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Ancient historians and philosophers like Herodotus and the Stoics believed that character and virtue determined fate. We have forgotten this, trading it for a world of knowledge without wisdom.

A world under the control of technocrats with no grounding in character, who operate only on their own rapacity and irrational fear, is a world that will witness a bad fate. We’ve seen the results in this disaster year – disastrous because fools who call themselves leaders, and the easily-agitated mobs that crowd around them, made it that way. It’s now incumbent on you to determine whether you want to be your own man – a man with a resilient character in the face of fear and reversals of fortune – or be one of them.

I wrote Lives of the Luminaries for those who want to be their own men, who want to exude Aristotle’s “excellences” of thought and character, using the towering figures of history as a guide. 11 chapters in the book are completely new. You can read the in-depth description of the book at its appropriate page.

Throughout, we’ll venture from the Step Pyramid to the stars, and encounter courage, timidity, love, mania, demagoguery, confidence, hubris, charisma, and much more as we see the frailty of our humanity interact with the implacable force of fortune. Through the glory and rubble, we hope that our wisdom will be advanced, and that we can imitate the best while avoiding the worst.

Since today is Black Friday, I’m offering a launch sale. From now to Monday, you can get Lives of the Luminaries for 25% off on Amazon (print version) and 50% off on Nook or if you buy it directly from me at Payhip (ebook). Alternatively, you can subscribe to my Patreon at the $5 tier and get it for value that way.

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Lives of the Luminaries cover

I’d like to thank fitraalgha on Fiverr for doing the cover, which turned out better than I anticipated in its physical format. I would recommend her if you need cover or other artwork done. She will certainly see my patronage again.

I’d like to thank all of you guys, also. Whether you’ve been with me from the beginning in 2015 or just came onboard, I echo the sentiments of Quintus Curtius when he said that good leaders are out there, waiting to emerge, eager to strike as we rid ourselves of the “current generation of swine at the top of the dung heap.” If you’re here, I’d like to think you’ve chosen to be one of the people that create that future.

Lives of the Luminaries is designed to cultivate in you a productive character and better decision-making capacities. The examples over thousands of years add up to a deep wisdom on the lessons of personal conduct, the use of power, and attitude toward the caprices of fortune.

Remember, you are responsible for your own education these days. Make sure you’re looking at the right material. I trust that the essays in Lives of the Luminaries will be a valuable part of your curriculum.

Lives of the Luminaries front cover

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