Enter 2021: The Empire of Lies

At the end of 2019, I was cautiously optimistic that woke culture was coming to an end. America was experiencing a period of peace and prosperity, despite, and indeed partially because, of all the Trump-driven hysteria. Some “elites,” including Saint Obama, were chattering against wokeness, realizing what it was doing to their credibility. Others, like LeBron James, looked like morons. On a related note, China’s rise represented a real problem that wokeness wouldn’t be able to solve. Gender studies won’t help much in a new Cold War against a belligerent imperial power, after all.

Then the Chinese coronavirus and its attendant lockdowns came, sweeping everything else away. With it, we saw a mutation of the woke virus. It infected “science” and took it over, enslaving it to produce more wokeness. This phenomenon is explored in depth in Lives of the Luminaries essay 51.

Woke elites got stronger than they ever have, despite the further erosion of their credibility among the working and middle classes. Donald Trump, their hated enemy, was finally taken out by the misfortune, and their ally, the Han Emperor Xi Jinping, got everything he wanted.

An unprecedented barrage of lies has accompanied this. In everything from the danger of the coronavirus, to “China’s perfect response,” to “America’s incompetent response,” to “lockdowns are how you do it right,” to the usual stuff about “systemic -isms,” there has been an overlapping network of lies that got stronger not only in their presence, but in their enforcement. You used to only be in danger of losing social credit if you dissented. Now you face legal consequences through the lockdowns.

Indeed, at this point, we can say that the lockdowns are a sanction on the people of America (and other Western nations) by their own governments for ideological impurity and spite. This comes along with the usual ass-covering from insecure “elites” who want to look good for their friends and their timid, enraged mobs.

Now that they have this power, they will be reluctant to let it go, even as vaccine distribution ramps up in 2021.

The Ruling Class’ Conundrum

The “elites” have major problems, though, even as they grabbed unprecedented power. Make no mistake, even though they got rid of Orange Man, they are disappointed by the election results. They were rebuked everywhere except at the top of the ticket. They know the corpse they dragged across the finish line has no real support, even in his own party. As this corpse is now their symbol, it is a problem for our “elite.” The corpse is a perfect encapsulation of what they represent – corrosion, incoherence, and a complete lack of virtue. Neither he nor they can unite their own party, let alone the entire country. Moreover, they can no longer blame Orange Man for all misfortune.

Therefore, it is imperative that they further cover up the fact that the emperor has no clothes. What makes the woke period we’re about to enter far more dangerous than during Barack Obama’s tenure is that Obama had the charisma and support to make up for some “elite” shortcomings. Indeed, the “Rape on Campus” and other such hoaxes we saw in his second term look like child’s play compared to the lies we experience now, which includes  blackouts on any potential scandal or misconduct among the elite (even during Obama’s tenure, misconduct was at least given some coverage, even if it wasn’t prominent). Social media was also free in Barack Obama’s day. It isn’t now and indeed actively colludes with the fake news to lie.

The lying apparatus has strengthened considerably, along with the enforcement of the lying. Therefore, we are about to enter what the female lead in my Martian novel called “the Empire of Lies.” She was talking about the Earth government, but the same is now true of our own time and place. To enforce their rule, the oligarchs in charge must constantly create new lies to confuse the population. They must also force public compliance to them in some way. In other words, they must continually amend the woke Test Acts and see who is compliant with the new edicts (based on lies). In this way, lies become an avenue of conquest and expansion.

Public compliance not only allows them to track who is obeying and who isn’t, it also acts as a form of brainwashing through social proof, and, if in a mutual activity, blurs the self/other distinction. Individual identity gets subsumed. Identifying with community and lawful, natural, just orders of authority also gets subsumed into this Empire of Lies. You identify with and believe the lies instead. You become a provincial rather than a free citizen – and many people will like it.

In certain respects, the Empire of Lies will be a watered-down version of what China is doing to the Uyghurs – not the concentration camp part (yet), but the ways in which the Chinese Communist Party intrudes into their private lives, subverting them for party purposes.

What are a few lies we can expect from this empire?


It’s no wonder why the oligarchs love masks. They’re an easy sign of public compliance with their lies about the coronavirus’ severity. They’re also a public commitment to their edicts that trains people to identify others as vectors of disease rather than human beings. Thus, social bonds get weakened, and those who believe in mask theater identify more with the oligarchs than with their own community. For this reason, I sadly think it will be a long time yet before masks go away. You already hear them saying that you must wear a mask even after being vaccinated. The current goalpost is “we need to wait until EVERYONE gets the vaccine!” I suspect after that is done, they will say: “we need to wait longer to see how effective the vaccine really is!” And so on.

George Washington Face Mask

In reality, the technocrats will have to be comfortable with something else, some other lie and some other form of public compliance with the lie, before they’re ready to move on – unless the people mount a serious revolt first, one which actually has the teeth to punish the oligarch class. This is why the effort to recall Gavin Newsom is so important and why people around the country should be helping it out even if they don’t live in California. The gubernatorial race in New Jersey this year will also be a contest to watch closely. We should assist Murphy’s opponent in any way that we can.

The Corpse’s Approval

Already, you hear the same failed pundits and pollsters lauding the corpse’s approval rating, saying it’s higher than Trump’s ever was.

