To reiterate something I’ve said for years – when a group of ideologues consider themselves pure and everything outside their vision impure and irrelevant, violence easily becomes justified in their minds. The chaos the revolutionaries bring consumes society. It’s been the case since the dawn of civilization.

The Battle of Kavanaugh was a disastrous defeat for the Year Zero ideologues. They’re going to be even angrier now, even more convinced that their opponents are evil and need to be erased to purify society. Elites within their group, including elected officials, are giving tacit approval for this notion. Beware and be prepared.

8. This isn’t over

Make no mistake, we won a great victory. Celebrate it! Beware of the above, however. You must go out and vote straight Republican on November 6th. Nothing is holding the left back from its Year Zero descent now. The leaders of the Democratic Party and in the media, in their cowardice and lust for power, have embraced and sanctified it.

The left cannot be trusted with power and must be stopped at all costs. The Battle of Kavanaugh was simply one big battle in a campaign, and indeed, a wider war. Now isn’t the time to be complacent.

The Republican Party has its problems, but its currently the only thing standing in the way of the Year Zero cultural revolutionaries. It also deserves to be rewarded for the way it handled itself in the Battle of Kavanaugh.

For the first time in my life, I will vote straight Republican. If you can do so, I implore you to join me.

But for today, celebrate this monumental victory! I’ll do so in a way that Justice Kavanaugh would approve of.

Brett Kavanaugh beer

The Battle of Kavanaugh was as big a signal as any that Stumped is as relevant today as it was two years ago. If you read it, you’ll have far more knowledge of everything that happened than the idiots in the media.

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