Remember how worthless these pundits and their polls were for at least three election cycles in a row before you take their word on anything.

To quote Richard Baris: “if these people can’t get an election right, there’s no way that can get issue polling right.”

So look for a lot of headlines and polling which will tout the corpse’s approval rating. They will try to sell you on how much people like what he’s doing. I suspect they won’t try to make the populace love him. Even they know that would be going too far. They’ll instead try to sell you on his competency, even though he’s an incoherent bumbler who has been a failure and wrong on everything for his entire career.

Just as during the election, polls flawed with non-response and social desirability bias will dominate the conversational space. These polls will pump up his approval rating and express majority support for certain issues his handlers want to push. They will try to sweep the deep doubts about this election, his pathetic lack of charisma, his scandal-ridden family, his generally unpopular platform, and indeed his mental capacity, under the rug. Unprecedented blackouts of any bad news will be the norm. They already proved this with the Hunter Biden model.

How will they enforce compliance with this lie? Compliance will be harder to implement than mask mandates. Public confidence in polling is likewise at a historic low. Nevertheless it is important that they enforce this lie. They must deflect from their own failures and lack of virtue. As the corpse has no charisma or real support, it is doubly important, as the oligarchs can’t hide behind his force of personality like they could with Obama.

I suspect that compliance will come from some form of social proof-based action. It will be designed to sow doubts about your lack of belief in the justification for and competence of this administration. At the very least, it will try to make you think you agree with its issues and stances. The oligarchs will try to get not only numerous other people, but, other people like you, to convince you that something is wrong with you otherwise. They’ll set up cells on campus, the workplace, and social media initiatives as bases from which to expand their reach and pressure others into compliance with the lie. The “Russian disinformation” tactic will likely be a part of this, as it was in their blackout on the Hunter Biden scandal.

Another likely part of how they will secure your compliance will be to tout the “diversity” of the corpse White House. The oligarchs will encourage cells of influencers to get their friends to say they agree with how great the “diversity” is, at least. Once an agreement is secured, future agreements are easier to secure. Also, you wouldn’t want to be against “diversity” and look like a bad person in front of your friends, would you?

Nevertheless, I believe that they will undercut the effectiveness of the corpse-compliance campaign by taking too many moral preening liberties with it. It was easy to convince people through social proof that they were bad if they liked Trump. For this corpse administration (and probably sooner rather than later the odious cackling Kamala Harris administration), it will be tougher to do this, even with the “diversity” drive. They are drunk on their perceived moral superiority and likely won’t notice, thereby creating a vulnerability.

The Lie Bombardment

Aside from those two obvious lies, the empire will have to invent new ones to keep subjects on their toes. It doesn’t matter if those lies completely contradict the earlier ones. After all, these are the people that breathlessly supported mass gatherings all over the world after spending months telling us not to leave our homes. These are the people that breathlessly promoted the cackler as the corpse’s VP after she called him a racist.

There is no coherence. They will say whatever they think is most expedient at the time. Like fashion, the lies change, but while they’re in fashion, they will require you to publicly obey them. They will be enforced as if they were always consistent. Expect for there to be whole bombardments of them to keep you demoralized and distracted.

With their real support cratering and their inability and indeed, unwillingness, to make the compromises necessary to unite the country, they will have to move to the Empire of Lies model of power projection, using institutional and social circle superiority. It’s Orwellian. It is the exact regime confronting the characters in my Mars story, but it’s where we are.

Remember Who You Are – and Believe!

Let not your heart be troubled, though, for this is a sign of internal weakness, not strength. Indeed, the corpse is a perfect encapsulation of the state our “elite” is in. They need to go to such lengths to exercise authority now because they lost their auctoritas and what the Chinese called the Mandate of Heaven.

We’re in for a tough time in 2021 and beyond, but beneath the surface, the conditions are ripening for Ma’at to strike once again, even bigger than she did in 2016. Cosmic order will be restored. Cicero’s mantra that only moral goodness can truly be expedient will reassert itself.

Believe it, just as fervently as Joan of Arc did in 1429 when she turned the tides in a much weaker position than we are in now. I’ve said it before, but Donald Trump was not, as we hoped, the real hero. His naivete (especially on personnel) and his willingness to let ego get in the way of the mission prevented him from reaching the true Ultra Instinct. But one day, the real leader will come. It has always been so.

Remember that it took years for Ulysses S. Grant to emerge at the head of the Union army, which struggled before he got there.

Remember that Winston Churchill was screaming in the wilderness for years about the Nazi threat before he finally led his nation on the right track.

Remember that it took Britain decades to finally find a leader in the Duke of Marlborough who could seriously and competently confront Louis XIV.

It was so in my Mars book, too. It took a false start and a dramatic reversal of fortune before my main female character (who is in part based on Joan) came by, ready and capable of confronting what she called the Empire of Lies.

It is your job now to strengthen your resolve and become a worthy and virtuous character, ready to take power and assist in our regenerator’s arrival. Who knows? Perhaps the regenerator is you! Remember who you are and where you come from. I do. Remember that this glory is yours to inherit. Let no one and no lies take it from you.

Lives of the Luminaries was written for just this purpose. Make sure you read it, especially essay 51, which directly ties into this.

See you in 2021.

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